Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dreaming of Fall in Wisconsin...

(ABOVE: a shot I took of Dretzka Park in Milwaukee, WI. So pretty!)

About a year ago around this time, I was sent from Oregon to Wisconsin on a business trip. I went on various upper Midwest trips to various offices last year for work. On each venture, I was joined with the same fabulous group of employees and we became quite good friends.
(ABOVE: Me inbetween work meetings. I LOVE a bold blue/purple/green top and black pants.)(ABOVE: Me in a Dretzka Park in Milwaukee, WI)

Before my first pending trip to the Cheese state, I could only imagine that it would be a desolate land of hicks with beers in hand wearing slices of dairy on their head. What a lovely image I painted for myself, right?
(ABOVE: Me in another park in Milwaukee, WI. 10/08)

Well, when I arrived in Milwaukee, WI in October of 2008, I was so beyond shocked at how beautiful it was. The Vibrant colors were amazing, the people were so friendly and the weather was as perfect for Fall as it gets.
(ABOVE: Me at the Dretzka golf club. That is one of my FAVORITE jackets. From Forever 21)

Inbetween business meetings, trainings and dinners - I often asked one of my good friends in the group to take walks with me. Each day we went to various parks as I stood there dumbfounded by the beauty.

I often try to tell people that Oregon isn't as hickish as it seems and I kick myself for thinking so little of Wisconsin before even seeing it. It was beautiful and I definitely hope to visit again soon.

Not to mention, walking around in beautiful scenery and taking pictures is bar none, one of my favorite things to do.

Unlike a lot of people
(though I bet most girls attracted to this blog DO love dressing up), I love dressing up formally for work. Long black pencil skirts, expensive briefcases and blouses? Sign me up! I love the contrast of work clothes in a rural photo. Reminds me of the difference between what you have to do in your life and what you want to do.

Besides - where else but Milwaukee, WI can you take a picture with a statue of the FONZ right downtown?? :)

I hope no matter you are - you are getting to enjoy some fall colors today!
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Jenna said...

Really fun pictures!

bananas. said...

never been, never desired going to milwaukee but i now see i shouldn't judge. i guess i can't help it. i live in the best state ever! haha.

Unknown said...

Nice pics. Great fall colors.

Unknown said...

mmmm Cheese state! That sounds good to me!!!

o said...

beautiful pictures! unfortunately, we don't have changing of the leaves out here, but i love our weather:) u have such chic work outfits!