Friday, February 5, 2010

Clothes, clothes everywhere...

Much of these last weeks, I've been slowly but surely starting to pack up my apartment. My engaged roommate of a Sister and I are going to be parting ways soon so that she can live happily ever after with her British hubby, Dan.

With no concrete date in sight of the moving day, I've still been trying to be ready for its arrival. This means I've been apartment hunting, going through what I've accumulated and brought into this apartment. The most burdensome task is deciphering between what what will move forward with me in my new living situation and what will make some unknown person a happy camper as they sift the aisles at Goodwill.

In these last weeks, I have discovered 2 things.

FIRST: I have lots and lots of clothes.

I have clothes in boxes and tubs in our basement. I have clothes hangin' by our dryer in the basement. The closet in my bedroom perpetually looks like it has the flu as it is throwing up cardigans, jeans and blouses (oh my!) pretty much on a permanent basis.

I have trunks full of clothes and wicker baskets full of clothes. Clothes under my beds, clothes draped over other clothes- clothes, clothes, clothes!

Now, if I were Paris Hilton with unlimited closet space (and paid movers willing to carry the boxes), this "problem" would not be such at all. I would gladly hold on to and rat pack every item for a rainy day or a day when the mood hits my eye (like a big pizza pie).

The reality of the situation is that it will most likely be my family/The Boy/Me doing the move. Also, that I will be downsizing space. I'm hoping to live by myself downtown in a Studio or 1 bedroom and it doesn't have the space that my Suburban apartment allows me.

The leads me to the 2nd problem...

SECOND: I think I have a tendency to stock up on trends.

Of course I have ALL the basics:

  • Black Pencil Skirt- Check
  • White Button-Ups- Check
  • Dark Wash slight-flare Denim - Check
  • A great trench - Check
(You get the idea)

But on top of that, I also have the pieces I really love for no reason.

  • Low-Cut Pink Blouse with White Polka-Dots
  • Jeans that are shredded from Hip to Ankle
  • An overall skirt ( I assure you it's cute!!)
  • Purple Blouse with eccentric buttoning at the neckline
  • Light Wash denim with back pockets embroidered with brazen Red/Yellow stitching.
And so on and so forth...

What do I do with those pieces? I no doubt purchased them on a day I was feelin' a bit frisky and felt that I could rock the look. The problem is that they in no way double as work wear (no matter how many suit jackets or pearls I pair them with) and I wear them only a few times a year (IF THAT) and I just can't seem to give them up because they are so one of a kind...

I'm asking for help. Yes- I know the rule "IF YOU HAVEN'T WORN IT IN A YEAR, TOSS IT" but I need help beyond that... how do YOU get rid of cool clothes you know you won't wear enough to excuse the burden of rat-packing?

Also, while we're on the topic of eccentric fashion - please enjoy the amazingness that is Betsey Johnson's Spring 2010 line.
Her pieces are always decadent, artful and amusing on the eyes... I love when people style outside the box.

All Betsey Johnson images here, All clothes images found here.

In fact, these are so one of a kind that I think if I owned them - I would take them to my new apartment in lieu of my bed.

Happy Weekend!

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Rhiannon Bosse said...

I will glady take ANY clothes you don't want. I brought 87.5% of my clothes to the consignment store to get some cash back. How sad is that?? Good luck with packing up sista!! :)

coolboy said...

lol who is photographer i think he loves hot legs , enjoy weekend , lets have party tonight haha :))

Meg said...

Good luck packing. I've noticed a lot of bloggers have been selling their clothes. That way you at least know they will be getting a good home!

Unknown said...

I don't enjoy moving. I like being in a new space, but hate packing/unpacking. Luckily for me I don't hang onto much - I'm very good at giving away stuff :-)
Congrats on being very lucky winner of my giveway!! Fortunately, lanterns fold up small so wont' take up too much space for you :-)

Pamela Bwell said...

Caitlin, remember that we have an open account at ReRun Consignment & Resale. They'll take spring/summer right now, and you need an appointment for them to look over your stuff. Ask me for the info. In the meantime, start putting your spring wardrobe cast-offs aside.

