Friday, January 15, 2010

Britney: You Clean Up Good & Blogging Love.

So as you may or may not have known, I love Britney Spears. I just can't fight the feeling. It was all over from the first time I heard "...Baby one more time" in 1998 on my way to school. Even during the "bad" years (to put it very, very lightly) my support for her hasn't wavered. So, I have been drooling over this Month's Elle Magazine which features my Pop Princess.

Now... I will be honest, on a personal level - my little Brit Brit doesn't make the best fashion choices (stop with the crop-tops!). But I think she's so beautiful so I love when she does Magazine spreads and someone actually STYLES her. So gorgeous. So here's a compilation of some DECADENT shots of her from the Mag.

Now I want to give some shout-outs to some Bloggy friends. I recently won some Blogging awards...

The adorable Risley from Adventures of the Wilkinsons gave me the Glamorous Blog Award:

{Why thank you DAHHHLING}

The schöne Nathalie from Accessory Pirate passed on the Beautiful Blogger Award:

This Blog Award must be accompanied with 7 facts about you:

  1. In the last 2 years, I've discovered the joy of cooking/baking. It's been fun to find new recipes and I'm loving cooking for myself as opposed to always having Lean Cuisine. It's not as hard as I always made it out to be.

  2. I want to live in Chicago.

    {After a game at Wrigley Field}

  3. I am transfixed by the Columbine Massacre. I don't know why but it just interests me and I love discussing it. I even went to the school when I was in Colorado. I am very briefed on all aspects of it and the author of the book "Columbine", Dave Cullen and I have discussed his book on Facebook. It's been quite exciting for me.

    {One of my bookshelves- I love reading and pointed out some favorites. See #7 for Elliott Erwitt explanation or click to see larger}

  4. On that note, Serial Killers fascinate me. I am perplexedly interested in learning of their disease and how someone could become so deranged.

  5. I had a Tortoise when I was little that was just mine, named Pinkie. I taught him to kiss me on demand. It was so cute.

  6. I love The Broncos first and foremost and they are my team. But I also like The Vikings and The Eagles (in that order: though I refuse to support the Eagles while they have Vick on their roster.) I'm sorry Oakland gals but I despise The Raiders and want nothing but bad things for them on the field! (but nothing but good things in life for you fans) :)

  7. I heart Elliott Erwitt. His work is always intriguing and humorous.
{Seriously, if you're bored at work- Google him. I love his photography.}

Tagging these 3 gals to pick an award and save it for a rainy day or to post about on a day they are having Writer's Block:

  1. Rica of SassyRica
  2. Julia of The Thank You Project (cutest idea, check it out)
  3. Alexandra of HRH Collections

ALSO, I was lucky enough to win TWO giveaways in the recent past.

I won a Giveaway from La vie... J'aime which was an Etsy Turquoise bracelet from Brooklyn Threads. I heart Turquoise so I was quite excited!

Secondly, I won a giveaway from Leah which was a Marks&Spencer organic, reusable bag - which I'm obsessed with partly because I'm happy to reduce my carbon footprint when I can and partly because reusable bags are so much cuter and sturdier than disposable ones. It's truly win/win!

So anyway, I've been meaning to show my new items off here... and TAH-DAH:

{Photos taken after book-club, I have my Librarian look goin' on. I LOVE these items-thank you for the Giveaways Leah & Jaime}

So thank you so much to you gals!

Now, I will leave you with this post I found on Failbook.Com. A site which posts hilarious Facebook posts. This one below made me laugh out loud:

Happy Friday & Weekend!

Images not CANDYFLOSS&PERSIE branded/Copywritten found: BritneyPictures, Here and Here.

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Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Thanks for the shout out and it's great to see you wearing the bracelet! :)

I loved Britney's spread in Elle- the boys are soo cute and she looks awesome. Heart her!

Have a great weekend!!

Tina said...

We just got the latest issue of ELLE to work but I haven't got a chance to leaf through it yet. I'm not a Brit fan really but it's an interesting cover with her two sons. I agree with you, it's a completely different matter when she's in a magazine or on a cover where someone has actually helped her with the styling bit that's she's clearly not too capable of taking care of herself.

Leah said...

Glad you liked the bags Caitlin!

I have so much comments here... but first, the "only in LA" thingy is so hilarious. Mike's comment literally had me LOL.

I also have some pet turtles up to this day... I have four so I named them after the Ninja Turtles. I don't care if two of them are girls, it's just so cool to be able to have my own set of Ninja turtles.

And yes serial killers, I am obsessed with them. Hahaha! Have you read James Patterson's books? That's why he is my favorite author.

And I love Britney's Elle editorial.

Have a great weekend Caitlin!

Fleur said...

I love the first blue fur picture. Those heeeels! Her kids are really adorable :)

Nathalie said...

I agree to you, Britney is really a great woman, but you cannot let her decide what to wear (maybe like with little children). But in these pictures she looks great

Nathalie said...

....oops, what I wanted to add: I adore "The schöne Nathalie"... Thanks for that, too sweet

Unknown said...

ha love that facebook clip!

For all things fashion:

Unknown said...

Yep I agree - Brittany definately needs help dressing well! Nice pics :-)
Have a great weekend!

Gwen said...

Britney looks gorgeous in this photo spread!!! Congrats on the give away wins too!!! XOXO

Couture Carrie said...

Brit does look fabulous!
Congrats on your awards, darling!
I love baking too :)


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

you look adorable.

Congrats on your awards

and yesss, I love britt, I do!!

bananas. said...

