Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scrimp vs. Splurge

Well, it's been about a year now since people have become familiar with the fear of living during a scary economy. However, the advice to save, save, save shouldn't be a blanket statement to every facet of one's life. There are many items with which one should cut back and trim the fat on cost. With that said, when it comes to certain other amenities, splurging a little actually saves you a lot of money, time and grief. From my own personal experience, I've decided to share a short list of what items I believe are worth the extra money and which ones are okay to scrimp on (warning: the list is a little girly):


JEANS: Yes, you can certainly find sale jeans all over the place. I do believe Gap consistently has jeans for $30 or less on sale. But what do you want from jeans? For me, I want ones that slim my thighs, push up (while minimizing) my tush and look great dressed up or dressed down. I have found that spending extra money on designer jeans goes a long way. You love them, you take care of them and you're buying them as an investment instead of an impulse sale item. I have since rid myself of all my cheaper, sale jeans and only designer jeans remain in my closet. Why? Because they fit better, they last longer and I don't plan on buying more until I lose these ones.
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MASCARA: The true blue pick me up for any woman's face. Mascara instantly lifts the eyes, makes you look and feel less tired and is the difference to between no effort and casual chic. I believe expensive mascara is worth every penny. I can't live without Dior Blackout Mascara. It doesn't flake onto my face, it does the job and it doesn't dry out. What can I say? I'll pay for that feeling any day of the week.

BRAS: Bras, like jeans, are really a necessity and you only need a few good soldiers to keep your chest puppets behind enemy lines. The best investment? Expensive, quality-manufactured bras that support you in every way (I'm fully stocked on these and only these). A handful of quality bras in an array of colors and you will always feel loved and supported.
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HAIR STYLING/PRODUCTS: Personally, nothing makes me feel better than being confident about my hair. People who don't upkeep their hair instantly look a bit drab, no matter how wonderful their outfit is. I will always, always, always suggest people spend money on their hair to cut/color/upkeep it. Take it from me, who has tried every single hair style and color in the book - paying for your hair is always the way to go. With that said, paying to get your hair done and then using cheap products would be like buying Filet Mignon and then cooking it in the microwave. What's the point? You'll get a better bang for your buck if you invest in this girly delight with professional styling and quality hair products thereafter. Not to mention the relaxing time at the salon... ah.

TIGHTS: You can get tights at the dollar store but you pay for what you get. More expensive tights are ALWAYS worth the extra money. That doesn't mean you can't get expensive tights marked down at stores like Ross and Marshall's but always, always, always buy the better brand unless you like painting your entire leg with clear nail polish. (Hint: Simply Vera Tights from Kohl's are definitely where I would say quality meets affordibility).


EYELINER: I've never noticed any type of difference between drugstore eyeliner and designer eyeliner. Save your money and stock up!

LAYERING TANK TOPS: They go under your actual expensive top - why not get a Target tank for far less than a Nordstrom one. Bonus tip: Mossimo, the Target designer, used to sell at Nordstrom stores so essentially there is no difference!
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CUTE RAIN BOOTS: Yes, they come in plaid, pink, blue, with polka dots etc.! But how often do you really wear them? I live in the Pacific NW where rain is more normal than exhaling and my 1 pair of Target rain boots gets the job done without spending a small fortune.

PETS: Pets from Breeders have their advantages for sure. But when they aren't purchased, their life isn't in jeopardy. There are THOUSANDS of affordable pets who need homes just in your region. I believe if you don't think you can find a dog/cat/rabbit etc. from a shelter that is good enough for you, that you either haven't seen this site or have unattainable standards.
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Anonymous said...

Great read! Unfortunately for me, there are very few designer bras in my size(s). I too agree about your eyeliner tip! I also find that carefully applying a Sharpie works wonders as well, and lasts for days, if done correctly. While purportedly not healthy, I feel that the savings in these rough times more than makes up for it.

Keep writing!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

That is too bad about the bras! They really are a girl's best friend but I imagine you can still find great bras in any size.

Unknown said...

Good post. I agree except for the mascara - I much prefer the less expensive brands that I have found.