Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Never been so happy to be Black&Blue

What to wear to a Fall Bachelorette party?

I love my Express dress I wore just a couple weeks ago to my friend's last night out as a single lady!

About $60 gets you a great pattern, a great style and a phenomenal fit. This dress nipped and tucked in just the right places.

Check out their other evening dresses.

Add black tights, great pumps and some chic earrings and you're good to go.

Black hair flower is, unfortunately, not included and not necessarily recommended. Just decided to try it that night - not sure what I think of it.

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Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the comment girl !!

Wow,I really adore the color on this dress,just stunning ! And you're so beautiful <3

o said...

great dress! it fits u really well:) express has such great dresses out right now and they're having quite a good sale:) have u seen the coupons they sent out?

Holly Lefevre said...

Super cute dress! Thanks for stopping by my place! I will join in and follow you.


Anonymous said...

The colour and the print is incredible.

Cobalt blue and black = my new colour faves.

I still think I'd throw on a pair of wildly coloured pumps... just to not be so matchy :D

Style on a String

Sher said...

Oh the dress is lovely! This look is so easy and simple too, like you said just add some tights, some accessories and you're good to go!

I love your flower hair pin, I think it's the perfect touch to your outfit:)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

Yeah, i wore Red shoes Serena. I'm with ya!

Unknown said...

Express is such a good place to shop. Fabulous dress! :)

Unknown said...

Black and Blue together ALWAYS looks so fresh and modern to me! You look beautiful!

Rosie Unknown said...

I love the colours! And the flower looks very pretty to me.

bananas. said...

i almost bought a dress just like that from express. it was adorable, blue and black, i think it was a geometric flower print, and on sale but they didn't have my size. boo.

but now i'm off to check out the new stuff. thanks doll! and thanks for the "cheesy" comment today ;)

Unknown said...

colour of the dress is fab x