Your feelings for britney are my feelings for lindsey lohan. I'm hoping she gets back on track.

Congrats on the awards! I too am fascinated by serial killers...when i'm bored at work i will read about famous killers on the crime library website. Freaky? Yes but oh so interesting!

a blog full of weldons. said...

hi caitlin! just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment! thanks for being so encouraging :)
and ps. that britney spread in elle is beautiful!!!

Gia said...

Hey girl,

I missed so much your blog, this post was...Omg I have no words, I also love Britney and I am so glad she is better!
I hope you're doing great cause you do look great, your make up is always so amazing and well done!
Take care and have fun!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, Britney in ELLE = love. Though I was more in awe of the Gaga spread - j'adore my Lady!!

Congratulations on the awards and the giveaway wins! You are the cutest thing ever. And Pinkie? I think she would have gotten along with my Tortoise Myrtle (occasionally called Michelle) - I had one when I was a kid as well!! :)

o said...

congrats on ur awards, caitlin! well deserved:D i actually have one for u on my blog, too:) that is very exciting to be able to discuss the book with the author on fb! i enjoyed reading ur random facts, btw:D ooo and congrats on ur giveaways!

thx for the link to LOL!! have a great weekend!

Rohini said...

Never been a big B. Spears fan but this editorial is fab. :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Gorgeous photos of Brit, I always liked her videos and editorials because whenever someone styles her she really does look GOOD. Congrats on your awards, Caitlin! And aw, thanks a lot for tagging me, you're such a doll :))

I understand where you're coming from with the serial killers thing, btw. I've always been fascinated with biochemistry and how the chemical processes in our brains and bodies affect our thinking and acting patterns, turning some into criminals and making some go insane and end up in mad houses... Very fascinating subject, which I love watching documentaries on. BBC have done a few really good ones!

LOL at the Facebook thingy, oh my :S And thanks for that photographer link, I'll check him out some time soon!

Sher said...

Oh, it's nice to see Britney looking normal and sane for a change! I'm rooting for her too!!

I love your librarian look:)


Audrey Allure said...

congrats on the awards! and i do love britney too <3 i'm so glad she cleaned up so well.

Julie Leah said...

I just posted this ELLE shoot the other day! Britt looks beautiful (like she should!) I have loved her from the beginning too :) And can I also mention that I did a 'yellow' post yesterday? We are on the same bloggy wavelength :) Have a fabulous weekend!

Meg said...

I dont care what anyone says about her, I do and always will love me some britney. she is beautiful and i am actually quite jealous of that beauty and her teeth. haha million dollar smile! and the facebook status? frickin hilarious. lovin it!

daisychain said...

Ohhh I must see if I can get that issue over here.

Unknown said...

i've just passed you an award!

For all things fashion:

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Wish I can buy the American ELLE Magazine in Hungary...Britney looks great,and her sons soo big already...

I love reading your posts! Have a great Saturday night! Here it's almost midnight

Ps: You are beautiful!

diamondsinchampagne said...

I love how britney looks in that editorial.Love the blue jacket and studded heels, adore her in the wedding dress too!

Sierra said...

Britney looks beautiful and I agree, I wish she would be a bit more stylish in real life but I know she can only be her. ;) I was fascinated with the Columbine massacre too, it is so sad! I loved reading about Cassie Bernall and some of the other young women that passed away, their faith is so inspiring!

Happy weekend hun!


Great photos as always and thank you so much for the award nomination! You are such a sweetheart! And congrats on the cute wins! Exciting!! :)

Unknown said...

she is indeed beautiful! i love brit brit! xoxox

Anonymous said...

ahha I love that site!
p.s you have an award on my blog today!

Fleur said...

check out my blog I gave you another award :)

A Gluten Freestyle said...

Britney looks amazing in that big blue coat.
Great post, congrats on your awards!

Dave Cullen said...

Thanks for the shoutout on my book Columbine.

The F Word Online said...

aw i know britney's had her share of paparazzi and drama but i still love her !

xx lue

Chicago Chic said...

Congrats on your awards and you are so beautiful!! I loved learning more about you too!

Also Britney does look great in those photos...Happy Monday!
Baci xoxoxo

Graham I. Haynes said...

Britney has never been the most fashion-forward popstar, but she does have an endearing quality that's irresistible. Looks like a creative twist on her home life in these pics... very nice.

So, you're a pretty big sports fan, it looks like! It's not a topic that overlaps with fashion on the blogs very often.

Melissa said...

Its nice to know I am in good company. I am a HUGE fan of the oh so fabulous Britney as well. I just can't help it! I love her and her music and I have since she first came on the scene. And through all her drama I also have always been pulling for her. I have seen her 3 times in concert (one of them was in Vegas and I won the trip from a local radio station!). When I saw this mag while in the check out line at the grocery store it went into my cart immediately. Definitely some beautiful pics of our beloved Ms. Spears!!

Sweetly Surprised said...

Duddde ... I HATE word verification with a mother f'ing passion. YEP. That's right. I hate it THAT much.

Sweetly Surprised said...

how in the world did you get all of these friends? You need to teach K and I a blogging 101 class. Dang! You are Miss Popular of the bloggin world.

Btw, did you see that I gave you that blog award too!! I know you didn't bc you would have said something. I felt so funny. I wrote the girl who "gave it to me," and said "THANK YOU! What is this?" haha.

I LOVE BRITNEY! GIMME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that played at my funeral. I've already told my mom.