Thursday, October 29, 2009

I only have eyes for him... the love of my life...

What do you look for in a partner?
  • Someone who keeps you warm?
  • Someone who wraps around you?
  • Someone who makes you feel good?
  • Someone who makes you feel special?
  • Someone who you have when you wouldn't want to be with anyone else?
  • Someone who you can't travel without?
  • Someone who makes days apart feel like months?
  • Someone who if you lost, you would feel like a part of you was missing?
I have found that. I have found someone that makes me feel whole and who I can't live without. And it was definitely love at first sight.

Here he is:

I know, I know. "He" is definitely lacking a brain and has kind of an eccentric style - but I've never loved anything more.

Moments after purchasing my love, looking ridiculous. (above)

I picked this sweatshirt up on a Summer morning in 2008 after having brunch with my friends following a night out. I desperately felt the need to cover up as my fabulous outfit from last night was a bit too airy for a Sunday morning.
Thus, we stopped in to Pac Sun looking like last night's garbage when I saw him across the way.
He was everything I ever wanted and I ran closer just to see him in all his glory: He was perfect. A feeling that quickly diminished after I looked at the $80 dollar price tag.
Hiking in Washington with my Sister (above)

However, that feeling dissolved after I tried him on. He slipped on and was the perfect length over my arms and fit snug around the body.
Milwaukee, WI (above)

Unlike most of his kind, he even zipped properly at the stomach instead of sliding past it and ending at the hips, which in hoody land = an air pooch that really just looks like a "you" pooch.
Maupin, OR (above)

Yes, since that point that sweatshirt has been everywhere with me.
Snowy Christmas. (above)
  • Made "Lazy Sundays" fun
Brother and Me, then Miranda and Me (the 2 above)

  • Walked with me through Chicago and New York City.
All above pictures in this bullet taken in Chicago, Illinois. Various trips if you note the hair difference. :) Last one in front of the Home Alone house in Winnetka, IL. (above)

  • Buddied up with me at many'a'cabin. etc.

There are limitless places I can, will and have taken this sweatshirt.

I'm fully aware that it's quite a unique design and one in which I'm sure will effectively date me in all the pictures I have taken with it.

Volunteering at Hood to Coast (above)

But the bottom line is that having and wearing it instantly makes me feel good...
... and really, isn't that what LOVE is all about?

(Sweatshirt by Billabong.)

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Shanin said...

hahaha i'm just imagining jocelyn's reaction to this entire post. little did we know that one morning of unfortunate sunday outfits would lead u to finding the love of your life! billabong should have u do advertising for them as that is like the best ode to a sweatshirt they could ever ask for.