Friday, November 20, 2009

THE NIGHT-New Moon: a new experience.

I will start this post with the adjacent picture. Before going to the gym to work out, I stopped by the movie theater to exchange my Fandango printout for real tickets. This was at 3:45 PM mind you. That picture is of people CAMPING OUT prior to that time in order to get into "New Moon". This scared me. Sure, I was planning on getting to the movie early for the Midnight showing and I was thinking 11 PM was a good time... however, the sight of a campout this early on a freezing cold day shook me to my very core.

This was going to be a long night.

(ABOVE: Standing in line around the SIDE of the building... My "Laundry" by Shelli Segal jacket kept me abundantly warm!)

This scare tactic instilled a relatively good amount of sanity in me. I was NOT going to sit out in the cold for over 3 hours - that was my limit. But, instead of going to the theater at 11, as planned, we would go at 10 PM. We = me and my Sister who reluctantly agreed to attend with me.

She likes "Twilight" and wanted to see the movie but it definitely wasn't a "I-must-go-at-Midnight" type ordeal. Oh well, what are Sisters for if you can't force them to do something they don't want to do for your benefit?

That's Jocie on the Left, texting her grievances about standing in line no doubt. Since she had agreed to attend with me at Midnight, the agreement was that she was going to dress in warm, comfortable clothes over cute ones and that I couldn't take many pictures of her. Okay, okay - deal! (Though slightly confused as to how she thinks I owe her for coming with me instead of her owing me for taking her.... hmmmm).

Jocie and I were instantly disgruntled when we approached the theater due to the line we had to get into on the SIDE of the building- its twin line forming exactly the same way on the opposite side of the theater. This disappointed feeling left as more people got there and hundreds of people had to line up around the actual back alley of the building. It was quite a sight.
(ABOVE: the side of building... the line disappearing around to the back of the building)
(ABOVE: the line heading to the front of the theater)

The plethora of individuals around us were just what I expected, no judgment of course of anyone!:
  • People who looked like Trekkies
  • Your average Sorority girl groups (4 or 5 years post college)
  • Drunk and wide-awake shift workers who just came from work to start their night
  • The occasional (good) boyfriend
  • And of course, lots of tired Moms with their ribbon-haired, homemade t-shirt wearing Tween daughters.

There were two 8th grade girls next to me - both wearing homemade shirts. The back of one read
while her adorable girlfriend had the same shirt but the back read:
We passed the trying 2.5 hours by taking pictures, making chit-chat with people around us, taking turns going on walks around the building to bask in the misery of people stranded in the back alley and texting people funny stories that we just thought of (I'm sure the jokes we made while bored in line were not funny to those at home with all their amenities). So finally at about 12:05 AM (our ticket listed us in the 12:04 AM start time) the line started moving to get inside. The Theater Manager promised to not start any of the films until everyone in each theater was comfortably sitting so between the long lines, the bathroom breaks of everyone, the seat snagging... the movie didn't start until about 12:30 AM. This came with lots of huffing and puffing from Jocie.

But finally, finally, FINALLY we were watching it. The crowd cheered on Edward's first scene and erupted in a huge uproar of whistles, cheers and claps when Jacob first took off his shirt. Twilight-obsessed or not, it was hard to ignore the rush of good feelings to be partaking in such a funny night in our pop culture.
(Above image found here)

So... briefly as I can't waste anymore time on this movie today! A few thoughts:

  • I wasn't impressed with the Music at all

  • I wish there had been more Jacob and Bella scenes.

  • I think the Wolves/Jacob/His abs stole every scene they were in.

  • There is something so endearing about Jacob even beyond his beautiful physique and lust-filled face - his character's sweet love for Bella is one of my favorite angles of the books/movies. He just gets me.

  • You could tell there was more money involved in this movie than the prior - the Cullen's eyes were much more dramatic and the Crystallized skin was much more pronounced.

  • The scene with Victoria being chased by the Wolves was amazing.

  • I have to admit that this movie just reinforced my notion that Charlie is one of my favorite parts of the movie and books- the actor who plays him nails the part. His intentions are always to protect Bella and be a good Dad but I love how he tries so hard and often says the wrong thing and it's really cute and funny - Team Charlie!

  • I couldn't get into Dakota Fanning as Jane. What were your thoughts on this?? She still seemed like the little girl we all know and love and I wasn't too impressed with her as such a dark character.

