Thursday, February 25, 2010

Color Post: Glorious Gray

Overrated vs. Underrated:

Drinking at Clubs vs. Wine Nights at home with your Girlfriends.

Jay Leno vs. Conan O'Brien

Ke$ha vs. Britney Spears (ha- that might be bias)


Black/White/Pink/Yellow etc. etc. vs. Grey

I (of course) love those colors above. But I so often feel like Gray/Grey (how the hell do I properly spell that?) is the Understudy to a famous Actor who can't really Act. Despite being overlooked, Gray/Grey is soooo simple, so pretty and so complimentary with every other color of the rainbow.

Thus, with much adieu, I would like to give a little love to one of my favorite colors to wear...Gray/Grey (seriously- "a" or "e"?):

Images found via WeHeartIt and Google Images.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's fold scarves!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk!

Girls' weekend at the Sunriver resort (unoriginally retitled "FUNriver") was quite a hoot.

We pretended we were in college still....

{Beer Bong for the Lady?}

We enjoyed Mimosas in the Hot Tub in the morning...

{Megan, Kristi, Miranda, Kiesha and Myself}

We took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather with photoshoots at the main lodge post-lunch.

{Aren't my girls pretty? I'm on the far right in every shot}

... I enjoyed my favorite pajama pants of all time without shame...

{I bought those Bear PJ pants at Crater Lake... kind of like them more than I like mascara (and I loveeee mascara)}

And still took the time to appreciate my purple boots...

{Purple is by far my favorite color- always has been}

And we enjoyed the beautiful views that Oregon has to offer on the drive home:

{Hi Mt. Hood! Hope to Ski you again in a couple weekends!}

It was a great trip and it was so nice to just lounge around, gab about whatever we wanted, watch "Twilight" without any boys throwing beers at the TV and go into the local mall (it's a woodsy/rustic type mall... not a shopping mall) and get to actually go INTO the stores without a male complaining about how he didn't want to be there.

It was basically nice to recharge my batteries with my some of my favorite people.

{We don't really hold hands... but if we had to be this emo to show our love - we would.}

How sweet it is to have good friends :)

This was the most painful post I've written so far. Why? Because I spilled my entire mug of scalding hot tea on my leg while writing it. Owie!

Images not CANDYFLOSS&PERSIE branded/Copywritten found: Weheartit

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

To Sunriver Foo (Thanks for Everything)


{Yes, I plan on being Stupid this weekend}

Despite the hecticness of my day today and all the errands and chores I STILL have to run- I'm in a solid good mood.


Because Friday evening my dears, I'm going away to A CABIN. (Yes, I love Cabins- I love going to my family's cabin, I love going to my friend Jordan's cabin, etc. and so on and so forth- I love cabins!)

But alas, this trip will be a bit better than most because it will just be GIRLS.

YESSIREEBOB, I will be going away to my beautiful friend Kristi's cabin at Sunriver resort in Central Oregon for a weekend of hot tubbing, conversation, Markets, Shopping, bike rides, Tubing, dinner, laughter and Wine.

{Kristi and Me}

And most likely with 6 girls in 1 car for the 3 hour drive... lots of pee stops... or as The Boy put it:

"I'm so glad I'm not coming on this trip. The thought of going on a road trip with 6 girls makes me shudder. You don't even know... my Grandma was the worst... always having to stop for the bathroom."
I had to then (kindly) remind him that we aren't 90-year-old women but thanks for the thought...

{Bye, bye The Boy! See you Sunday!}

Now, I have a ton of guy friends who just so happen to be the apples of my eyes. I see them pretty much every weekend and they crack me up, they're supportive and fun in a way that girls just can't be.

{Gotta have those guy friends!}

HOWEVER, it's super hard to to not be ecstatic to get to spend some time in the real-life vagina monologues where u can kick your feet up and bask in all things XX (third "X" intentionally not there, I'm talking chromosomes).

{We're the 5 best friends that anyone could have...}

I am soooooo looking forward to this and after spending the week planning my Sister's Bachelorette Party... I'm only in the mindset of girly, girly, girly things and I know my ladies can deliver.

I will probably look like this come Sunday when it's time to come home (yes, in my Cabin sweater - what chu think I wear in the Woods? (that's for u MZ))

So anyone, I'm off for alllllllllllll that. Have a fabulous, wonderful Friday and an even better weekend.

Oh by the way...

My day is not all roses and cherries though. I had a friend tell me that I looked like Octomom in the picture below.


PPS- loving Vera Wang's collection at MBFW.

Images not CANDYFLOSS&PERSIE branded/Copywritten found: Weheartit

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Kills (the spirit)

Hooooooooly Mother.

Does anyone else ever wish they weren't at home but instead teleported to New York City for New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week or is that just bloody me?

On my computer desk here in Orygone, I'm looking at picture upon article upon video clip of Fashion Week and I've suddenly lost the will to exist in my current life.

How I wish I were there. Amazing looking at the crowds and all the elegance and the photos... ooooo ahhhh.

The only thing I don't like about it is looking at the Runway models stupid faces. Seriously, I don't get the appeal of these women. There are SOME who are gorgeous (Heidi Klum is amazing) but why do they always look like unhappy skulls? I hate it. I would rather see someone like Lauren Conrad, Sofia Vergara or Kim Kardashian on these catwalks. But whatever...

{Too bad she's not the model- she's certainly prettier than any of them}

After cooing over most of the designers (as well as "bleching" over the ones who don't quite match my style goals- sorry Andy&Debb but it's not 1982...), I have decided that one of the best ones to watch is Project Runway alum Christian Siriano.

{Work it Sister}

Amazing. I'm surprised the boy is Gay instead of Transgender because with his designs, I feel like he had to have been or want to be a woman at some point.

Some highlights:

I am obsessed!

He seems to know exactly how to put together color, texture, design and fit in a way that looks nothing short of drool-worthy on the runway but that I could also see me, my Mom, the lady at the Fragrance counter at Nordstroms, etc. wearing.

On that note, the entire Project Runway showing literally made my mouth drop.

I love, love, love it.

The bold colors with the leather and the cuts of the fabric... sigh.

In other news, I was at Target the other day and came across these Piggy Banks for peanuts:

I bought the one in the middle rack (blue with paisley-loves me some Paisley). It may not have leather or be worn in New York City BUT it does make me smile and it is nice to know I have a place to put the dimes I find all over my room (seriously, bobby-pins and dimes are always somewhere in my room... whhhy?).

So... a place to put dimes vs. couture in one of the biggest and most fashionable cities in the world?

Whatever... the pig is cute.

Images not CANDYFLOSS&PERSIE branded/Copywritten found: NYCCrosswalk, LaurenConrad, ChristianSirianoface, all other Catwalk looks from NYCFashionWeek here.

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