Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Itty Bitty Reads

Having my first home that actually feels like a home is quite exciting. I've discussed it before (the most saturated take on it in this post) but it's something that I could go on about forever. We finally live in a place with space to decorate, motivation to do so and a feeling that this is our sacred space. And since I no longer have to have a living room which also doubles as a bit of storage which also doubles as the dining room which also doubles as the kitchen... you get the idea ... I've been trying finally to add flair that speaks to my tastes.

And my tastes include decorative, satiating books. Books that you can pick up and set down at any point and never lose your spot. So I love this little gathering of them which gallantly stands on our behind-the-couch table (better view here), ready for any relaxer to grab and imbibe.
^Pretty books, inquisitive books, varied books
^Grab a book and stay awhile.
^Someone was relaxing in the middle of my photo shoot.
^My house is coming together in little ways here and there.
^I actually first found these bookends on polyvore and posted on them in this post here. Then went and bought them for myself!
^Dogs, photography, motivation & fashion. Yup. Gangs all here.

I'm having an excellent time decorating large and small in my house and I'm excited to share my doings as they come about! I realized that I like things to be metallic, modern, animaly and varied - and also western/frontierish for whatever reason. And still hate sh** like this more than I can describe (Tom speaks to me).

And a mighty fine Tuesday to you!
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Oregon Active Vacay

I have always thought of myself as a bit of a rough and tumble girl. 

I grew-up playing competitive sports. One of my favorite memories from my youth is playing football with my dad hundreds of times. I climbed every tree I could. I did and still do love white water rafting, getting my hands dirty and returning from a rainy run covered in mud (when I am in a good running season, that is #notreallyrightnow). Yes, I'm just such a rough and tumble girl.
And then... I met Jay's family and had to ell oh freaking ell just a little bit about how outdoorsy and tough I thought I was. You see, THIS F*** Jerry post pretty much sums it up (and made me laugh a lot). While I am "competitive" and "sporty" and "rough" ... I sure ain't getting up at 5 am to run 12 miles on vacation. But his awesome fambam is. And next to rich, full-bodied red wine and chatting on the porch with everyone - a high level of activity seems to be what they love best. So when they set-up a summer vacation, it follows suit with that mentality - much to my benefit.

With regard to that, the family vacation in August (lots of posts I've been meaning to write if you're wondering why this seems out of left field) was at a lake where there was jet skiing, swimming, canoeing and paddle boarding a'plenty.
^The brothers jet skiing and feeling on top of the world
^Jay and Chandler chilling at the vacation resort at Crescent Lake in Central Oregon
^Four of the five siblings from this side of the family
^Just a girl and her dog. Had so much fun being out there with my little dude.
^Chandler's Labrador lineage shows in his strong swimming
^Just 4 guys, catching some waves - Logan, Kevin, Chandler & Jay
^We soaked-in bountiful sunsets.
^Jay took this of Chandler and me as we made our way to shore. Ten minutes prior to this capture, I had misread his whining out on the paddleboard in the middle of the lake as a sign that he was nervous. He jumped in and out and in and out of the water much to my frustration (sidenote: handles on dog life jackets are super helpful!). After my 5th time reassuring him he's okay, he started going #2 ... on the paddleboard. I realized just then that he was not nervous out there - he was trying to tell me that he had to go!! So that was a fun little adventure...
^Logan and Jay
^I love, love, love, love, love my dog - bless my lucky stars to have this little rescue
^Happy hour on the patio: Jay, his Dad and his bro
^Jay's dad's family has been going here for generations. I was amused to find photos of them from years ago that happened to be taken in the exact cabin we were staying in. Had to recreate it!
^Central Oregon is a popular vacation destination (about 3 hours outside of Portland). My Dad and Stepmom were coming home from a vacation of their own and decided to swing by and say hello.
^Happy hour fare
^Our dads laughing it up
^Chandler getting some time with his Grandpa
^All of the kids from his Dad's side - his brother on the left, beloved stepsibings in the middle and Jay on the right.

And while I still have no plans to run 40 miles in the middle of the desert heat, I'm quite lucky to have this whole awesome family to cling to to reap the benefits of an active vacation. Especially one where falling in the lake is considered a valid shower - cause there was a lot of that going on for five days. 

Happy Monday!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1st Quarter Resolutions

The idea of starting the new year as a state-of-the-art version of yourself is such a nice idea. Just walking over to the desk of your life, removing a few good items that you want to keep around and then dramatically clearing the rest off into the trash in one swoop of the arm. That's exactly what a new year resolution is in its most organic form. Out with the clutter that's holding you back, in with the blank slate and all sorts of daring expectations for yourself.

