Wednesday, September 30, 2009

East Side and West Side? Tomayto, Tomahto when it comes to Canines.

So, in the month of September I have:
  • Trekked to the top of the Empire State Building and looked upon the beautiful views of Manhattan.
  • Walked along Wall Street and looked, in awe, upon the NYSE - undoubtedly one of the most important buildings in the entire world (and I don't say that lightly).
  • Sat at Autzen Stadium at the University of Oregon and watched the Oregon Ducks play an incredible game.
  • Chatted online with author Dave Cullen who wrote one of my favorite books (story to follow in later post).
  • Spoke face-to-face with Richard Kind in downtown Portland: a very famous and talented actor who just happened to be a Thespian with my Mom in high school.

However, out of all the amazing things that have happened this month - not much compares to the joy of this:

I came across this scene while on the East Side of Portland. If you aren't from Portland, it's undoubtedly the only side that's been presented to you through the Media. Differing greatly from the West Side, it characterizes itself as a more hippie/indie side, which tends to mean instead of conforming to the rules of the girls from "The Hills" or the men from "Entourage", they pride themselves on conforming to the "underground" scene. For instance, on the West Side you can't throw a dime without hitting a Starbucks. However, on the East Side, there are of course Starbucks but the majority of Java spots you'll find are small, independent coffee houses with live shows, patrons wearing pants with bells around the ankle and only cubes of "Sugar in the Raw" with which to sweeten your coffee (Splenda is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too mainstream).

I appreciate its presence and the difference in West vs. East (East Side restaurants are to die for) but I wish Oregon was also shown in the trendy, fashionable light that it also is. However, all this information is for another day, just slightly utilized now in order to describe the classic East Side owner of the dogs and his lack of joy in my trivial enthusiasm in seeing them.

Anyway, while spending an evening enjoying the East Side, I parked my SUV right in front of an independent coffee house where I planned to quickly grab a latte. As I parked, I looked to the right side of my car on the sidewalk and spotted these precious pups. I raced out of the car and came over to them, gaping smile, skirt flapping, hands wide open and literally said: "HOW DO THEY LOOK LIKE THIS!"

The owner, his tone riddled with judgment, "Um... they're just a grown up litter..." as if it was as obvious as the fact that it was evening. I then asked if I could pet them and take a picture of them. Their owner agreed that I could, all the while laughing at me with his friend and mocking my girly mannerisms.

I think he was judging me as an aloof West Side girl... how rude, I would never do such a thing! But I should give him the benefit of the doubt because he could have just been entirely too jittered up from drinking too much natural coffee with natural sugar and going through a rummage sale for clothes. :)

Anyway, differences aside:

Dearest Biggy,
Thank you for the joy of interacting with your pups. It's a sight I probably won't forget for awhile and I don't think I will be lucky enough to see something THAT cute in the month of October- melted my heart. Adorable dogs!

Sincerely, Tupac.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!! I have never been to NY and I would love to go see the Empire State stinks being a small town girl sometimes!!

Pamela Bwell said...

I love the Eastside-Westside comparisons and the Biggy-Tupac reference is not lost on even me, your Mom! Very clever. Your blog has your distinctive voice, My Daughter, and I am really enjoying what you post. (Still having some trouble with the reverse type -- aging eyes, you know!)