Monday, November 9, 2009

Big fierceness for a small price

I love shoes. I don't Carrie-Bradshaw-love-shoes but I love finding a pair that really strikes me. What Manolo Blahnik is to Carrie is what an amazing dress is to me - very hard to pass up.
In contrast, shoes for me are more investment pieces. I won't buy cheap yet cute acrylic shoes because they always manage to be on the top of the "Donate to Goodwill" pile. I realized that it's really not worth it for me.
I like well-made shoes that DON'T cost me a fortune but DO make me catch my breath when I see them. I treat shoe purchases as I do denim ones - if they don't fit like a glove and fail to make me feel good, no clearance price holds any merit. And if I find quality ones I love, then I will pay a good price to have them.
However, how beautiful it is when a clearance price meets a desired object?

I stumbled upon these Steve Madden shoes on sale and truly had to stop to just take it all in. The patent leather, the decadent gold lining and the buckle! Lord have Mercy, these are fierce.
How beautiful! I imagine they were so much cheaper due to the open-toe at a time when we're heading into colder weather here in the States but I will wear 'em til the snow falls.
I savagely tried them on and the experience was even better than I had hoped. To boot, I even felt a bit more dangerous that day - and that's always fun.

Besides, even if I don't LOVE shoes like Carrie Bradshaw, it's nice to buy shoes that the end-all, be-all of shoe lovers would wear.

Also- Need 5 minutes away from your work? Check out his affordable collection of evening shoes - too fun!
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(Carrie image found here)


Sophie said...

OH nice shoes! They are gorgeous! I love when you find that an item you love is in sale, but it so rarely happens to me! xo

o said...

love ur shoes! totally agree with ur philosophy:) thanks again for commenting on my blog. i just posted an update on the bcbg friends and family sale. it's been EXTENDED to today (mon, nov 9, 2009)! YAY!:)

Gitte said...

really nice shoes, like them!

Jessica said...

Beautiful shoes! I've stopped buying cheap, low-quality shoes. Life's too short to limp around in painful shoes!

Dina's Days said...

Very very cute shoes. I have spent so much money buying cheap and painful shoes to end up getting rid of them 6 months later. Shoes and jeans are good investments pieces for me!

Anonymous said...

they are incredible. I WANT!!!!

Sher said...

Very gorgeous shoes indeed! Great buy! I'm not really a shoe person as well compared to being a clothes person haha:P But I agree, buying shoes should be like an investment!

bananas. said...

i "Carrie-Bradshaw-love-shoes". OBSESSED is an understatement. shoes make me happy in ways that no other things can. it's disgusting really but at least i have a fab shoe collection.

and i love your shoes, lady. great find!

Unknown said...

Yes, those are definitely great shoes. I like how you defined shoe love in terms of Carrie - very astute way of putting it! But I think I'm more like you - I lose all sense when it comes to the perfect dress... :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with dresses over shoes! But I do love shoes too and those are a great find!

Unknown said...

I agree, shoes are an investment piece. Every pair of cheap shoes I have bought end up being donated within months. Whereas the pricey ones are still giving me happy feet.