Monday, December 21, 2009

Have yourself a merry few Blog awards...

First and foremost:

Can I get a "W-T-F" over the loss of Brittany Murphy??? I think like the lot of you, my jaw dropped when I saw the headline. I loved her mainly for 2 reasons:

1. "Rolling with the Homies..."
2. Her huge, infectious laugh.

How sad to lose you! RIP Britt.

AND my little precious ones,
I'm a wee bit overdue for some Blog Awards from some beautimous Bloggers.

First... I received this award from the lovely Kim at KimberDoll. A very cute, pretty blog that I always love to check out so please give it a look-see!
Secondly, I received the "Happy Award" from Ocean Dreams, another great Blog which I'm sure you will greatly enjoy if you read my blog.

1. List 10 things that make you happy.

10 things that make me happy:
  1. Feeding the Squirrels in my yard. They come when I call now.

  2. Gettin' my hair did.

  3. Holiday drinks like the ones The Boy and I enjoyed this weekend

  4. Pashminas.

  5. Photography. My outlet.
    (the key to the beauty of this picture I took below is at the bottom of it...)

  6. The Hangover.

  7. THE DUCKS and NOT the Beavers. (see below)

  8. EXERCISE! Clears the head.

  9. These rings below by Betsey Johnson and her funky style in general. (saw these at The Rack ps)

  10. Park City, Utah - BEAUTIFUL.

    And FINALLY...

The Owl's Closet gave me the "So Sweet!" award. Love to shop and Blog? CHECK HER OUT!

Rules: List 10 random facts about yourself.
  1. I'm Italian/Irish.

  2. I will never get a Tattoo in my life. To each their own and I definitely like them on some people but I am FAR too fickle to commit to skin artwork permanently.

  3. I met Justin Timberlake and spoke with him one-on-one when we were in Urban Oufitters. He wasn't very nice with no cameras around.

  4. I think Chris Rock is one of the funniest comedians in the world.

  5. I have a weird thing for Vin Diesel. He's really hot to me.

  6. My Sis and I were HUGE fans of J&K+8 PRE-drama, and I was genuinely sad when they split up and their announcements of it made me tear up.

  7. I have tanned for years yet quit in May of 2009 and haven't tanned since. Everyone has their vices and let's just say I miss everything about my regular 12-minute nap in the Sun! But I'm staying strong in abstaining from it.

  8. I am an Alpha Phi alumni and have fond memories from my Sorority. However, I often forget that I was a "sorority girl" - not as die-hard as some.

  9. I love to Ski and am quite capable at doing it. Thankfully Oregon is wonderful for that.

  10. I have had 2 surgeries on my eye- as explained in my first ever Blog post.. It makes me, Me.

    And because I get overwhelmed with the tagging part of these awards, I'm going to tag 5 ladies to pick a Blog Award (or three) to post on as all the awards are quite similar and I love all of these gals' blogs:

    1. Leah of Leah.
    2. Yvonne of A Sweet Escape
    3. Nathalie of Accessory Pirate
    4. Gia of Vintage Traffic.
    5. Jennifer of I know, Right?

So that's what I have for you today folks! Have a good one and I can't wait to read more Blogs as we get closer to Christmas... time for me to get some shopping done!

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Leah said...

Caitlin, you made me ecstatic...three awards in one day. I just woke up and I was greeted by these awards. You made my day. (It's 8am in Manila.)

I was also obsessed with tanning for a while. I always wish I had those island girls' tan. But now, since my doctor told me to stay away from the sun for fear of having skin cancer, I did what I was told.

Happy holidays Caitlin! Thanks for these early Christmas presents. Big hugs!

bananas. said...

#2. CRAZINESS! i love tattoos. have a few and hoping to get even MORE! LOVE 'EM!

congrats on the awards. holiday drinks and betsey make me very happy too.

Sierra said...

I love Park City. Do you live in UT? I grew up there and am going to see my fam soon there for Christmas, yay!

