Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vogue, Rachel - Vogue!

Oooo, so today is a day that I'm going to finish my Christmas shopping. Yes, I'm going to head right into the middle of the ring called the Mall and get 'er done.

It is crazy that Christmas is a mere few days away. I just have not been feelin' it this year! No, I'm not "Bah Humbug" but just the excitement slipped past me, seems more like "Oh, Christmas is almost here? Cool!" instead of the old "ONLY 1,093 SECONDS before Christmas!"

But, the good thing about it so close is that the end of December is close which means that it's almost January. Which means... that I get to feast my eyes upon what you see stage right.

Yes, the exquisite Rachel McAdams is gracing the cover of the January issue of "Vogue". Though I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her...I have to say, I am not a huge fan of how she looks on this cover. Digging the retro vibe and the deep reds and the idea behind her hair. But, I don't think that they did her justice on the cover. She looks pretty whited-out, much older and with Kate Gosselin hair. And I'm NOT feeling that shade of lipstick with the outfit, the month or the overall vibe of the picture.

They did a much better job at capturing her on the inside spreads where the 31-year-old looks youthful, fashionable and beautiful. And those shoes? PHE-NOM-ENAL.

To me, her outfit is a mix of Jackie-O....

fused with Asian-inspired accents such as what Anna Paquin is wearing below.

However, I adore the way Rachel's dress is cut because the traditional and beautiful Asian pieces that I would so much like to wear just do not do me any favors in the arms department. I do not like that cut on my body as my limbs somehow become bloody Blimps when I decide to stuff them through those sleeves. Thus, I adore the gracefulness that comes with the straps.

Rachel literally seems able to rock any look. She always has a variety of hair colors and styles and it's just my favorite aspect of her (she's also worthy of being called a great actress). Most notably, I would like to be able to rock the pink hair look she did with ease.

Santa Baby, please send this blonde/pink-haired look my way on Christmas day... I've been an awful good girl...

So that's my eye candy for the day. I'm about to leave to go Xmas shopping and I'm already kinda over it... I don't really know what to get anyone even nor do I feel like fishing my way through the hundreds of high schoolers on Christmas Break who stand in the middle of the walkways looking as if they're posing for Prom photos.

Oh screw it, just call me Scrooge.

Images found: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here & Here.

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Unknown said...

Go girl - enjoy your shopping :-)

Mari said...

I totally did not know what to do either for shopping-so i'm making as much as I can!! And Rachel is for sure gorgeous! I love her more as a brunette though!


rachel is such the pretty girl next door :) are you reallllly going to dye your hair pink and blonde???

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

She is gorgeous I love her.. but def. better brown...

and noooo pink and blonde haha

Leah said...

Love her pink hair...and good luck on your shopping today Caitlin. LOL on that comment about teenagers posing for prom photos...yes, they are everywhere these days.

Iva Messy said...

her pink hair looks so cute! :)

Sher said...

Good luck with your shopping, girl!

And I've always loved Rachel Mcadams after watching the Notebook:)

Have a great Christmas week!!


Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

No, I'm not going to do that to my hair! Not a very good idea professionally + it's the dead of Winter here and I plan on having dark hair for a long while til it starts to get warm again! But I do think she looks super pretty with it and I wish I could wear it like that for a day or 2 :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

I adore Rachel too...but WTF is this cover?! It irritated me the first time I saw it because it just doesnt do her justice! But the inside does, for sure.

I love the pink and blonde...do it do it.
I'm a scrooge too kinda, so don't worry haha! XOXO!!

Sierra said...

I love this post because Rachel is awesome and I love the fact that you posted the picture with her hair pink, I love that pic! For a while I wanted my hair that way, but found out I would be bummed if the pink faded over time, lol. I do agree with your accessment of her on the cover though - she does look a bit older and I like her picture that you posted inside the mag. Beautiful!

Sorry if I didn't read your post about tattoos correctly, I actually thought you said you liked tattoos {oops, sorry} so I think that is why I responded that way. No worries about disliking them, thanks for clarifying them. You are right - they are not for everyone and you should be true to who you are, as you are doing. That is why I love your blog and your darling personality!

Merry Christmas lovely. XO!

Nathalie said...

First of all, thank you so so much for the award. My first :)
I wish you good luck for your Christmas shopping. And I am curious about your blond/pink hair :)

Fleur said...

I LOVE Rachel, not only that she's beautiful bu she's one of the best actresses I know. And those shoes...... aaaaaaawwwwww!

o said...

I love, rachel, too! she's definitely got the whole package, beauty and talent! i just received my issue of vogue a few days ago and haven't had a chance to look through it. i agree, i wasn't too impressed with this shot of rachel on the cover and it doesn't do her beautiful self much justice. the hair cut and style ages her quite a bit. i do love the second dress in the spread!

oh man, i feel u with the craziness in the mall. it's like a zoo out there!