Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Plaid & Boots!

So as I mentioned in previous Blogs, last Saturday morning I got up early and trekked to my Dad's cabin for an all-girl Birthday party for one of my best friends, Megan.
(ABOVE: The Cabin last Saturday. Fire going because of me!)

My Dad's cabin is nestled in the woods in the State of Washington and is pretty remote by Cabin standards: no phone service at all and no grounded electricity (bypassed by a generator our Cabin runs off of, which keeps it fully powered-thank God!)

(ABOVE: All the girls - minus me taking the picture from the Loft- sitting around to play games)

There is really not much around the area besides other cabins, a Lake, hiking trails and waterfalls!
(ABOVE: The Bunk Bed room in the Cabin with girls' "suitcases" - I would call them Bed Stakes! - on top. So cozy)

It's a beautiful place to escape to almost every weekend in the Summer to enjoy the fantastic sun, watersports on the boat and some usually much needed (or desired!) R&R. If I'm fortunate enough to have you readers still visit my Blog in the Summer, you will see many posts from my excursions there. However, I don't utilize it much in the Winter.
(ABOVE: The Cabin view from the upstairs Loft)

Despite that, me and 13 others girls made the trek up the Mountain and into the woods to spend a long night away from it all.
(ABOVE: Birthday Girl Megan, Jackie & Kelly at the Cabin)

It turned out to be a wonderful trip! And because we lacked men to help us with all the dirty work and because it was my Cabin, I became the Cabin "husband" (maintaining the generator, keeping the fire going and not drinking in case of emergency) and I still had a great time.(ABOVE: Me, soberly "dancing", not so good. I'm a firm believer in posting unflattering pictures every now and again because... well, they're funny?)

Sometimes it is so nice to really cut ties from the mainstream world and relax with your friends: we danced, we played games, we made dinner, they drank wine - it was a very fun night and a great way to say "Happy Birthday" to one of my favorite people! And even though it was freezing outside, with the fire blazing and the heat going - it was almost 80 degrees inside - hot, hot, hot!(ABOVE: Me around the kitchen with Tracy. She would not love such a captured image of her killer dance moves ;) !)

However, one of my favorite parts of the night was when my dear friend Tracy noticed how we all were dressed for this event. Seeing how most (if not all) of us are Spanx & Minidress girls on the weekend - she was laughing at how we all thought we had put together "cabin" outfits.
(ABOVE: Me and Tracy laughing as I clean up a spill)

While Tracy and I were in the kitchen observing everyone having a good time she turned to me and said:
"Gosh, look at everyone's stupid outfits [meant kind-heartedly I assure you, she was making fun of me and her as much as everyone else]. It's as if we think we're all being sooooo outdoorsy by putting on a plaid/flannel shirt and furry boots!"
(ABOVE: A shoe shot! I'm in the white ones in the forefront. I probably wouldn't even wear those in Mud - what a faker!)

I had to chuckle, it was so true. We all did our best to "look the part" of a regular Brawny Girl. It made me laugh. I know for sure I did not give too much thought to my outfit, nor did I try to become the Jackie O of the woods, but I certainly did grab the plaid and boots!(ABOVE: The adorable Tracy in her "Cabin" outfit she so poignantly noticed we all tried to pull-off)

After further thought, I do know that I was able to get a flannel shirt so easily because, believe it or not, Rustic wear is ABSOLUTELY in this Fall. Though, I am by no means comparing my stupid Cabin outfit to the likes of Stella McCartney & Marc Jacobs, but it was interesting to look into the actual fashionistas' take on the Rustic look.
(Above Image found here)

Below: Marc by Marc Jacobs rustic wear for Fall 2009. I love this.
(Above Image found here)

And even the Menwear company Company of We has produced their Fall/ Winter 2009 look to mimic the world of bears and foxes calling their collection "an emphasis on the man in tune with nature":

(Above image found here)

So, I know that we didn't quite grasp the elegant look that these designers did in their gracious and beautiful interpretations of Couture vs. Outdoors. But we really did brave the outdoors, sans guys, and oh - what a blast it was! I hope your weekend was equally as fun!

PS - Is it wrong if I want to shop these Fall looks to wear around Downtown?? :) I think I just might.
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By the way - thank you Dad for allowing us to use it!


Kata Wagner Berg said...

Looks like you had a lot s of fun with your friends. I like girl party 's like that 2! Was a really cute cabin...makes it more cool to be together ;)
Have a nice day! Like your blog!


bananas. said...

HA! that's hilarious. i think i would've worn the same outfit. LOL!!!

i love cabins and so wish my family had one for me to getaway.

hayleysherie said...

very cool.

me & some girlfriends are about to take a roadtrip to go skiing in new mexico, and I'm sure we'll be wearing tons of "outdoorsy" clothes. ha.

o said...

Hi, Caitlin! Sounds like u girls had an awesome weekend in the woods:D You're so lucky to have a cabin at ur disposal anytime of the year! It looks so cozy:) What a great way to have an outing with the girls AND a birthday party!

I'm with u, I would have grabbed the same items of clothing...flannel and furry boots!:D I'm loving the marc jacobs runway looks. Rustic yet classy. Thanks for sharing ur pictures with us:)


P.S. I'm in my mid-twenties and probably too old for all the vampire craze, too...but who cares!! LOL Can't help it ;)

Jenna @ Mi Vida Bonita said...

I love how you ladies took a shoe / foot picture. My girlfriends and I will do that on occasion, my BF thinks its silly. Well so are girls, so its all good!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

This must've been so fun!!! Love your polyvore too :)

PS: check out my blog later for an award :)

Moomby said...

how fun! that is so cute that you all have cabin friendly outfits!