    Well, it was a long night and resulted in me going to bed at 4 AM and a late wake-up time today...I should probably sign off and get some things done today. I still don't understand how Bella has the affection of both glorious suitors but that's for another time.

    What did YOU think of the movie/ the experience in line? (If you blogged about it- send me your link! I am very curious of others' thoughts)
Happy Friday!
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Unknown said...

All in all, I had fun. Thanks for taking me and I like your post!!!!

Christina said...

Hello! Yes I have JUST got back from the cinema and LOVED it. I wanted to sit there and watch it all over again but unfortunately was thrown out. Haha

I agree about Jacob, I love his characterisation in the book and I think the film did it well.

New Moon was my favourite book of the series...I am going back to see it on Sunday for sure!

Blackberry Sherbet

bananas. said...

looks just like the theatre i went to!!! i'll have to agree with you on some but greatly disagree on others...

a. jake's face is weird to me. he looks kinda animalistic which i guess is fitting but to me he's a brown bagger.

b. totally agree with you on charlie. i love the actor and character!

c. loved the music...actually have one playing on my blog.

d. dakota was PERFECT as jane. she looks beautiful yet evil at the same time.

e. my biggest let down was heidi, the human working for the volturi. she was too dingy for me. i pictured a gorgeous modelesque type.

f. more money made this movie look so much better!

Ashley said...

Luckily, I didn't have o wait in line. I got to the theatre at about 10:45 and they had already seated them, and I was by myself so it was easy to get a spot. The movie theatre workers did fun things like trivia games and raffles to keep people occupied while we were sitting there for an hour and a half (some were probably there longer). I agree with you about Charlie and Jacob--I loved both of them. I found myself really loving Carlisle and Alice in this too, when I didn't really in the last one. I'm not sure about Dakota Fanning. She didn't really have a big enough part to do a lot with it, but I still don't think she made Jane cold and evil enough. You're right, still too young and cute.


Mari said...

The most striking parts to me wer the way everyone looked- finally the vampires looked insanely beautiful, yet kind of scary and other worldly at the same time like they should, Kristen looked like more Bella than ever...and the volturi were insane but the same feeling with Dakota- maybe if the scene was longer but to me it felt like a really cool looking Dakota Fanning not Jane...

alice's vampire vision was really cool (didn't think we would get to see that) but like corny! we're we supposed to be laughing at how ridiculous they looked?? lol

I did love the music...and that Muse song (off their album NOT the one from twilight could just be my favorite) or 'Friends'

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I loved it more than LIFE!! I just want to watch it over and over and over again... haha SO good, loved it.

...Yvonne said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!!! With respect, I checked yours out as well :) And I dig, I dig hehe... I'll be adding you to my list of faves

As for your post...

I'll have to agree to disagree on some of your movie critiques

- Not a fan of Jake, although I did feel remorse for him being shot down & Edward chosen over him. Honestly, I think he's highly overrated and very boyish. I've seen plenty of 6-packs before lol... and it takes a little more than some muscles & a pretty smile to win me over :)

- Charlie is good... I just don't really pay much attention to his part

- I agree that the music wasn't THAT great, I mean.. honestly I don't remember any of it... so obviously it had absolutely no affect on me

- Not so sure about Dakota yet. I think she was decently believable, but I don't think we've seen enough of her to pass judgment. That was such a brief scene

All in all... it was fantastic, in my book. I was definitely more impressed than Twilight, of course. But more money brings better quality, obviously lol.

So excited for Eclipse in June!!! Whoop!!!

o said...

love ur outfit:) especially the coat! looks so cozy:D i haven't seen the movie, yet. we're planning on catching it tomorrow. those shirts are too cute. very creative! thanks for sharing ur new moon experience:D

Sophie said...

Brilliant post! I went to see it on Friday night, the movie theatre had the same atmosphere you described. Although, I have to say I thought the soundtrack was really good. But I totally agree about Charlie, He really is one of my favourite characters. xo

Kata Wagner Berg said...

I haven't seen it yet :(

Holly Lefevre said...

Now I must read the book, watch the first movie and go see this one. Everyone is talking about it and I cannot be left out!


Holly Lefevre said...

There is something for you at my place.


Tights Lover said...

That was such a great post...felt like I was there waiting in line...hahaha! Glad you enjoyed the movie!

Gia said...

Hi dear,

I haven't seen the movie, I don't know what to expect since I am not such a big fan:)
You look great btw, nice coat!


Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

These were all so great to read, thank you for the comments!!!