Monday, January 18, 2010

Guidettes like to Hike

Well... that weekend went by fast.

Wednesday: Book Club discussing "The Lovely Bones"

{Mini-Oprahs- I'm on the far Left. I highly recommend this book}

Friday Night: I was out downtown for 2 of my friends' birthdays.

{Kiesha, Megan, Shanin, Me, Miranda and Tracy}

Saturday: I went to go see "The Lovely Bones" in the theater and then spent the night in with my girlfriends drinking tea, eating Popcorn and watching girly movies- including Vicky Christina Barcelona.

{I heart being a Girl}

Have you seen that movie? I thought it was pretty scantily good. And Lordy, even when Penelope Cruz is playing someone batsh*t crazy - she still manages to look viciously magnificent.

{I've been a bad, bad girl...}

Sunday: I hung out at my friend Kristi's as we made a Spaghetti dinner and watched the Golden Globes- the highlight of that? Please see my post from yesterday.

Monday: Every year, I like to honor the baller that is Martin Luther King Jr. by doing something freeing on his Day. So The Boy and I headed out to Silver Falls State Park to hike in the fresh air. Silver Falls has 10 waterfalls (4 of which you can walk behind). It's so amazing and SUCH a nice thing to do.

PS- the following pictures are in no way supposed to have anything to do with fashion. I only believe in an outfit like this when I'll be out in the Mud- which, I was :)

{Far Above: Me in front of South Falls. Above: The Boy and Me in front of South Falls}

{Above Left: Me & Maddie mid-hike. Above Right: Waterfall. Below: View from BEHIND the waterfall}

{Above: The Boy and South Falls in the background. Below: The 3 of us on our hike: The Boy, Me and Maddie- my family dog.}

{Above: Base of waterfall. Below: Maddie miserable as I hold her- note the waterfall in the back Right. Geez- could I be whiter? I miss tanning.}

So now it's back to the day-to-day: Bah humbug.

1 thing keeping me going this week:

My Friend's Jersey Shore Birthday Party on Saturday.

Ohhhh, the possibilities!

I am an Italian- so it's my greatest hope my Nonna isn't too upset with me for making myself a Guidette for the night.

{Should I be JWoww, Angelina, Snooki or Sammi? All I know is I'm wearing Ed Hardy and will be sporting Orange skin}

Have a fist-pumpin' Tuesday!

PS- for those who asked. I definitely recommend the book "The Lovely Bones" and I suggest you read it BEFORE you see the movie. Peter Jackson changed the film quite a bit and I felt that if I hadn't read it first, I may have been totally lost in his depiction of the story. So, I was kind of disappointed with the film but I would still recommend it because it's was very good, just missed some of the main points of the book that I thought should have made it in!

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Treacle said...

You're a busy, busy lady! What did you think of The Lovely Bones? I've heard mixed reviews about the new movie...

Audrey Allure said...

beautiful pictures :) and i love vicky cristina barcelona haha

Sabina said...

I loved Vicky Cristina Barcelona too <3 You must have had an amazing weekend <3 I have you a little award hon, come pick it up on my bloggie :))

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Oh the Lovely Bones, the name sounds so lovely. Can't wait for it to come out here, I remember I liked the trailer even if I don't remember what the movie's all about lol I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona and my impressions are kind of weird... I saw it when it came out and thought it was good, the only thing I regretted is that I went to the movies - me and a freind got an impression it was the kind of a mivie that is better watched at home under a blanket and with some fine red wine. Then I actually traveled to Barcelona (was my first time there) and decided I wanted to watch the movie after the trip again, and I just coudln't :S I didn't like anything of what was on my screen any more for soem reason.

And btw, I love dhow you put that in one of your comment under my post - "You get to be all these different girls just by being you" :) Thanks :)

Meg said...

Wow, those pics are beautiful!! I wish there was some place that beautiful close to wear I live! I would play in the mud every chance i got!!

And a JERSEY SHORE BIRTHDAY PARTY???? oh my gosh please enlighten me. and take a gazillion pictures. because i admit I am pretty much overly obsessed with it. and super sad that its the season finale this week.

Kara said...

Wow, looks like an awesome hike!! I'm jealous! I also definitely need a super girly night in, so thanks for the reminder :)

Happy "Monday"!

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling!
Love this post ~ thanks for sharing your pics :)


Gwen said...

What a fun weekend!!! I wish we had some where beautiful to hike around here. XOXO

Sher said...

Oh, I've read the lovely bones about 4 years ago now and it still haunts me! I'm aching to see the new movie!

I've seen Vicky Christina Barcelona and though Penelope was freaking amazing! She was a powerhouse in that movie!!

And that looks like a perfect day at the waterfalls with your boy! It's been so long since I've been to one:)


Fleur said...

hahaha my cat's name is maddie! that hike looks awesome, adventurous...

Mari said...

