Saturday, November 7, 2009

A MUSE IS BORN: Miranda Kerr meets my Blog

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A sentiment I've always said and still believe is that women and men just love to look at the same thing: Women.

Though yes, what drives us to examine females is very different from gender to gender or sex to sex - but it's still there. For example - have you ever noticed the similiarity on the cover of magazines that target women and then the magazine covers that target men?
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Take the two Magazine covers shown here for instance. Maxim, a magazine for gentlemen shows basically the same picture as Cosmopolitan, a magazine directed at women.
(Maxim image found here)
Women just interest all of us more (gay men excluded). As I imagine men look at these images in order to let their mind travel to a place where these beautiful women are in the flesh and fawning all over them, I, however, love to look at women for probably the same reason other women do as well.

It's fun to see what makes them so fabulous and beautiful and to deduct aspects of their beauty that you can try to recreate yourself.

Purple eyeshadow?
I can put that on my eyelids. Long, dangly hoops? Sure, I'll buy some. She's wearing boyfriend jeans? I guess they're in!

It's fun to fantasize about wearing those clothes, having that look and exuding that confidence.

So with that said (drumroll please), I'm introducing one of my favorite muses: Miranda Kerr. It's not hard to see why I think she's so phenomenal (unfair cheekbones, amazing lips!) but it is hard to discern why I am so in awe of her over the hundreds of other beautiful women in the entertainment industry.
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Well, I love the clothes she wears, I love how her makeup graces her face and I love her confidence. I love her voice - petite and delicate. I love the way she never seems to be too full of herself. I love the way the stellar outfits she wears cascade over her skin as if they are being worn by an animated character - so perfect it seems drawn on. I love that she rocks blonde hair just as beautifully as dark hair (changing hair colors is one of my favorite things) and everything about her just seems so perfect. Yes, I know the beauty industry helps her along the way - but it doesn't diminish the star quality I find in her.
(Image above found here)

So, thus - blog readers. Please meet my Muse, Miranda Kerr. As I plan on devoting many a post to her - what she wears, how she does her makeup and how it is that she always looks so phenomenally wonderful (gorgeous, born-with-them features doesn't hurt that goal), I wanted my readers to know what the reasoning for it was.

Miranda Kerr - welcome to my blog. Please take off your jacket and get comfortable - you very well may be here awhile.


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

She is stunning!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Dallas Shaw said...

love her hair in the last shot

Unknown said...

How nice to feature such a stunning Aussie!! We love her here - so down-to-earth, natural and beautiful!! She looks fab even when dressed down and casual (lucky girl)!!
Thanks for visiting me :-)
Cheers, Karen (following u now)!

Healthy Shift Worker said...

I work at an airport and I have checked Miranda and her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom in. She is particularly friendly and Orlando is not bad on the eyes either!

JadeRose said...

She is other words necessary really? She looks stunning glammed up on those victoria secret runways, but then equally as stunning in natural shots. How can someone be so perfect?? :))

Anonymous said...

Well one, most stars don't leave the house unless they have a fabulous blowout and that's step number 1 to looking fabulous! It really is! When I get a blowout, I literally transform to amazing....hahaha and they cost me an arm and a leg so it's not like I'm going to get that done all the time. Also being a model, they know all the tricks and are prob used to copying looks that are created for them. Also being a model, you know which hairstyles work for you. If there isn't advice being thrown at you from left and right, you're certainly going to figure it out by just looking at your pictures. So makeup and hair is extremely important. As for wardrobe? Well, she's rich and I'm sure even if she wasn't Miranda would have style down to a zen! (lol) Some people just have it.