Friday, July 24, 2009

Striking Quote of the Day

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"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

Winston Churchill
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Michael Jackson, how I hate to see you go...

About a month ago, I decided to go and visit one of my best friends in this world - Shanin. If you are in my life you know that we have been friends since we were almost zygotes. On the other hand, if you have read my blog before, you know that she was included in my first posting. That story premised when we were Six-Years-Old and here we are in our mid-twenties (Yipe!) and still making the time to venture off and meet one another. And I was very excited to head to Los Angeles to do just that. It was planned to be a great reprieve from Portland, a wonderful chance to see my friend and an even better chance to do the whole "Hollywood Tourist" deal that I hadn't done since I was little. We planned to seek out spots that I saw on "The Hills" (shameful, I know...), eat at Trendy restaurants and prepare ourselves for the crowds on June 26, 2009 as we decided to go visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame and ogle over the celebrities names adorned in the gold-rimmed, decadent stars. We couldn't have ever guessed how significant this day would be.

I landed at about Noon on June 25 at LAX.
Within the hour we found out that Michael Jackson was dead.

It's hard to accurately summarize the feelings that consumed me after digesting this information. But after all the scandal with Michael Jackson, all the plastic surgeries, the child abuse accusations (which I always concluded were false), the military clothing, the masks, the pet monkeys.... the MUSIC, I basically narrowed down my sadness into this reasoning: Everyone has a Michael Jackson story.

Michael belonged to his music. And his music touched all of our lives. Most of my peers can tell you they remember listening to Michael Jackson in elementary school and loving his music just as much then as they do now. We remember his amazing pipes, his innovative videos and his passion and message behind his songs.

Many differ on how they view him outside of his music, I stay true to the fact that he was a kind, kind, dear, tortured, confused, talented soul who has been so phenomenally famous his entire life that it's impossible for virtually most people in the world to understand where he was coming from. I think he's Guilty of being weird but I think his intentions were pure and I honestly believe that if you met Michael at any time - he would have treated you like family.

I am happy that Shanin and I were there to celebrate his amazing life and had the opportunity to pay tribute to Michael in a historical way. The line we waited in at Hollywood Boulevard to see his Star was over 45 minutes, crowded, sweaty and torturous - but we both knew the significance of it.

Michael means something to everyone and always has. His music makes you think, dance, move, cry - perhaps in his own life he could never express to the world what made him tick and why he was the way he was. But he spoke to us in music. And how grateful we all are for that.

RIP Michael Jackson.

Forever and ever - you will be held as a dearly departed soul. I'm sorry that we all waited until your passing to really show you how loved you were. "Earth Song" is the most beautiful song I've ever heard.

I know you're among the stars and moonwalking on the moon.

May you sleep well in Neverland.

The following below are other happy memories from my California trip with Shanin! Thanks Shanin for such a wonderful time with you:

In Malibu with Shanin, Kristi and Me (above)Shanin and Me in Manhattan Beach (above)

At the Chateau Marmont right after seeing the Bush Twins in the Bathroom! (above)Shanin and Me eating at the new Hollywood hot spot Ketchup (above)
I love me some Marilyn Monroe! (above)

Shan and Me on Manhattan Beach (above)Kristi, Shanin and Me at the Chateau Marmont (above)
Me and Shanin walking Hollywood Blvd. (above)

Shanin and Me just arriving at Hollywood Blvd. Preparing for the MJ crowds (above)Shanin and Me at Britney Spears star. I love Britney forever. (above)
Shanin and Me on the Pier at Manhattan Beach (above)

Shanin and Me getting ready for day 1. (above)Shanin and Me out to dinner at Pink Taco (above)
Shanin and Me literally just after we found out about MJ. (above)

The beautiful outdoor seating at Pink Taco (above).
Me, Shanin and her lovely boyfriend Jonny out on the town. (above).



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