Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clean, clean, clean!

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I admit it wholeheartedly: I am a messy girl. This is not to be confused with a "dirty" girl (get your mind out of the gutter), I keep things clean in my apartment - just a little sloppy here and there. I won't have coffee stains or old food left out but I will have newspapers strewn about, DVD containers ajar with the incorrect discs popped into them, knowingly staring at me wondering when I'm going to correct this obvious laziness. It often ends in a full day devoted to undoing the damage. Today is that day.

I've been up all morning mopping, cleaning, organizing and vacuuming - my discussion right now about it is a mere break I'm awarding myself in order to move forward.

It really does feel good to clean house and start the shift into a more orderly life. It's also the first day of September and Fall is upon us - may as well head into it tidy!

Happy Tuesday!

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