Realistically speaking, I'm not going to be thinking of my dare-y new year's resolutions in July or October or even June for that matter. I know this in my heart. Because like actual dairy, my dare-y aspirations and my motivations to cultivate action based on their existence has a strict shelf life. And that usually is through March. Therefore, I've long traded in "New Year's Resolutions" for "things I want to do January - March" because that's attainable and doable. Not to mention, and without fail, every year during this time I'm still mortified by how I looked in every picture I took in December and that fear is a nice little campfire under my south side.
Without further ado, here's my 1st quarter resolutions:

Get My Photographic Life In Line
This is including (but not limited to): Ensuring all of my images are backed-up, perform data recovery on an external hard drive, post/share/give people photos I've taken of them at the special events of their life. Print and hang photos I've taken. Frame pics from my wedding. Organize my camera drawer. And on and on it goes. My pictures are my favorite thing, I really would like to get this all in order and I consider this my actual New Year's Resolution above all else.

Eat Right + Exercise (blah, blah, blah)
A classic. But a warranted one. One thing that has been consistently missing for awhile now is my working-out "fire". And it is beyond frustrating. When I don't work out on a regular basis, everything else in my life suffers a little bit for the worse. I really want to summon the courage to get to the place I love to be but so easily forget once I backpedal: the mental place where you can't wait to work out. It's been evading me for awhile on a consistent basis (I hit the gym regularly, but my heart's not in it) and I'm ready for its second coming on account of my physical and mental health.

Take A Photography Class
I have yet to take one in San Francisco and I consider that long overdue in a city basically seeping with photographic opportunities around every corner. I plan to book one in a week or two and I'm already ridiculously excited!

Educate Myself at Work
I really like my job and I just spent 2016 completely immersed in my role. With that said, there's a couple areas that I always have the same questions on. I need to take the reins and educate myself on this little grey area using the many resources available. 

Blog with Purpose
I love to blog, I do. And while I can't say that I won't take breaks here and there when I need to due to life and work, I can say that I can be more purposeful and intentional with my scheduling. I should write more blogs during the weekends when my brain is fresh instead of always relying on the musings of my mushy evening mind. I should jot down the ideas I have to blog when they hit me. I should be more deliberate in my posting.

Plan A Trip
Our last big trip was to Paris in 2015 and we haven't really done anything longer than an extended weekend since then (unless you count Oregon which doesn't really count at all) even though we both have been warranted one for awhile now with our hectic work schedule. I want to go a lot of places - Europe! Hawaii! Utah! Chicago! New Mexico! Malibu! New York City! Nashville! - so I'm really not particular on the location. My husband and I just need to get something on the books.

What's one of your resolutions?
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Monday, January 9, 2017

Meal Prep: Fresh Year, Fresh Eats

I'd like to say that I woke up to the pitter-patter of rain against my window this morning. And though I could say that, I'd be telling an underwhelming version of the events. I did wake up to the sound of water against the glass, this is true. But what I heard was more like drunk water, pounding on my bedroom window sloppily and loudly because it forgot its keys and had to climb up the fire escape. It was a wet one. And if you know anything about me, you know that I don't mind that very much on Sundays - a day where I kinda like being forced to squeeze in that relaxation that effortlessly evades me all week long (see also: I'm always tired)

One to adhere to code, I fell right in line with the normal Sunday activities. I put on Netflix (cliché). I made us two steaming hot cups of chai lattes (clichhhhhhé). I snuggled my husband and dog (saying cliché here just seems cliché now). And, I made my way to the kitchen t0o - and this is what I came up with for that:
^Greek Yogurt parfait = plain greek yogurt, raw coconut, chia seeds, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, cinnamon, plain granola and raw almonds.
^Kale/Spinach salad = Baby spinach, kale, bell pepper, chickpeas, snow peas, snap peas, almonds, sunflower seeds, BBQ chicken, blueberries & pomegranate seeds.
^The fixins' for our work breakfast and work lunch. 
^Kale & Spinach salad for lunch & Greek Yogurt parfait for breakfast.
^When the ingredients are prepped, it makes breakfast/lunch assembly extremely quick every night.
^Dressing set aside in small container.
^Packed-up for work (see dressing in there?). Yogurt quick video here.
Happy start to your week!!
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Friday, January 6, 2017

Combat the Stereotype

Happy Friday, y'all!

Today I give thanks for combat boots and the versatility they provide. As I grew up, I figured they were just made for Marilyn Manson followers or people I saw in WWII documentaries. However, they're one of my personal faves these days. Dressed up with a skirt and tights, laced up over acid wash jeans or just snuggled up next to some dark leggings - these little bad boys carry me all over the city. I think the key to it is the chunky heel since traipsing around the city in any other type of heel is a no go. I highly recommend. Besides, don't they look cute against the Castro crosswalks? But then again, what in the heck doesn't blend well with that progressive adorableness.

And those are my deep thoughts with Jack Handey for today.

Wishing you an easy slip into the weekend.
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