Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MUSE: M.Kerr's brilliant outfit

Kicking off my first real Muse post about Miranda Kerr with one of my favorite outfits I've seen her wear.

This is Miranda Kerr in a stimulating Easton Pearson top and a visionary skirt by Scanlan and Theodore.

What I love about this combination is the subdued sexiness that she is conveying. She completely nails sexy without being slutty and that's a fine line that often people overstep-myself known to be included on some occasions.

Too many times in the past have I looked in the mirror while out on a Saturday night and found that my dress has all but shrunk 12 inches since I left the house- how did I not see this in my bathroom mirror? Bummer.
(Image of Miranda Kerr found here)

Not to mention during the college years when explicitly charged outfits were all the rage (exhibit A below). Friends practically forced you to go back in and change if your hemline was more than 6 inches past your waist. Overtly sexual outfits were not something to side-step then but in fact a fiercely coveted goal one must aim to achieve. Now I try to save that type of aggressive outfit for Halloween, Vegas or Bachelorette Parties... there's a time and a place for everything!
(ABOVE: Me, circa 2005, in an outfit I actually wore
in college, what was I thinking???
Sidenote: that "shirt" was my Grandmother's scarf.
I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have given
it to me had she known I would
have utilized it that way)

Another plus - a beautiful, sexy top like Miranda's that frames the shoulder blades paired with a wispy, long skirt on top would be flattering on every single female body type. Though I know my collarbones definitely wouldn't look like that (if only), I know that that luminous silhouette would do justice to any female's body.

Thus Miranda Kerr hits the nail on the head with this outfit:
  • Flattering
  • Subdued but abundantly sexy
  • Very classy
  • Amazing color palette
  • Minimal accessories
Sometimes it takes awhile to realize that by covering more you can actually look sexier. Thus, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes by some of my favorite people:

"When you're an older woman and you dress like you're 18, you look like you're trying to compete with 18-year-olds, and you know what? THE 18-YEAR-OLDS ALWAYS WIN."
-Clinton Kelly & Stacy London of TLC's "What Not to Wear"
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Healthy Shift Worker said...

Yeah - I wish I had the face, figure and sex appeal that Miss Miranda has!! The only thing I have in common with her is that she's an Australian and so am I!

o said...

This is a great post, Caitlin:) i agree, sometimes it's all about "subdued sexiness."