Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things that go bump in the night... Halloween '09

When witches go riding...
& black cats are seen,
The moon laughs & whispers...
‘tis near Halloween.

Well, another year of Halloween came and went full of frolics, fun and of course guilt after spending money on a costume you wore for merely a few hours. Being the picture lover I am, I don't like wearing the same outfit twice in a row thus, I tend to always have 2 costumes for this unholy holiday (it's a given with the friends I have that Halloween is celebrated twice) - one which cost money and one which is (mostly) put together from items in my closet.Here I am above in my original idea of "Swine-Flew". I thought it was a cute concept but knock on wood now that I don't come down with the sickness. I picked up this dress at 3 Monkeys, a unique and wonderful boutique in Portland's trendy uptown district. Deemed too short for most events, it has quietly hung in my closet for a few months until I found its calling. Turns out it works great for being a Pig (or "Swine" if you will) on Halloween. That paired with a few Halloween store knick-knacks and viola! A costume was born.Though, I do think I kind of looked like the Poor Man's version of a Playboy Bunny but what can you do?

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees,
"Tonight is Halloween!"

-Dexter Kozen

As much as my Sister (who doubles as a roommate) and I enjoy attending Halloween parties, we both look forward to the time at home before hand where we hand out candy. Seeing how my Dad was going to be gone from his house on Halloween unexpectedly he gave us his candy supply to use at our apartment. We became the favorite townhouse in the place. Why? A two-word hyphenate: Full-Size. It was so fun getting ready for our respective nights out and answering the door inbetween to adorable little kids whose eyes lit up as they saw that we were handing out the BIG candy bars. Even more fun listening to them tell their families as we shut the door: "THAT WAS SO COOL! I GOT 2 FULL-SIZE SKITTLES". Halloween really is all about the kids and it's so fun to be a part of their night, in one way or another.

So on October 30th, dressed as Swine Flew, I met up with some of my friends for a fabulous girls' night out. Here are 4 of my friends in their respective outfits: Ladybug, Carrie Bradshaw (STRICTLY SEASON 3), Baseball Player (her shirt was from 3rd grade, so cute) and my little friend Yuki who absolutely rocked her Harry Potter costume. I loved her costume not just because of how cute she looked in it, but because this girl is head over heels in love with fantasy, sci-fi and action storylines and Harry Potter is very dear to her heart.
Here we are again, lounging before we headed out. It was such a fun night. Sometimes I don't realize how long I've known and hung out with all these girls-it's really fun to reflect on that.
Miranda-Pulp Fiction Girl, Carly-Ladybug, Megan- Carrie, Season 3, Shanin-Baseball Player, Yuki- Harriet Potter and Me - Swine Flew (sans wings)

Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoken to.
- Richard Harris Barham
(Above: Peter Pan, 2 Teletubbies, Carrie Season 3 and Swine Flew. Old college friends, so much fun)

As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night,
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light...
~Nicholas Gordon
The second night of Halloween celebrations, as well as the true blue night of Halloween, we decided to vamp it up a bit more.
The above shot is of my beautiful friend Shanin as Olympias! I tell you what about Shanin, no one can layer as strategically as she does. She always get it just right and so layering a pashmina over herself was a task cut out for her. She looked beautiful!(ABOVE: Me, Joel, Jordan and Lindsey on 10.31.09)

The above of Me as a Fallen Angel with my friend Megan starring as "Trixie", the 70's girl.
And here is me and Joel. The running joke between all of my friends is that the frugal Joel, only ever wears an old leather jacket he has on Halloween and instantly calls himself the "fighter pilot". It's a lame costume and every year people tell him "JOEL, NO LEATHER JACKET!". Well, this year he listened. I am happy to say that after heading to Goodwill, Joel found this entire cute costume for about 20 dollars. Bravo! Everyone was impressed. PS- How cute are the golf clubs?And above is one of my favorite couples to be around: Jordan and Lindsey. Jordan is one of the most off-the-wall, hilarious, sweetest, big teddy bear type guy you will ever meet. His warmth and immature jokes are best countered by his girlfriend, Lindsey. Though she enjoys a great joke herself, she always sees the humor in the funny way Jordan's mind works and constantly calls him out on his off the wall comments. It is truly a hysterical delight being around the two of them. Lindsey, always one to look great, did a FABULOUS Lady Gaga costume and applied amazingly articulate eye makeup. And here is Jordan, hugging her dearly, dressed as a Pizza. Love them. This is my Sister's friend Ari and my Sister (above) before heading out to their Halloween Murder Mystery dinner party. I love their outfits - back to the roots that Halloween is supposed to be about dressing dark and eery!
(ABOVE: My Shadow on Halloween)

Halloween 2009 was a complete success because it was playing dress-up and putting on fun outfits with people whom I really care about. I hope yours was just as wonderful!

Happy Fall!
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