Thursday, September 22, 2016

10 Things About Me

1. I consistently don't read as many books as I'd like. I know that the exact reason is because in lieu of spending my quiet nights with my nose in a fable, I'm always up blogging or editing my photos. However, I do love to read when I make the time to do it and my library card down here has helped me to put a few more notches on my literary belt.

2. I have to really stop myself from eating entire jars of peperoncini. I love them so much. So very, very much and could consume 2-3 jars at a sitting easily, which would be sheer havoc on my body.

3) I have had future children's names picked out for over 10 years now. Only my sister and husband know what they are and I am always quite fearful someone close to me will snatch them or one up. What could you do? But I would privately (and to myself!) be very bummed out.

4) The ongoing process of laundry is pretty frustrating to me, especially since I have to lug it up outdoor stairs and we hang dry mostly everything and don't have a laundry room. So it dangles all over our house for a day after coming out of the washer and is a solid eye sore. But I don't mind folding it while watching a show. I hate scrubbing the bathtub with a passion. I don't mind washing dishes or Windexing anything and everything (*Cue the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" quote).

5) I watch things I love so many times that I have a pretty impressive (if I do say so myself) verbatim recall of movie/tv show quotes. And I can pretty much tell you exactly what Louis CK said in any of his bits. Exactly. Which makes me super annoying when people try to casually say his jokes and I have to stop myself from correcting them.

6) There's few things I hate more than when motorcyclists rev their engines loudly. 

7) I do my best work when I'm listening to something. Most of the time, you will find me at my desk at the office listening to a documentary on YouTube while my fingers dance across the keyboard and my to-do list whittles down.

8) I wish I could fall asleep quickly at night and wake up very early. I am the opposite and it's exhausting (especially since I have no choice but to get up early for work anyway).

9) I don't like to cuddle while I sleep. Cuddling is the best but when it's time to buckle into dream land, it's time to get some distance.

10) Our last home in Portland is shown in the picture for this post, taken on the day we got the keys to it. It has given me a forever fondness for lipless sinks, grey floors and pale sea foam backsplashes that I hope to emulate some day.

Wish me luck on a crazy, busy day today!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Hometown-In-Law Is Better Than Yours

It is so very me to post a fall post yesterday and reserve a thick of summer post for today, on the official first day of Autumn. Nuuuurrr. Whatever, I'm just now tackling all my summer pics so here we go. We're ... going ... going ... back ... back ... to Oregon ... Oregon. 'Cause in case you just walked into this blog, you'd know that that's where I'm from. And you'd also know that while I'm born and raised in Portland at the north tip of the state, Jay hails from Ashland, the southernmost most town of the state. So to put it in "Game of Thrones" geographics: I am from the Wall and Jay is from Dorne  (within the state of Oregon). Which kinda makes sense since I dress/style myself like Jon Snow and Jay is a little sunlover as a result of his childhood in his dry, deserty Ashland/Dorne climate.

Which is a nice climate to annually visit on Independence day, I must admit. Just as we did again back in July. 

And I don't think it's hard to see why I love to head there - because this is the kind of stuff you get to do within its city limits:
^Stop and smell the roses - or in this case, stop and photograph them.
^have family time that can't be beat.
^Go for long walks with the whole Brady Bunch clan (or like 5% of them...)
^Take beautiful pictures of gushing flowers
^Laugh at dogs unwilling to part with their tennis ball while they drink water in the laziest fashion ever
^Sit on the ground where you married your husband and relax.
^Notice how naturally pretty everything is.
^Enjoy yappy hour out on the back porch - vino for you, disgustingly slimy tennis ball for him (which results in a disgustingly slimy upper thigh during all his drop-offs)
^Confuse your dog yet again about if you are his mom or his girlfriend.
^All hands on deck to set up for a meal out in the farm.
^... which included all of this.
^... and this...
^ and this.
^while staring at this...
^Love up on your "wedding venue" otherwise known as your MIL & StepFIL's gorgeous home
^Bask in the glory of canine land while feeling the soft grass under your bare feet
^Love the opportunity to talk with the two fine people who raised your husband
^Enjoy murals downtown with childhood friends (but really, that mural though)
^Watch everyone smile as blue hour envelops the city in its peaceful blanket
^Calm your nerves and use your macro lens on a bug that scares you quite a bit
^Digest faster with a post meal farm walk
^which brings with it an ethereal glow
^Like really, an ethereal glow. Look at that view. Just look at that. So gorgeous.
^Catch-up with the men of the family
^Have ratty wind hair & get ignored by your dog since he has so many better things he could be doing right now like romping through water vats and leaping over blackberry bushes.
^Harness that light for a photo
^Admire botany
^Drink awesome shooters and get together and just soak up each others' awesomeness
^Notice how quickly everyone loses steam for photos.
^Swim in a lake while the dogs run free.
^And tire them out by swimming with them while you play fetch amongst each other.
^sweat like a pig in this gorgeous setting
^Love me some orange.
^Still conquer your fears and get closer to the bee...
^Pose awkwardly.
^Coo at Lady & the Tramp
^Take the perfect pic of this perfectly lovely family that you get to be a part of.

I mean, talk about a perfect weekend.

Yes, indeedy - I love, love, love my hometown-in-law.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cool Air, Do Care

So I'm going to do something sacrilegious and publicly exclaim that I'm excited for fall to come. I know that's borderline illegal/frowned-upon to declare lest I get lumped with all the "basic" girls but I earnestly am really excited! Summer has never been my number one jam, especially more so as I age. What does summer do for me, really? It makes me hot on the jammed city bus on the way into work, it puts me in outfits at the office that are not in line with the freezing air conditioner and it has me doing so many last minute pit stops before meeting with a client to ensure that my face is not dripping wet. Oh - and my most favorite part of the whole season - is sitting in conference rooms, overlooking the Bay Bridge and peering out the window to spy revelers flying kites and windsurfing. The FOMO is real and I don't need that negativity in my life. One of my best friends is a teacher and I repeatedly joke with her that I will unfollow/block her annually during the summer months on account of my jealousy.

But truth be told, I just like colder weather when it comes to clothes. The outfits are better with numerous layers and embellishments. And I love the way it feels to be inside when it's cold outside. I love fall career fashion - it is so the very best. Give me camel-toned briefcases! And dark scarves! Give me soup! And hot tea! And wool blankets! And vampier, darker makeup! Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Unfortunately for me, SF's "summer" is an indian summer and hits September to October. So I have a bit of a wait before we're entrenched fully. However, I still got my scarves at ready and my tea collection sitting right there on the sidelines, waiting to be called in to the game.

What's your favorite season?
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