Love You!
p.s. I am available for sorting, washing, folding, etc.

o said...

i had the same problem last year when i moved from one place to another. i'm with ya, it's definitely tough to sort clothes. due to the lack of time, i still have boxes of clothing waiting to be sorted...yikes! i found this article through another blog that might help u (and me haha!), The Wardrobe Taming Guide:

i just found it recently, so i haven't read through all of it (it's divided into 9 sections). best of luck with ur packing! love betsey johnson:) have a great weekend!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Hmmm, clothes, clothes... I guess if I were in a situation like yours it'd be easier on me since I have absolutely no problem getting rid of stuff. While redecorating my room this year I also realized I have a very limited closet space (even though I reorganized everything and cleaned out more shelves for clothing). I threw away loads of clothes too and gave some to friends. Usually, if something doesn't fit any more or fits but doesn't look right/good (because I lost weight, it shrinked or gotten bigger) but is in a great condition I give it to friends who wear the size. If the piece of clothing is worn out off to the trash bin it goes, even if I adore it. If they're pieces that I never wear and know that I never will I would get rid of them one way or another too. Personally, I love it when I have to go through all my clothes - it gives me a sense and feel of what I own, so if I were you I'd use the opportunity to rethink my wardrobe... If there are thos epieces you love and wear only a few times a year I think you should keep them. God, all of these was totally unhelpful, I know haha

P.S. Btw, regarding Moscow. You seem like a very adventurous person so I can totally see you enjoying Moscow :) On John Legend - it's weird but I've always loved the dude's voice, but when it comes to his music I only listen to 2 songs... I usually like his collaborations with other artists so much more. And it's funny how I think he's cute and good-lookign and all, yet he reminds me of someone I know in real life and when I am reminded of that John starts to seem a little off-putting. All very weird, but that's how it is lol But I love his voice and somehow I've always thought he was a great person, even if I've never met him. Weird :S

ellinelle said...

..hello darling .. The pink dotty blouse sounds beautiful .. I moved to the new house a year ago ,so I had the problem with CLOTHES : ) I gave a bit to a charity and I kept a lot : )and I never ever give my own designs away - they like my babies ; ))) oh's such a dillemma I guess : )))

Audrey Allure said...

haha i have the same problem! i keep my one of a kind pieces or i wear them to see if it's worth giving away. if i'm not absolutely loving it - then i put it in a box to give to charity & i force myself to forget it lol.

Valentine Devlieghere said...

You have a great blog!
Best of luck! ;)

Follow me if you want on

x Valentine

Sher said...

I think I'm guilty of the same problem! You could probably sell most of your stuff easily hehe!! But if it was me, I'm not sure if I'll have the heart to part with any of the pieces in my closet lol:P

zupu said...
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zupu said...

Adoring this post, these pics and your blog dear!
Happy saturday to you!

Unknown said...

i dont envy you! the way i sort through my clothes is 1) i wait till after my dinner and then try everything on 2) anything that doesnt fit after having that meal i put in a pile 3) i go through that pile asking myself if i really want it 4) with whatever is left i go on the net and look for a nicer version of each item telling myself i'll get that one instead.

Don’t forget to check out my valentines giveaway!

daisychain said...

I ebay/sell any clothes I don't wear so I appease the guilt somewhat ;)

Honey Bee said...

Thank you soooo much for the super sweet comment on my blog! I love your blog equally, if not much.
Good luck with the apartment hunt..and as for the unused clothes, pack them and mail them to me. =)
Haha, but on a more serious note ..maybe you can try selling them or if nothing, give them in charity. That's the best option you've got even when we think of it last.

Alison Kinsey said...

Hey Caitlin!!! Ohmygosh, I think I completely relate to you about the clothes. I have way more than I need, and I realize that in most cases, once I wear something 3x, I usually don't want to wear it again. I have NO idea why! I just always want "new" stuff! Maybe for each new piece of clothing you buy, you get rid of one piece, so that you're not adding too many clothes to your already enormous amount of them!
I love selling things on eBay. It's a lot of work, but then you can hopefully make back at least 30-60% of what you initially spent on the item.


iris said...

I'm thinking a lot about that lately, I think I'll try to sell them in ebay, you can give it to some NGO or church too!

Your blog is so lovely, I'm following you:)

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Hehe. I am packing my clothes this days 2..we are moving back to Norway soon...
I am so happy for being a woman! :)We are lucky hehe

Wish to be on that fashion show

Cafe Fashionista said...

Getting rid of clothes is such a dilemma. I'd say:

1) Anything that doesn't fit (i.e. too big or too small) give to Goodwill.
2) Anything that doesn't make you begin thinking up outfit ideas give to Goodwill.
3) Anything you really and truly love despite the fact that it is a trend that may or may not come back into style...pack up - you may need them somewhere down the line. Can you store a few boxes in your parents garage or attic or something?

Happy, Happy Weekend my love!! :)

Leah said...

This is tough... I tend to have a strong bond with my clothes so parting is such a difficult act. What I do so that the pain will be bearable is I give my clothes to my sisters. That way, if in case I want them back in the future, I can just borrow them again. xoxo

Emily said...

cute blog. :)

xo. emilyy.

