Friday, November 13, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Well at the old age of 25, I had no interest in going anywhere tonight beyond my living room. After an awful night's sleep last night and a pending rambunctious cabin trip tomorrow with my girlfriends, I decided to hang in tonight and watch "Twilight" in anticipation of next Thursday. So now as I watch gorgeous Edward Cullen (though I'm more of a Jacob gal myself) save Bella from James and sip my club soda, I decided to list off a very few amount of things that make me smile....

Starting with Elliott Erwitt. AMAZING photographer whose pictures make you smile, laugh and think about the little moments that make life so special.

(Above Image found here)

This Photo.
The outfits. The Smiles. The memory of how excited I was to be seeing this movie in the theater. Just everything about this picture I love, love, love.
(Adjacent image found here)

Yes, I'm no fairweather fan. Britney Spears has always and will always be one of my favorites - no matter how many hairs are on her head.

Veronica vs. Betty saga - who will Archie choose?
In the end... it was always Veronica.

I somehow never got tired of that storyline. Too much fun reading those growing up.

Taking pictures always and forever. Brings me more joy than anything else.

(Adjacent picture of Me in June 2009)

The City of Chicago and all that it entails: the fashion, the cold weather, the sites, the history... ah - such a great place.

(Adjacent picture found here)

Wine, cheese and fruit - yes, please! (Adjacent photo HERE)

They may not be the most beautiful thing ever but lord there's really nothing better than a good pair of
Uggs. (Adjacent picture found here)


Tom Hanks + Geena Davis + Sisterly fights + Oregon & Chicago representation + female empowerment + Sports + Tears + Humor = this is probably my all time favorite movie.

And finally because I'm tired and ready to sleep... I love bold, dark eye makeup that resembles art more than anything else.
(Image above found here)

And as I'll be living in a cabin with no internet or phone til Sunday (can you imagine) following this post, wishing everyone a great rest of their weekend!


Unknown said...

Enjoy your night in - and the rest of the weekend :-)

Healthy Shift Worker said...

That photo in front of the Eiffel Tower is magic! It reminded me of when I visited Paris many years ago, the rain was so heavy that we couldn't even get out of the bus as it stopped in front of the Eiffel Tower!!

Enjoy your blog free weekend.

P.S - I'm doing a photography course in a few weeks time because unlike you, I'm hopeless at taking photos!

o said...

thanks for sharing ur many loves with us!:) looks like we have some things in common. i loved reading the archie comics growing up, too. i've always rooted for betty, though haha:D i too love ugg boots and a league of their own. ur outing into the woods sounds like lots of fun and relaxing:) have a great weekend!

jack bespoke said...

ohhh man britney is great.

dotie said...

Those first three items on your list I can totally relate with :)
They are some of my fave too..
have a sweet weekend!

test said...

i love a league of their own so much! is a great great movie.
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JadeRose said...

Love that last photo with the eyes, makeup styling is divine. Thanks for stopping by my blog :))

bananas. said...

yup, wine and cheese is all that and love me some UGGs. forget the haters, those things are the best! :)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Great SATC pic and I too love Britney! :) Hope your weekend was good!

Sher said...

These are such great pics, thanks for sharing them! I love the first pic!! And I love the Archies and SATC!! Sweet:)

Laura said...

love all these things! esp Brit (nice I'm a slave pic) and Veronica/Betty!

Holly Lefevre said...

That is a great post. I cannot believe I have not read or seen Twilight...I must live under a rock! Hope the cabin was fun!