Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Senior Proms, Weddings, Milestones, oh my!

I just had a weekend where I didn't quite take the time to reflect on the heaviness of the milestones.

This prior weekend, among my other normal activities - I spent Saturday at my brother's Lacrosse game, followed by helping him get ready for Prom (or offering more like, boys are quite different than girls in the way they 'get ready'. Getting ready for my dances in high school meant waking up at 8 am to start the long process, Conor took 20 minutes- if that), and see him off as he picked up his date and headed to the restaurant for their night out.

The next day, I went with my sister Jocelyn a.k.a. "Jocie", to a Bridal boutique downtown - accompanying us was our Mother and another of Jocie's Bridesmaids, Karla. It was a short and sweet process: Champagne, Sunshine, Watching her try on gown after gown and give opinions and question whether or not the one she fell in love with, really just was "the one".

Though "saddens" is too strong and dismal a word, I am surprised by the way in which life moves at such a rate that I'm jaded by the idea that I just saw my little brother, 6 years my junior, off on his last high school dance ever. An event followed by my older sister, 2 years my senior, trying on wedding gowns for her April 2010 wedding to the London-bred love of her life, Dan.

It is rather funny how much life can creep on you, the thought of Conor attending Senior Prom (coupled with him leaving us next year) and Jocie becoming a wife would have made me laugh only a few years prior, but now it's funny to see that these momentous occasions are the norm and where we're all at right now.

This is life as I know it right now and I didn't quite take the time to reflect on that. I hope my Siblings always know that even though I'm grouchy sometimes and perhaps spend too much time going on and on about the tragedy that is my current haircut (my own version of Mt. Everest), that I love them a lot and I'm estatic to play a role in these big parts of their life. Of course, in typical fashion - Jocie understands how important it is and has a million to-do lists, Conor was wondering why I even came by to partake in his Senior Prom - "No big deal" he says.

However, I'll be there.

And PS - Jocie is getting married, Conor is heading to college, me - the middle child - not much new to report on. Haha, I kid.

Should be a great year.

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Shanin said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. Both of those are weird to me and it's still weird that we've graduated college! Time flies. Where did 8 years old go?