Jersey shore birthday party!?! best idea ever! lol and that waterfall/hike looks incredbile- you're making me want to go out and find someplace in az like to hike at! I loved the Lovely Bones too and I'm nervous about seeing the movie- and I've totally got to get Vicky, Christina, Barcelona now- I've wanted to see it but just never have!

vani said...

Vai a e vota na minha frase pf :D

é uma das primeiras
"A minha cara metade é a melhor do mundo porque é com ela que escrevo o livro da minha vida que conta histórias cheias de memórias, sorrisos, lágrimas, apoios, amor, os sentimentos mais genuínos e sem ela a minha vida não teria beleza."


Alicia said...

wow the pictures from the hike are gorgeous! i would LOVE to go hiking there!! and i still haven't read the lovely bones but its so on my list, i need to get to it!! i can't wait to see pics from the jersey shore party! GTL baby!

Leah said...

Caitlin, you are so pretty in your Oregon sweats. I love that last funny!

Rhiannon Bosse said...

These pictures are so great! The fact that your gorgeous helps too sista :)

Unknown said...

Love these pics..look like you had a great week!!

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Annie said...

what a fabulous weekend you had!!
cute pictures!! beautiful nature pics from the hike!
i love that your friend is having a jersey shore party, how fun!! i can't wait to see the pictures!!

Natasha Gregson said...

You look like you had a great weekend!! Hope your friend had a great birthday!! And you and your boyfriend make a really great couple :) I love Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona, such an amazing film xx

Graham I. Haynes said...

I enjoy hearing what women do on their "girly days". Sounds like you had a good one. I think I'll read 'The Lovely Bones' and skip the flick.

Looking forward to seeing your 'Jersey Shore' outfit.

Iva Messy said...

love the pictures!! looks like such a great time!!! ....LOL...the Jersey Shore Party picture!! hehe!! so funny!!

...Yvonne said...

you're definitely a Sammie! can't wait for pics!

bananas. said...

Whaaaattt!!! Those waterfalls are beautious! Wow...we have nothin like that around my town. We have a lake...thats green...yea, doesn't compare...happy tuesday to you! Cannot wait to hear all about the jersey shore birthday party. I've been dying to go to one so i can be snooki.

o said...

hi, caitlin! looks like u had an awesome weekend! wow! the hike looks amazing!! maddie is so cute:) glad to know that the book is a good read. i've been meaning to pick up a copy and we're planning to see the movie tonight ($6 tuesdays, all day LOL). hehe i know we're doing things backwards lol thanks again for ur sweet comment on my blog:) everything is okay with my fam:) have a great week!

JadeRose said...

haha i dont think anyone is supposed to look fashionable when they are trekking through mud! Love it

Cafe Fashionista said...

So basically you had the best weekend ever! And you saw Vicky Christina Barcelona - a film I have been dying to see for ages!! And a Jersey Shore Party is on the horizon...could anything be more fabulous?? I saw my first episode last night and am kind of addicted now!! :)

Holly Lefevre said...

Looks like a good time with the boy. Also sounds like a fun weekend...thanks for the scoop on The Lovely Bones...hope to see the movie soon.

Anonymous said...

looks like youre having a lot of fun
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for your lovely comments, i appreciate it


R. said...

Those are awesome photos!
I am bloghopping :)

Nina said...

So fun to have a blow-by-blow account of your week!

Anonymous said...

OMG..... did you say Penelope Cruz... I so in...

and those waterfall pictures are to die for, I wish everyone could see such a beatiful sight once in there life.

busy girl...


Angela said...

Adorable photos. Sound like you had a super weekend. Oh, come check out freshwater pearl necklace giveaway on my blog. : )

Unknown said...

fab pics! love the waterfall ones x

For all things fashion:

A Gluten Freestyle said...

Gorgeous blog. I love reading everything you post.

Would love to let you know I've given you a Blogger Award. Stop by to check it out!


Gia said...

Girl, am I always saying you're too funny?
I am saying it again, you rock...the last photo was so funny!
You made me laugh before I will try to study again for an exam for tomorrow, hehe:)
Great photos and story dear, take care.


Kata Wagner Berg said...

Nice programs!
You was in a beautiful place.
Maddie is really cute! I like dogs a lot...If I could I would make a dog farm ;)

You should send some good weather here...we are freezing

Sierra said...

Glad you enjoyed the movies, The Lovely Bones looks really good! I love waterfalls...they are just so beautiful!

Melissa said...

I always have trouble with books made into movies. Its like they are good but it just seems like they always leave good or important things out. And sometimes they cast people that don't fit what I had in mind for a certain character(s) and it bugs me. The only movies I have liked better than their books were "A Walk to Remember" and "The Notebook". I don't really think Nicholas Sparks is that great of a writer. He comes up with good base stories but doesn't execute them as well as I would like so when they adapt the book into the movies they actually turn out better than the books because the make the changes to make the story go from good to AMAZING!!

Nathalie said...

I want to got to there :) The place you went hiking is amazing. So great