Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When Fashion & Politics join forces, we as a Nation become stronger.

In no way do I plan on making my little blog here a Political one - yes I have my beliefs (as everyone else with a pulse does), but I get bored of discussing them and I am insanely tired of listening to healthy debate between friends quickly morph into mortal combat between enemies. I'm very opinionated but mark my words, you'll never hear me storm off after discussing political issues with people I love. With that said, the extent of my political posts will be geared to clothes (I know my Dad will roll his eyes when he takes in how stupid I sound in that sentence,haha) and I don't plan on divulging where I truly stand on issues.

As most American girls can probably guess now, what will I be discussing today? Perhaps Michelle Obama's State dinner dress??
(The modern first lady looking stellar. Found here)

Ahhh, the glitz and glam she is working towards makes me so happy. Let me clarify that this is not my favorite dress in the history of the world and faced with 5 other equally as glamorous gowns for my own State Dinner (wouldn't that be fun?) I probably wouldn't pick it. But, I do however adore how much effort is going into her presentation especially compared with the First Ladies of the past...
(A head-to-toe 2-piece, metallic blue ensemble?? Who dressed her! Doesn't do her pretty face justice. Found here.)

Love them or hate them, Lord knows they didn't do the best (or their handlers) when it came to putting them into clothes.

(Hillary Clinton could have done better than this boooorrrring look in circa 2000. Found here)

I think they were often in aged outfits and these State Dinner pictures I'm utilizing to clarify my point are even displaying them on their best days! Remember their horrific everyday wear? Ahh, why!?!
(Barbara Bush, I see what the idea was... but could have been executed a bit better. Found here.)

Of course when it comes to Politics or running the world, fashion holds little merit. But, fight it all you want, there is a lot to be said about how one presents themselves. And presenting yourself in a light where you look aware of what it means to be in style and that you take your role seriously - DOES make you look more powerful. Also, as any gal knows when you look beautiful, you feel beautiful.

So harp on Michelle Obama or even Sarah Palin - but hey, a little eye candy in Politics never hurts. Besides when young girls have a beautiful, respectful woman to aspire to - perhaps they will start absorbing her message instead of just wanting to look like Barbie (Not knocking the girl, I love me some Barbies but they are really all style and no substance. Though I suggest you click here to view politcal Barbies). But mainly, I'm pretty sick of looking at snooty, old, white-haired men in suits whenever Political events come up. God bless them but where's the snooozzzzzzeeee button?

Bravo to the evolution of the First Lady.

Sidenote: No matter what I say about American fashion, Jordan has us beat. Queen Rania of Jordan has poise not just in flawless style but in grace, in her passion for helping her people and her elegance in becoming a new, capable face to the world for Middle Eastern women. She's fun not only to look at - but also to listen to.

(Above image found here, Jackie-O picture at beginning of blog found here)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving-eve!


Unknown said...

I totally agree about Queen Rania. I have always loved her. Cute post. I think Mrs. Obama looked amazing and that this presidency brings such a lovely breath of fresh air. I do believe Michelle Obama will be one of the style icons of our time.

Holly Lefevre said...

I just love fashion in all ways, shapes and sizes. I find it fascinating how the fashion reflects the times and the people behind the presidency. I also wonder who dresses these people...some of the choices are just bad. My judgment is out on Mrs. Obama's dress...I do agree Queen Rania is oh so stylish.

Unknown said...

Queen Rania - so fabulous!! Always love Jackie O too - I would die for her wardrobe (not literally)!!! ;-)

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving x

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Grumpy old man said...

I have to agree with you on Queen Rania of Jordan, she looks stunning! What I also agree with is that the human being is a follower, no matter what we want to believe, and if the head of state (and his or her other half) dresses nicely, chances are better than average that people will follow.
Great post, love your style of writing your post.

Thanks for commenting on my last post, good luck with the giveaway, and have a blessed Thanks Giving!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, Clothes make the...WOMAN & the country ;)