Monday, November 23, 2009

The Lordess of the Rings

Does it ever seem like Monday mornings come before you can say "lazy Sunday" and then without even noticing, you're midway through it? What a busy morning I'm having!

I'm hoping that everyone had a wonderful weekend. As my to-do list right now is rather stacked, I just wanted to take note of my favorite weekend find.

I don't have too many rings. Mainly because I believe I have quite fat fingers - this conclusion made after noticing that my fingers tend to swell around rings, even after they're supposedly "sized". After a few hours, my attempt at either the refined elegance of Princess Diana-inspired or the ghetto fabulousness Lil' Wayne-inspired (some nights just call for one or the other) finger bling ends up looking like a summer sausage with a child's hair elastic around it.

However, despite this grotesque situation- I do have a few rings: Some which probably cost less than a dinner that I wear for fun when headed to a flouncy bar or club and then a few nice ones with actual diamonds that I received from my parents (both the nuclear & the grand type) and I have been trying to find a pretty place to store them.

I almost started cracking up when I started this quest for a ringholder. Why? Because, well - let me show you what the options mainly were.

(Above image found here)

Without going into too much graphic detail on my poor innocent blog - just looking at the ringholders available made me want to start saying "That's what she said!". I didn't like the glass surrounding but I also didn't appreciate the highly phallic symbol protruding from the middle. Nuff said - ick.

So this weekend I was so excited to find this:

I already threw a few bracelets on it and the rings I could immediately find but I really love it. I love the elongated fingers and it's fun to adorn it with your jewelery. I think it's the sweetest alternative to the other options which look like they are sold out of a dimly-lit store in the bad part of town... knowwhatI'msaying????

And where to find neat jewelery holders like the one I purchased? Boutiques, boutiques, boutiques!!!
(ABOVE: My new hand ringholder in my room. Also, my necklace/earring holder to the Left? It's merely a handtowel holder. Works really well!)

And with that said, I must go on with my busy morning. I did search hand ringholders though and found a few other ones - though pretty tacky and I probably wouldn't use, were fun to look at and reminded me of Disney characters- mainly Ursula and Cruella Deville (respectfully).
(Above image found here)
(Above image found here)
(Above image found here)
(First image in blog can be found here)

Happy Monday!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Fab idea to use a hand towel rack for necklaces! :)

o said...

great post! omg, the first one cracked me up, too! yikes haha i love ur jewelry corner! looks just like a fancy boutique:) hand towel rack?? ingenious, caitlin!!:) also, loving the ring holder. i'm so glad i read ur post today because just last week, i was contemplating how to organize my jewelry, too. i saw a few organizers that were adorable, but the price tag...not so much:P thanks for sharing ur tips!

p.s. i finally saw new moon last night lol i liked the movie, but i think i like the first one much better:) although, i loved the dynamics between bella and jacob. what a sweet guy! love edward, but is it just me...or does kristen have more on screen chemistry with taylor rather than robert?

happy monday!

Unknown said...

Ha ha (i'm giggling)! I love your description of your fingers!!!
Have a great day :-)
Thanks for coming to my tea party!

Anonymous said...

I used to have so many of those crystal ring holders when I was little! so funny to remember!

Unknown said...

Very cute. Was that in there when I was in there yesterday? I didn't notice it. Looks cute!

Mari said...

that's a great idea for necklaces and bracelets!

and your ring holder/ hand thing looks great!

the other ones are giving me a creepy feeling like the ones that are about to come to life.

bananas. said...

i have chubby fingers too! more like chubby and wrinkly knuckles. it's HORRID! but i do enjoy rings and will not fear them despite the lack in lean fingers.

having said that, i think you're new "hand" is awesome. looks fabulous next to your jewelry display!

Kata Wagner Berg said...

You ring holder looks special.I just bought one similar one for present...actually I am gonna pack it tomorrow in to my suitcase....gonna bring it to Norway.
I hope the one who gonna get it,not gonna see this comment..hihi

I love rings,but since Sean born ,I don't wear them so much.

Have a nice Monday evening....there it's only evening here it's midnight :)

Anonymous said...

OK, I think I just peed in my pants a little! TOO funny about the phallic symbol! I've always thought the same thing - ick! LOVING the towel holder as a necklace rack! TOTALLY stealing that idea! Found your blog from 504 Main - congrats on the award!

Holly Lefevre said...

I never thought about what a ring holder really looked like until I saw it on your blog....Thanks...I will never be able to look at one again without a little (evil) chuckle. I love your idea of using a towel holder for the necklaces...very clever!

...Yvonne said...

lol I SO still own one of those crystal ring holders. I'm pretty sure it was my mother's and her mother's and so on. very outdated, agreed! lol

but... i think I may be the only poster on here to admit that I'm REALLY creeped out by adorning a mannequin hand in my bedroom lol... for some reason, it gives me this eerie feeling!!! plus, my hubby would never approve. he already kicked out my more matronly/old fashioned decor. we're blah & modern now! poo on that

Grumpy old man said...

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Have a wonderful day!

English Rose ♥ said...

I love my rings and have a few ring holders like the photographs except I have so many they get weighted down and can't stand up straight!

love your blog, so glad I stumbled across it =]

Iva Messy said...

ohgosh!! I love jewelry!! Can NEVER have enough!! hehe love it all!! hope you are having a fabulous day!!

Fleur said...

when I clicked to see what's new on your blog, I almost cracked-up, too :) your ringholder is the best one!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Loving the orange, I love love orange.

Cute rings. I love them!!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

p.s. yay, now im following you :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Now that is something I could use. I'm terrible with my jewelry. I leave it lying around everywhere. So bad.

Kim Axani said...

Those hand ring holders are cool! A little creepy looking, but still cool! Great blog btw.