Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sugar Doll Award: 10 random facts

With gratitude, I accepted my first Blog award (yes, I'm new to the game!) from a fantabulous blogger I follow, Jaime. Since I'm not going to turn down a Sugar Doll award - not sure what it means but I like the sound of it! - I'll play the game and list 10 random facts about me, per the rules of acceptance of the award!

By the way.... I did NOT neglect New Moon day! Click here for my heart and soul post for today.

10 Random things about me

  1. I sleep with a fan on at night, 24/7/365. It's very hard and unpleasant for me to sleep in dead silence.

  2. I am RIDICULOUSLY obsessed with: Cheese, Soup & Saltines. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life for a meal… it would be those three things. I love them all together.

  3. I started superstitiously knocking on wood freshman year of high school and can't stop. Truly, I will always do it, even if it's discreetly on my teeth which I have decided is the closest thing to real wood when wood isn't around.

  4. I love animals more than I can say. I desperately want a 3-legged-dog. I don't really have the space for a Dog at this point in my life (dogs in apartments make me sad) BUT, I would love to own one missing a limb. Just so darn cute when they walk and I would love to give one a home!!

  5. I like to change my hair very often - my hair color goes from Black to Blonde to Brown over and over and constantly. I never know what color I like the most!
    (ABOVE: the spectrum of hair color over the years.You can view image larger if you click the picture! Keep in mind the bright red hair shot is from Halloween, haha )

  6. It would be a cold day in July when you would see me in a T-Shirt and Sneakers anywhere outside of the gym.

  7. My parents are divorced - yet friends plus I have a Stepmom. I have an older Sister and a younger Brother. Both of whom I'm close with in different ways.

  8. Every summer I head to Maupin in Central Oregon and I raft the Deschutes River. I've done it annually since I was 6-years-old and last year I even guided one of our group's rafts. It is my favorite time of the year - being in the desert, rafting and camping!

    (All above images are from the rafting trip in August of 2008)

  9. I've gone through some awful break-ups where I didn't want to wake up in the morning, but the cliche is true - you come out at the other end a stronger person.

  10. I dream of the day I have a large closet where I can organize all my clothes which overflow my room in my older apartment right now! Architects in the fifties did NOT account for girls' love of clothes!

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Unknown said...

Thanks!!! Have a fab day :-)

Holly Lefevre said...

Congrats on your award! I will be doing a post on Sunday...and I am pretty sure there will be something for you! Your list is great. I love that you change your hair color...I only try various shades of blonde!

Stevie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've added yours to my reader :-)

P.S. My brother and sister-in-law have a three-legged dog named Chopper. He's my favorite. He is even on a wine label now - proceeds benefit the Humane Society. Here's his picture:

bananas. said...

what! riverrafting is one of my favorite things ever! i haven't gone since i was a teenager (only because i don't know anyone fun enough to go with) but i still love it!

Jenna said...

I dream of the day when I have a huge closet to store beautiful things in as well :) I want it more than life!

Vicki said...

the owls closet has just tagged you and me in a photo challenge so thought id come check out your blog :) great answers! xx

Unknown said...

Congrats on the award! You deserve it, I really like your blog! I love your comment about architecths in the 50's as well... so true! :)

o said...

caitlin, congrats!! it's well deserved:)

oh wow! THANK YOU!! my first blog award...i'm honored:D love reading ur random facts! i have a hard time sleeping in dead silence, too. i usually turn on the radio (w/low volume) for a little bit of background noise lol

u're so lucky to be able to go rafting every year!:D how fun! i've only gone once in colorado and loved it! this 6'2" guy was sitting in front of me and fell out during a class III rapid and the guide yelled for me to help him back in. i'm just under 5'3" and he almost took me in with him while I tried to pull him back into the raft. it was pure chaos and craziness! lol yet so much fun! I love ur pics here:D thank u for sharing:)

p.s. i will work on the random facts hopefully by this weekend:D