Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If I'm going to do a color post, I'm going to want my Muse to go with it!

On my mind today - Fall colors!

First off, all hail Miranda Kerr in Orange. I mean really, is there anything that doesn't look entirely decadent on this girl??

Because I'm a masochist and love to look at how clothes lay on genetically gifted girls, I tend to Google her very much. (Why Miranda Kerr? Explained here.)

A Color Post also seemed totally appropriate (or as my best friend annoyingly but hilariously would say "totes approps!") due to Thanksgiving this week and some colors just deserve to be screamed at right now!
There's not much that I can offer in type to add-on to the experience of looking at the color Orange on her- so I'll keep it minimal: The color seems made for her.
Did any of you read the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..." growing up? The premise was that giving a Mouse one cookie resulted in a domino effect of other items the Mouse wanted. That's how I feel when I see these pretty outfits on her:

If you give Caitlin
a pretty dress, she's going to think of shoes to go with it!

Typically I would think of heels to pair with it but because I will be walking around downtown in cold, pretty Portland during the day today- I'm thinking of warmth over fabulosity. Thus, I would imagine an Orange ensemble with my Purple boots!
That's me and the Boy at a Charity event at Wieden+Kennedy a few weeks ago in Portland's trendy Pearl district. Though I loved the Purple boots with the black dress that night... now I'm just envisioning them with one of Miranda Kerr's Orange dresses and perhaps some dark lacy tights and a neutral trench jacket? Drooling.

Now, If I Give a Blog Reader a Picture, I'm going to want a story to go with it...
The picture of me and the Boy is taken inside the room directly shown above me- referred to as the "Nest" in Wieden+Kennedy. I just thought I would share the artchitectural delight with you. It's supposed to be a room where the employees can step away during the day and think... dream... be inspired... which, realistically, probably means a place where they go when they need a break from work to discuss Employee-A's hideous shoe pick with Employee-B.

But as you can see from the three shots directly above here all taken inside the "Nest" - that it really is a beautiful place and the colors go beautifully with my Fall Orange&Purple state of mind today!

So with that said... now that I've given Orange and Purple a field day - I decided to finally respond to the lovely tagging from The Owl's Closet - an adorable blog which helps you find great sales on wonderful products with a little personality attached. Definitely check it out!

As stolen from her blog, to fulfill the requirements of this activity, I had to search for 7 items with the color red or green (I chose red) in my home.
  1. What's Black & White & READ all over? :)
  2. An old magazine cover framed in my room, love that Red onesie suit!
  3. Saltines in the Red box. I live for Saltines.
  4. Red packaged ribbon for my Sister's wedding.
  5. The Santa Clause -watched it for 1rst time this year last night, I love Tim Allen.
  6. Most of my photo albums on my shelves are black&white, but I found a couple red ones!
  7. My D&G purse.
I'm going to pass this fun post onto 3 gals:

Miranda Kerr pictures- in order of appearance can be found here, here, here and here.
All photos on this website are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved. This means you must have permission to use the photos in any way that does not fall under the limited rights granted by the "fair use" clause of the copyright law. "Fair use" does not extend to taking the photos and putting them on your own website, even if modified and for non-commercia
Happy, Happy Tuesday!!! If you're in the States - short work week! Yay! :)


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Whoa orange definitely was made for Miranda. She's gorgeous in that color!!
This is a great post. I love your purple boots. Very chic. ;) And I enjoyed your red tag. I was also tagged to do that soon and I'm looking forward to it!


Great post! That first dress is just to die for! <3

Mari said...

those purple boots are to DIE FOR! and you look FABULOUS in them. I love the idea of vibrant orange and purple together...and orange is so so perfect for fall...once it hits december I feel sad that I feel weird wearing and orange sweater!

and thank you for the tag...i'll have to go scrounge up some green/ red things!


M Kerr is gorgeous and she does glow in orangy colors! I think blondes look pretty in orange, in general though :)

Tights Lover said...

