Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bye Turkeys, Hello Santa!

Sorry for the blog neglect after Turkey day but it was a bit warranted for reasons below:

(RIGHT: my Thanksgiving outfit-
can't go wrong
with a pencil skirt & a billowy silk blouse)

  • We had company in town

  • I had to cook my part of the meal!

  • Sales at EVERY store

  • Hung out with my little Bro while he's home from College.

  • Plus, due to 2 guests bringing their dogs plus the family dog at my Dad's, there were 3 Puppies joining us for the Thanksgiving weekend. I had to soak up as much Dog time as I could!

Dog Montage! I was loving the time with the Puppies. Here's me with 2 of the 3 puppies for the weekend. They get a wee bit ornery when you try to cuddle with two at once (as can be seen on the right) but it was beyond fun having a house full of them!!)

But now with Thanksgiving officially behind us, I like to believe it's effectively Winter. Though the Calendar states that this wonderful Season doesn't start until December 21st, I say Bahhhh Hummbug - it's WINTER to me! So buh-bye Pilgrims & Indians and HELLO Angels and Snowflakes.

With the season change into this darker, colder, cozier time of the year - I like to think of outfit evolutions with that as well. If it were up to me, I would spend every day after Thanksgiving up until Christmas dressed like this:

(Above image found here)

The elegance of a
"Victorian Christmas Girl" (what I'm naming her) is the quintessential outfit I'm always wearing when I dream about my first Horse Carriage ride through a snowy downtown Manhattan. However, shoving all XXX pounds of me into such an outfit would probably look a little redic'.
(Above image found here)

Just my luck though, the well-known designers I know and love seem to also prefer to envision themselves in a Childlike manner. In contrast to me though, they actually have the materials, means and drive to make this type of look available to the modern lady in a contemporary and sophisticated fashion.

(Above image found here)

Instead of going on a witch hunt and boring you all, I decided to just show one picture to represent my point. Above are 3 looks from DKNY's Winter 2009/2010 look. It has all the lines and color of a "Victorian Christmas Girl" but... let's face it, it wouldn't be creepy if I wore it. By adding a scarf, hand muffler, great jacket and most importantly - a smile (I mean honestly, why must they look so angry?) - one would successfully look absolutely faboosh as a follower of Christmas.

Looking forward to sharing more this Holiday season! Til next time...


Leah said...

Hi Miss Caitlin! Love this post... the Victorian Christmas look is quite awesome. This reminds me that I have an oxford fo the only thing missing will be the dress.

Love those dogs. They are just so adorable.

Unknown said...

What sweet house guests you had!!! The tea party is ready now - drop in for some Vietnamese treaties :-) And yes, I love my ao dai, but as its over 35 degrees celcius here its way too hot for fancy dress (no matter how stylish)!!!

Gia said...

You look so pretty, I guess you had lot of fun:)
Have a great time!!!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww I'm so happy you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It seems like you were super busy, but all in a good way. I love all the photos of the puppies!!
I know what you mean about wanting to go Victorian-style during the Christmas season. I feel the same way! There is something so magical and holiday-ish about the way people used to dress back then in the winter. The collection you posted, however, is not a bad alternative! I'm especially loving that pink suit.
I hope you have a wonderful day, Miss Caitlin! :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Your so cute!! Yayyy, I totally ready for christmas!

Fleur said...

True, I don't understand why do they have to look so angry... It would all look great on you, love your Thanksgiving outfit!

Mari said...

omg those skirts and that green/silver sweater!!! omg...i

and you look fabulous for thanksgiving...I had on a pencil skirt too but opted out for loose fitting jeans half way through to accommodate the

Kim Axani said...

Love the pics and your hair!! Perfect Thanksgiving/Christmas runway styles too=) Thanks for following!! x0x0

Unknown said...

Nice post. I too loved those doggies. And, that food you cooked for Thanksgiving was SOOOOOOOO delicious ;)

Anonymous said...

I love that whole victorian xmas look, but I agree they need to smile more! haha

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Love all the puppies and the looks from DKNY- def one of my faves from FW 2009. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

Beth Ruby said...

Super cute photos and omg that dog is so adorable!
Love that collections as well :)

bananas. said...

YAY!!! i love christmas time. i turn into such a festive geek. i love it! we had two dogs at our thanksgiving. i was bummed i didn't bring mine over but i think i got my fix.

btw you looked adorable!

Stevie said...

I love the first and last look from the DKNY show. Can't wait to see what you put together from that inspiration.

Unknown said...

I had a puppy weekend too! :) You look so cute! Love the DKNY looks too - super fresh!

Holly Lefevre said...

Your posts are so happy...I {heart} them. I try to get my family to dress up (just a little) for Thanksgiving. We have a pretty low key one, so it is hard for them to understand...but I helps me feel more festive too....but no pencil skirt for me...that would not be pretty bent over the oven pulling a turkey least not on me (maybe 10 years ago!)! I want the middle outfit. Divine!


Jenna @ Mi Vida Bonita said...

YES. Bring it on, I am ready to be in the holiday spirit. Although being back at work after a 4 day weekend screams Bahhh HUMBUG for sure.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I just found your blog via La vie...J'aime, and I'm in love! You are absolutely gorgeous! And your dream of a Horse Carriage Ride through a snowy Manhattan? Sorry, but I'm stealing it! Love, love, love this post! :)

...Yvonne said...

glad you had a great turkey day :) happy belated, of course!

I love the 2 outfits from the left but the far right is definitely a no-no for my closet! sowee, not a fan ;)

Tights Lover said...

I know what you mean. I'm still getting caught up after the holiday.
I love the photos of you and the puppies!


So much fun! I got to spend time with my brother when he came home for thanks giving too :) Yay for near Christmas time!

Sher said...

What a lovely Thanksgiving transitioning to Christmas post!! I love the Victorian Christmas Girl look haha, would love to see you in one of these outfits:)

You're just adorable, sweetie!

Sierra said...

I like your dog fest, so cute! Your outfit is very stylish and I love DKNY. Their jeans are the best!

o said...

looks like u had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday! loving the outfit and those doggies are too cute!:) i like ur idea of a "victorian christmas girl" outfit. sounds cozy yet chic! great picks from DKNY. i'm loving the suit in the middle:D thanksgiving passed by too quickly haha don't laugh, but i spent my lazy sunday rewatching twilight hahaha have a good week!

Treacle said...

You are so glamourous! And the runway photos are great inspiration for the holiday season. :-)

Organic Meatbag said... time is fun time!!