Friday, January 29, 2010

A little of this....

Alright friends, I'm off to Central Oregon...

Where I'm going to be at a place like this:

And celebrate the birthday of my 2 dear friends by doing something like this...

{In the Hot Tub at the Cabin on the trip 1 year ago. Birthday Boys are the 2 in the middle. I'm in the forefront as a Blondie.}

Definitely doing a lot of this...

{LAUGHING people, not being topless- sheesh!}

And eating a lot like this...

And Saturday... you know I'll be on Mt. Bachelor doing this:

{I wish this were my ski gear}

And NOT doing this...

{Gurrrlll, you know I know how to ski!}

Also, while doing that in Oregon- you get to enjoy views like this....

{Picture I took Jan. '09 on Mt. Hood. So pretty.}

And... this...

{View from Timberline Lodge- Oregon}

And I wish I could do it all looking remotely like this ...

Beautiful Betsey Johnson dress.

VICE Magazine 2008 - CABIN FEVER

Uluru knit sweater and cardigan, Jovovich-Hawk skirt

(I love the blend of beautiful fashion against natural backgrounds.)

And, FINALLY I hope you'll spend the weekend mainly doing this...

Images not CANDYFLOSS&PERSIE branded/Copywritten found: All found via WeHeartIt except ViceCabinFeverHere.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Color Post: Hot, Hot, HOT Pink

  • The Sun was shining brightly and it smelled like a Spring day.

  • My hair fell as I wanted it to.

  • I lost 3 pounds this week.

  • I saw a different type of Squirrel around my apartment (with red ears, I haven't seen that before-I love my Squirrels)

  • This girl I'm not fond of is getting quite fat isn't looking so great. (oops!)

  • I ran some errands for my trip this weekend to Central Oregon where I get to lounge at a resort with my friends and go skiing on Mt. Bachelor.

It was just a good day.

I hope my wonderful mood shines through in this Color Post of Hot Pink.

Because, really- as a girl... what ELSE is as decadent?


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A real Italian poses as a fake Guidette

{ABOVE: Me, Lane and Tracy}

{FAR ABOVE: Me in all my Guidette glory, NEAR ABOVE: Me, Miranda and Kristi doing Guidette touch-ups}

I'm snookered out. The Jersey Shore birthday party did me in.

{Me getting ready above. The look? Makeup, makeup and more makeup. Extensions, Extensions and more Extensions. Ed Hardy, Ed Hardy and more Ed Hardy}

{My Killer look- thicky|thick|thick black eyeliner, Shredded back Ed Hardy Tee, colored extensions... haha, such trash}

Saturday night had me fist pumpin' like such a champ

The Jersey Shore theme was so fun. I smiled each time I loaded my eyes with MORE black eyeliner and and clipped colored hair into my scalp.

{Me and Tracy- little Guidettes}

So I think there isn't much I can SAY about the party... so much as show you..

{ABOVE LEFT: Jordan and Me, ABOVE RIGHT: The Boy and Me (and my eyeliner)}
For the record- my friends and I do not usually look like such douchebags: Orange Skin, Thicky-thicky eyeliner, reverse peace sign poses, colored extensions, Ed Hardy shirts, bejeweled tees...only being rocked for the party.

{The Boy's face is a nice blend of Clinique Self-tanner from 2002 mixed with some Rimmel dark bronzer. It's Orangific!}

{ABOVE: My crew}

{Damn Ladies. Miranda, Megan, Tracy and Me rockin' our East Coast look}

{ABOVE LEFT: Me and The Boy, ABOVE RIGHT: Miranda and Tracy}

{ABOVE: Juiceheads}

{I can't believe people actually wear those shredded back tees seriously}

{ABOVE: Hoggy and Me}

{ABOVE LEFT: Snooki shoes all around, ABOVE RIGHT: Shanin and Me}

So, I promise with my whole heart that this will be my last Jersey Shore post for a long while....I just certainly hope my Nonna isn't too upset with my poor display of my Italian heritage.

Needless to say, I was so happy to spend all day Sunday with The Boy and NO MAKEUP! My Guidette look from the night before practically tore off my Italian eyelids.The Boy, his roomies and our other friends just chilled with football and homecooked meals. (Bummer Vikings, BUMMMMMMMER!)

{Lazy Sunday}

Now onto to the daily grind...I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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