I've always liked orange. Miranda looks incredible in it for sure. Great post...enjoy the short work week!

bananas. said...

that miranda chick is freakin gorgeous! i think she's one of the very few who can pull that color off. me, on the other hand, would look blah. i once painted my nail orange and it made me look green. don't ask...

anyway, are those jessica simpson boots?! i think i tried those on on sunday while browsing nordstroms rack. i didn't get them because frankly i've been buying shoes like it's going out of style but they were super cute and comfy too!

Anonymous said...

I too read "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie..."

Great blog post!

A++++ Would definitely read again!!

Unknown said...

Miranda - gorgeous of course!
And those purple boots - I want!!
Have a great day :-)

Unknown said...

Ha ha! I love the colors that are saturating your brain right now. Miranda does look good in orange, but I think you would too. Esp with some nice purple boots... :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I had no idea how much i loved the color orange until i saw all of these! love.

Grumpy old man said...

Good morning Miss, congrats on being tagged!
Thanks for visiting my site and for entering the contest, best of luck with that.
Miranda is gorgeous, and she looks fabulous in orange. (actually any color)
Your boots in purple looks great, and I hope when you find your orange outfit you will post a pic of you wearing it with the lacy tights and your orange outfit. I can imagine it will look mighty fetching.
Rest asured, you saying when you think about an outfit of a certain color you think about what color shoes to wear with it. I am used to that coz my wife is exactly the same, and so are millions of ladies all over the world, I am sure

So you are in excellent company.

Great blog you have, I will visit you often, glad I found it.
Have a wonderful Thanks Giving!
Ps, sorry for hogging your comment space here... :-)

o said...

Thank you for your kind words:) Love your color post, Caitlin! You're right...orange is gorgeous on Miranda Kerr. I love, love the first runway dress! You look great in the bird's nest with your purple boots!:D gorgeous boots and venue:) looks like a fun party! Thank goodness for a short week lol:D Are you all set for Thanksgiving break??


JadeRose said...

I am so so in love with that tan Kirrily Johnston skirt Kerr is wearing with that orange top. Its just amazinggggg, you need to see that thing in real life. I went to the store the idea and it is just the softest leather, I had to fight the urge not to shell out a couple of weeks worth of my wage not to buy it!! p.s. im going vintage shopping tom, on the hunt for something orange, thanks for the inspiration :))

English Rose ♥ said...

Miranda Kerr looks fantastic as a blonde and the orange looks SO perfect on her


Wanda Lee said...

From Miranda Kerr to Afternoon tea!

~ Who knew she could inspire, (thanks to your blog post), such a stretch of the imagination!~

Maybe next week, after first warmly invite you to share a yummy Afternoon Tea at my The Plumed Pen blog my dear; I'll take that "inspiration" and do a fashion forward, colour themed, tea next week!~ However in the meantime, I do hope you can join me for today's little blogging tea party!..,

Thanks for the inspiration, and I do hope you can pop by for my, "Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee" at my The Plumed Pen blog.., (Yesterday's tea was, TUESDAY TEA FOR TWO; extended to today because I was late getting started yesterday)!..,

Also, (two posts prior to todays' post on my blog), you'll find some pictures of my perfume bottle paintings that I created a number of years ago for my prior, wholesale art company; "Wanda Lee and Company".., I'm planning to do an "updated, more chic" collection soon..,

I Hope you can pop by for a quick peek my dear!~ enjoy!..,

Cheers from Silken Purse@ The Plumed Pen

Unknown said...

LOVE the beautiful orange Miranda Kerr outfit!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Holly Lefevre said...

Oh how I love orange. Your purple boots are rockin' though!

The event you were at looks fabulous. The Nest - I want to go there. Makes me miss the days back in LA as a wedding planner and getting to go to all the cool parties and places.

Fun stuff!

Catarina said...

Miranda is so pretty and she looks stunning in orange! Thanks for your comment, lovely blog!!!