Love your list and thanks for posting the award, Betsey Johnson is the best, love her funky style.

Tattoos are great too, I have one actually. ;)

So sad about Brittany and just read your comment..."Rollin with the homies!"

Enjoy your week leading up to Christmas! XO!

Sierra said...

Just read you live in Portland, my uncle lives there actually. Maybe you visited Park City. Anyway, beautiful place and glad you love it too! :)

Kori said...

Brittany's death made me sad also and I too loved her in Clueless. Great post honey! It's so great to find out more about you! Kori xoxo

Sher said...

Congrats on your many well deserved awards and it's always fun to learn more about you!

It's strange how people in other parts of the world love tanning, here we are obsessed with whitening and being as fair as we can be lol:P

Park City looks so BEAUTIFUL!!

RIP Brittany, it's really sad. I love her huge infectious laugh too...

...Yvonne said...

i was in shock when i saw that headline. how horrible! i loved her! she's so neurotic and funny! great actress & singer... she will be missed

as for your awards received, you obviously deserve them. LOVE reading your blog :)

and thanks for the award for mine! it's nice to know that i have "fans" lol ... i am fairly new to the blogging world (under 100 posts still), so it makes me smile to know that people are reading me :)

Anonymous said...

cute list! GO DUCKS!!!

Ashley said...

It's ok that you never want a tattoo... Kim Kardashian said, "Why would you put a bumber sticker on a Bentley" HAHA

Love your blog!

Grumpy old man said...

Congrats on all the awards, you richly deserve them!
Lovely post, interesting facts about you, really enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for leaving a thought on my last post, glad you like it, I also love tights, always adds sex appeal.

Wish you a Merry Christmas, hope you will have a peaceful day.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I love her! She is gorgeous and yay for you and your awards!!

Mari said...

#2 is awesome for you!- you probably are not into getting one just I am about loving them!

and congrats on all the awards! you're one lovely blogger!!

Holly Lefevre said...

Congrats on the awards. Getting my hair did makes me sooo very happy! I was strangely attracted to J& did that become a MESS!

Holly Lefevre said...

I forgot the photo of the tree/swing is COOL!

Natasha Gregson said...

I know :'( so sad. Clueless will never be the same again xx

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

It's so sad she passed away..
Congrats on the award btw.
X, fashionnerdic.

Healthy Shift Worker said...

Italian Irish? A nice combination Caitlin!

Merry Xmas and don't go too crazy at the post Christmas sales!!

Keith said...

Congrats on the awards. Great post. I hope you're doing well. Take care. Have a wonderful week. Cheers!

Fleur said...

I was really shocked when I heard about Brittany... she was so young
Park City looks beautiful, I'd love to visit!

Gia said...

Dear Caitlin,

Thank you so much for always commenting on my blog, for now tagging me and ofc for being such a great girl with such a great personality:)
Every time I read you... I smile and that my dear is so cooool:)
Once again Happy Christmas!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Congrats on awards and yes so sad about Brittany Murphy!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Congratulations on the awards, Caitlin - so well-deserved!! I'm with you on # 8 - exercise definitely does clear the head!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats hun!

and omg about Vin Diesel
why is he so delicious?! I cant get away from him!

Amanda said...

My jaw dropped at the news of Brittany's death. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! "Rolling with the homies" is the best :(

Congrates on all your awards!! And I would have to say that getting my hair done makes me happiest! Thanks for your comments on my blog :)

o said...

congrats on ur awards, caitlin!:) definitely well deserved=) i enjoyed reading all ur random facts. the squirrels come to u when u call them?! that's too COOL! haha:D do u have a pet name for each of them?:) that's too bad justin timberlake is not very nice in person. was he just wondering around UO by himself?

p.s. i still can't believe brittany murphy's gone:( i thought she had a lovable charm about her:)

Organic Meatbag said...

You are adorable...thanks for your comments on my blog!