Bathwater said...

The good thing about reducing your current inventory is it gives you double the excuse to file in an space you will have at the new apartment with new clothes. So I say out with the old in with the new.

Unknown said...

loving these pics! i ebay stuff i dont wear as i have a tendancy to buy everything i see and ten mins after i leave the shop realise i dont actually like it! ha! I also only wear dresses on nights out once! I know stupid who do i think i am? a celeb? ha ha xoxox

Mari said...

this is sad... getting rid of clothes always makes me sad and you feel like a part of you is gone!! I'm horrible at giving up clothes but I haven't bought any in awhile- and i do the year rule too but give myself like 2 or 3 years instead of 1

Nathalie said...

Oh poor Caitlin, there is a lot of work ahead of you :) I am so curious about your new apartment and hope your search is quickly successful. I always give my old clothes to the red cross foundation. I think that way someone really feels lucky getting it and I don't think too much whether or not to keep the item.
Hope you had a good weekend

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Caitlin, I'm madly in love with your blog! And your thoughts! There's so much honesty and openness that I can't help following you! :)

What to do with those cool clothes difficult to pack up with? Pack them!! Keep them!! :) Or just plan a giveaway! :)

xoxox --Tamanna

bananas. said...

i just cleaned out my closet last weekend and had to make room by tossing a bunch of stuff. i always say if you haven't worn it, you never will so get rid of it. if it's still semi-cute or fashionable, sell it! places like crossroads, buffalo exchange will buy your stuff. it's not for much but it's worth a try.

Graham I. Haynes said...

You could trade in the clothes to some place like Buffalo Exchange and get some cash, no?

Sabina said...

You could try setting up an online shop or use ebay to sell your clothes :)
Oh, I usually feel the opposite :D

Sierra said...

I love Betsey Johnson, thanks for sharing these pictures! I feel you on the clothing problem, I too have way too many clothes and I actually just did a bit of pre spring cleaning, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be! My advice is to go through and really study each piece and if you haven't worn it in a while, toss it or give it away to good will. I did this and I found there are a lot of tee shirts that I don't wear that often! Also...if it is trendy, then try to save it because those things come back into style. Also, a dresser is very helpful to me because I can stack and not just put it all in the closet, you know? Also, I have plastic holders under my bed for bulky items like sweaters, that is also helpful. You have a lot of clothes, you just have to be inventive in storing them. Lol. Good luck sweetie with the move and everything!!

Carly J. Cais said...

Hi Caitlin! I've recently discovered your blog - and I just love it!
So I've given you a "One Lovely Blogger Award!"

You can get it here:

Good luck on the move & packing everything up (my rule for keeping clothes is if I can't see it in at least 3 distinctly different outfits and it isn't something I'm head over heels over...then OUT. IT. GOES! tho I do need something like, a major move, to make me do the purge!) Keep up the fabulous blogging!

cupcake♥trash said...

I recently moved out of state and had to get rid of so many clothes, you don't realize how much you have until you start going through it all.

Iva Messy said...

oh gosh!! I always go through cleaning my things out and then not knowing exactly what to do with it all. Usually I offer things up to my friends first, sometimes I know there is something someone wants so I give it to them...the rest I give to goodwill ;) GOOD LUCK!!

the "L" spot said...

if its good stuff i would try to get something out of it if its clothes that are old and not in style donate it.

my friends and i do a clothing exchange we all bring clothes we dont ware and then trade among eachother.

JaiMie said...

Oh my god, i just moved myself and could not believe how many things I had :S

My heart broke when I made a pile of them to give away :S But then again, look on the bright side of things. Old things out, new things in :)


Anonymous said...

these photos are GORGEOUS
i adore this
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments, i appreciate it


Holly Lefevre said...

Really, you have a lot of clothes?! I find that so hard to imagine...ha, ha! I am a clothes-crazy woman (event hough I am often not realy dressed up due to the kids)...4 closets full! Yikes. I am dying to see the overall skirt.

Anonymous said...

I am SO not a clothes horse, so I can't help ya here girlie! I'm desperately TRYING to become one so I can have this problem in the future! Can't wait to see photos of your hip/urban/downtown apartment!

Kim Axani said...

hehe, this post is cute. I guess it's better to have too many clothes rather than too little .. BUT I know what you mean. Too bad you couldn't store some at your parents house if they're in the same town? Love the clothes pin image, too cute.

Kate said...

I sympathise - I get waaay tooo attached to my clothes and can't bear to throw away.

Kate xx