Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Autumn shots before the rain comes

Well as a photographer (albeit amateur one- that's me above at the Pumpkin Patch!), I like to think that I have developed (through trial and error and tireless effort) some level of skill that allows me to capture the beauty in something better through the lens of a camera than with my own eyes. However, there is a small window of opportunity in the Fall where I believe the scenery is so graceful and creates such a splendid canvas, that my Dog could take a picture with just as much artistic credibility as one snapped by Annie Leibovitz herself.

Yes, Fall has hit in Oregon and it has been an amazingly beautiful one at that. It's the time in October when we need to add an extra blanket to our bed but not yet ready to break out the emergency down comforter you keep behind the beach towels. So lately, I've been enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of Autumn.

Also, I hope it was noted that I just described Autumn without ever once describing it as "crisp", even though in doing so would instantly help the reader to understand what I am trying to depict. However, I took a Creative Writing Course at the University of Oregon and upon our first assignment, the Professor had 1 request: "Please do not use the word 'crisp' to describe a Fall day. It's played out, it's all anyone ever says to describe Fall and there are many other ways to send forth your notion."

That has stuck with me.

Please enjoy some of my pictures below from this season. All were executed, taken (minus (2) who others took which I'm in), edited and polished by me.

(ABOVE: Captivating tree in Central Oregon.)
(ABOVE: Yours Truly on the Golf Course at Eagle Crest)
(ABOVE: Golf Course at Eagle Crest)
(ABOVE: Sisters, Oregon. Beautiful drive through back pastures to visit a dearly departed.)
(ABOVE: My friend Jordan's Dog, Bowser and the sky at Eagle Crest.)(ABOVE: Me. The Photographer and Blogger. Enjoying the beautiful day in Central Oregon)
(ABOVE: Sisters, Oregon. Beautiful drive through back pastures to visit a dearly departed.)
(ABOVE: Sisters, Oregon. Beautiful drive through back pastures to visit a dearly departed.)
(ABOVE: Sisters, Oregon. Beautiful drive through back pastures to visit a dearly departed.)
(ABOVE: Beautiful View at Eagle Crest on the golf course. Look at the sky!)
(ABOVE: Joel against the Bend beauty)
(ABOVE: Scarecrows against the afternoon light @ Sauvie's Island)
(ABOVE: Pumpkin Patch @ Sauvie's Island)
(ABOVE: Shanin w/her Pumpkin! Pumpkin Patch @ Sauvie's Island)
(ABOVE: Zoe at Pumpkin Patch @ Sauvie's Island)
(ABOVE: Pumpkin Patch @ Sauvie's Island)

(ABOVE 4 shots: Views at Cook Park)
(ABOVE: Park View in the Pearl District)
(ABOVE: Downtown Portland view)
(ABOVE: Kristi, Shanin, Megan and Me at a Portland Restaurant which is on a roof)

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Anonymous said...

I do not know a single person that puts an "emergency down comforter" behind their beach towels. How illogical is that!?

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy the photographic stylings of Annie Leibovitz

Anonymous said...

I've noticed your pictures are protected by a copyright. I'd like to use one for my own personal website. How would I obtain permission to use a picture?

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...
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Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

Hi "Sixfatwomen" (though I feel a bit odd referring to you by that),

Well, I keep all my seasonals in one area. So items like beach towels, down comforters etc. are kind of lumped together until they're needed, but I see your point!

Regarding the pictures, the first request would be to know which pictures you wanted and for what purpose and we can go from there. Please feel free to comment me again for further details if you would like to pursue this. Due to the copyright certain formal steps have to be taken.

Thank you for coming by! I would love to see your site but I am unable to find it.



Anonymous said...

We love Departure!