Thursday, November 26, 2009


Good Morning my beautiful fellow bloggers! As it is now Thanksgiving officially, I'm going to do the post that was evidently all the rage yesterday as a lot of gals did it - list a very short amount of things that I'm thankful for!


Making your presentation of your body your own work of art is one of the best blessings bestowed upon... sigh, too much? Fine, to put it plainly: I like dressing up!


Yes, the above picture represents all of you as I can't possibly get a cohesive picture. But whether I'm sitting and talking over wine and dinner with my girlfriends or watching football and eating chips with my guyfriends, I'm always so grateful to have such great, stupid, ridiculous, hilarious people in my life! Thank YOU.

I mean duh, love you all.

Boppers is my Teddy Bear (that's not him pictured above, didn't feel like finding a pic of him), and I've had him since I was born. He stays tucked under my covers for nights that I may need him - and they definitely do come around here and there.

The Internet
The Internet actually just may be the love of my life. How else would I meet all you people and take daily joy in writing my blog and reading others. A very great joy and blessing indeed, thank you!

I mean, they're fun and come in lots of varieties. And, some even make my stomach smaller- God Bless them!

The Boy
Kinda like him... :)

I kid you not, I would probably pay a ransom if someone took my BioSilk. A BIG one - I would maybe even go on the air and say "GIVE ME BACK MY BIOSILK" ala mode Mel Gibson.

Like any good, crazy Cat Lady - I have so many pictures of me with Animals that the above will have to suffice. I love them. They make me smile. I've never seen an animal I didn't want to hold.

Finding your own stride is always worth a Ce-le-BRATION!

Being myself

This picture is exactly how I'd like to be remembered. Haha.

So that's just a short sampling of things I'm thankful for, though if I really gave it a lot of thought it would last forever... but, now it's time to prepare my Thanksgiving offering and head down to my Dad's house to be with the rest of the family. I hope that everyone has a great time stuffing their face! Also, my best friend told me yesterday that the average Thanksgiving dinner has 3,000 bloody calories - Oy!

Reminds me of last thing I'm thankful for - EXERCISE!!!!!

Thanks for being a part of my joy this year! Happy, happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving!



hahah! great post and pics! im thankful for a lot of the things you are thankful for too! have a great thanksgiving! xoxo

Sophie said...

This post is brilliant! I loved reading what you are thankful for, and I have to say I totally agree. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and enjoy your dinner! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, i love your blog name too. xo

Unknown said...

As part of your official "family" group, I am thankful for you too - my stupid little sister :) XO

Unknown said...

Great post. Hope your enjoy your 3,000 calories ;-)

Joel said...

Your boyfriend is really good looking.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Cute post!! I am in love with the internet as well :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Happy Thanksgivign!!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear! Great post. These are all wonderful things to be thankful for. I also love that photo of you on the internet. The dress is so cool. :)

PS. I almost fainted when I read that my meal tonight probably had 3,000 calories. LOL!

o said...

happy thanksgiving, caitlin! sorry i'm a bit late haha what a hectic but wonderful day! how was ur holiday? i love this post! i'm thankful for many of the things above, too:D love ur last pic haha too cute! I'm also thankful to have found ur awesome blog:D

will you be enjoying black friday tomorrow??:D


Happy thanksgiving! Great post!

Kim Axani said...

What a great, fun post! I'm totally in love and thankful for the internet, too. haha, your last pic is so funny .. Love your blog, hope you don't mind me following!!!!

Healthy Shift Worker said...

What a really uplifting post to read!! I particularly liked the photo of you just being yourself - awesome!!

Meg said...

you and your boy are just sooo cute!!!! and youre beautiful!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

You look gorgeous in those pics lady! And doesn't Biosilk smell heavenly?

Grumpy old man said...

Oh this is such a sweet post, makes one remember not to complain and be thankful for what you have. Thanks for reminding us, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, but I am glad you had a great time celebrating your, adding up the calories...hehe...
Have a super week!

English Rose ♥ said...

SUCH a brilliant post - you have a lot to be thankful for - boppers is incredibly cute!

hope you had a great thanksgiving =]

Unknown said...

what a very true post...and i never would have thought of adding 'the internet' to the list, but it's SO TRUE! love it!

Gia said...

Ohh I enjoyed this post so much, you seem such a great girl and friend, with such a lovely positive energy, I adore people like you:)
My time to thank you for your sweet and constant comments on my blog:)


Cafe Fashionista said...

How adorable that you are thankful for the Internet. Someone that manages to end up on the "What I'm Thankful List" for me each year, as well. I am positive that I would die without it! :)

Organic Meatbag said...

those are some kick-ass striped socks and bracelets...hahahaha