Thursday, December 10, 2009


Oh, hells yes! (I can't really pull off "hells yes" I don't think...).

During my morning Gossip catch-up via Perez Hilton... I caught my first glimpse of this poster!

Oh yes! What a great thing to wake up to! I have no idea when this movie is actually coming out but the thought of spending more time with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte makes me so happy. Though I always get annoyed it's only ever Carrie on these promotional things- what gives?
(Above image: Kristi as "Carrie", Me as "Charlotte" at the S&TC premiere)

The last time the movie premiered, Me and a handful of my lovely gal pals made a night of it: Cosmopolitans downtown prior to the Movie and we dressed up and "assigned" characters to look like that night.
(Above image: having Cosmos before showtime!)

My poor friend Miranda never has much of a choice when we play the "Who is who!" game as she is named Miranda AND has red hair + no one is dying to "be" Miranda... so she always gets it. haha. Anyway ... I dressed up like Charlotte and it was a fun, cheesy night. Also turns out we were SO not original - when we were having our Cosmopolitans at one of downtown Portland's restaurants... we were SURROUNDED by groups of girls doing the exact.same.thing. haha.

Also, last September (2009), I
was in New York City with my family (blog post link!) and I made us trek to 66 Perry Street- yes, Ms. Bradshaw's brownstone!

Anyway - yes I love the show- I think that (though love them all) Samantha and Charlotte are my favorites. Both are hilarious, beautiful and stand firm in their values (different values for sure). Not to mention Kim Cattrall is an amazing physical actress.

So as it is now time to "Carrie On" with my day... I will leave you with this:

One of my favorite looks from the entire series... and with the help of - it's broken down for you.

Also... I couldn't help but wonder... who is YOUR favorite S&TC character and why?
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{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...


I love samantha she is HILARIOUS... and Charlotte, is just so cute and I love it. So def. those two!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Cute! So excited for the 2nd movie :) My fave character is a toss up w/ Charlotte and Carrie!

Stevie said...

I can't WAIT for the movie! I've already got the whole day planned out. I pretty much live my life through SATC quotes. Carrie is most definitely my favorite character, partly because I've always loved SJP (I totally have a girl crush on her) and also because her character is just so fun an crazy and her style is one of a kind!

bananas. said...

WHAT?! miranda is my FAVORITE! well second to carrie. you're friend should be proud. and she's gotten a lot cuter since the beginning of the show. i'm TOTALLY her! all her sarcastic, synical comments...ME! haha!

can't wait for the sequel. though i have to say...i'm not liking the alien looking carrie poster.

Sierra said...

Oh I love this post and Carrie is my favorite, I can never get enough of her!!! He he, even though you mentioned they put her too much on the movie posters, I still love her to death. So fun that you were able to do a SATC get together with friends! :)

Iva Messy said...

I CAN NOT WAIT!! so so sooooo cute!!

Mari said...

you tracked to her brownstone!!! lol that is awesome. I like Charlotte because she is just so funny and we are like total opposites so I don't even Know why I like her so much!

Unknown said...

Looks like you had so much fun with your friends! We play the same who would be who game but with Empire Records because I'm stuck in the 90's... lol.

Nathalie said...

what an amazing post. i am also so looking forward to the second movie. it's the best thing, getting your girls together and having a wonderful evening out.
i adore charlotte and your polyvore collage totally is spot on :)
love your blog! you're awesome :)

Unknown said...

I would be Charlotte!! Sounds like so much fun dressing up and going to see the movie with a bunch of like-minded gals!
I went on the first day when the movie came out all by myself cause none of my friends wanted to go - how sad is that! I think the second one is out in May .... I better find some new friends before then ;-)
I have to get my daily fix of Perez too!
Have a great day!

Leah said...

I love Charlotte... she is so sweet and she can be so funny too. She just have this child-like innocence.

Love how you and your friends dressed up as the S&TC girls. You are indeed a Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

aww that looks like so much fun! you look so cute as Charlotte and i think she'd be my fave if i had to pick one!

Holly Lefevre said...

You made a cute Charlotte. That looks like a FUN night! I guess I am goign to have to watch #1 before #2 comes out. I am so behind. My fave character...tie between Carrie and Charlotte!

Anonymous said...

We did a girly night too for the first movie. I even got online and bought a t-shirt that says "Hello Lover" - I KNOW! GEEK! We had cosmos and snacks, went shopping, then to the show. It was awesome and I can't wait for the second!! I think I have a little bit of each girl in me, but my friends would all say I'm a Charlotte!

Sher said...

Oh what a great idea! You made such a pretty Charlotte! She was my favourite too, because she was so prim and proper:)

Cafe Fashionista said...

First, you are like the cutest Charlotte. And I love the way you do your eye makeup - you need to give me a tutorial!

Second...I've always loved both Charlotte and Carrie. So it's a toss up between the two of them! :)

...Yvonne said...

Words cannot even BEGIN to describe how absolutely infatuated I was(still am) with Sex and the City! My heart pitter patters as I think of the premier of the 2nd movie! woo hoo!

And OBVIOUSLY my favorite character is Samantha. She's one tough bitch and she always knows what she wants. Who cares if she likes to knock the boots with every guy in town? lol Personal preference aside, she's got the style... intelligence... and she can schmooze anyone at any time to give her ANYTHING her heart desires! fab!

...Yvonne said...

p.s. I'm the only one who said Samantha ;) haha I guess that says something!

Treacle said...

You know, I've never seen Sex & The City

By the way, I hope this is all right...there's a lingerie giveaway contest happening at the blog and I'd be delighted if you enter! :-)

Jenna said...

How fun! I love SATC. One of my all time favorites!!

o said...

ooo this is exciting! what a fun way to watch a movie! u guys are too cute:D loved ur charlotte look, caitlin! wow u made it to carrie's brownstone! u take such fun trips!:D my fave SATC gals are carrie and charlotte:) the last pic is one of my favorite charlotte looks, too. bubble gum pink is a bit tricky, but she makes this look so elegant and chic:D