Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sexy Never Dies

Bahhhh, I've been sick this week and I feel like I should be covered up like this:

{Yeah, I look like that this week minus the perfect eye makeup and porcelain skin and overall sense of beauty this girl oozes in her sick wear...but it's my blog so I can pretend this is who I'm emulating..}

While I'm being for certain entirely unsexy in my sweats and blankets... I started thinking of things that are always sexy to me...


Long Cigarette Holders

Trust me, I'm the biggest anti-smoker I know. The smell, taste and overall look of cigarettes gross me out (sorry my smoking readers). However, a fashionable lady with a long, elegant cigarette holder is almost worth lung cancer. Fancy a light? Um...Yes, please!


Clint Eastwoodesque Cowboys

Perhaps it's because I'm here on the West Coast or just loved Back II the Future III too much, but a burly, sexy, smoldering cowboy like Clint Eastwood? I'll certainly trade in Manolos for Stirrups and Saddles if one of these men is a perk. Giddy'up.


Feminine Athletes

Now, I love watching the human body perform in all competitions- be it Man, Woman or Child. But, (sorry Heidi Krieger)I love when I see female athletes that don't look like men. Blame the girly-girl in me, but Flo-Jo for instance (above) always had a full manicure, perfect makeup and styled hair for her races. She kicked ass and looked great doing it. I die.


White Tank Top and Jeans

This just might be my number one FAVORITE sexy wear. Though some may claim this is boring, I've never quite gotten over my obsession with white tank-tops and jeans. It's the only go-to basic, basic look I have that I don't feel any other accessories are necessary. If this were a black tank-top, I would have all sort of ideas to add spice to this 'fit, but for some reason- I think a white tank and classic denim is utterly sensational standing alone- no help needed. Messy Bed Hair is just the icing on the cake.



Whether you are fantasizing about being saved by one or you wish you were Supergirl... People with supernatural powers to do good in the world and who get to wear amazingly fun outfits (plus - ever notice how they're always in such great shape?)- are some of the sexiest characters we know. PS- Haven't seen "The Incredibles"? I suggest you watch it- such a cute movie.


Hint of Shoulder

What is it about that area? It opens up such a decadent and tantalizing side of someone and is always seductive without being slutty. I couldn't love this look on literally EVERY WOMAN more.


The Brawny Man

Old habits die hard. I remember in elementary school walking in the grocery store and my Mom told me to get the paper towels. After I laid eyes on this dashing, strong man, I informed my Mother I wanted to marry him... I still plan on making good on that promise.


I hope you're having a sexy, sick-free week! :)

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{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

haha alove it, i agree with like everyting.

sorry you've been sick :(

o said...

sorry to hear ur sick again. hope u feel better soon! great post! i totally agree with the white tank and jeans look. it's quite sexy:D i love flo-jo, too:)


Anonymous said...

sorry your sick!! sucky!

Nina said...

Ooooh! I can so relate to your list of sexy things!

Please get well soon!

Iva Messy said...

oh gosh!! I am so sorry. I hope you feel better soon!! ...and I always love a hint of shoulder, I think its awesome! Get well soon lady!!

bananas. said...

brawny man...HA! you kill me with that one.

a hint of shoulder is sexy...as is the back. always dreamed of having a britney spears back circa her "slave for you" days.

hope you feel better soon! xo.

naveen said...

hii how are u feeling today

nice stuuff this week u really feel sick

Alicia said...

the brawny man?!?!?! that's awesome!!! i always thought prince eric from the little mermaid was a hottie! and i totally agree with the off the shoulder peek...so subtle and so sexy! i hope you're feeling better lady!

ellinelle said...

..hello darlin ..brilliant post ..Im anti smoker as well..never smoked in my life but I always thought if I was to smoke I would do that glamorous like in picture : ))) ..love the white vest - it never goes wrong .. hope you feeling better ..have a nice day and thanks for comments ..

Meg said...

i LOVE the look of a white tank top and jeans. always thought it was so sexy yet simple. lurve it! my mom always wanted to marry the brawny man too. thats too funny. and yes im pretty sure the ONLY was smoking is sexy is if its hadled with a long holder. totally agree!!

Sher said...

Mmmm I'm loving this sexy post! Totally agree with the tank top with jeans and showing the shoulder bits! That sure as hell is sexy:P

Get well and back to being sexy soon!!


Audrey Allure said...

I absolutely agree with the long cigarette holder! haha Almost every other Halloween I dress up as someone back in the 50s or earlier with a cigarette holder. Absolutely love that classy feeling.

But I agree - I hate the smell, but I'm used to it since my dad's a smoker. lol

Nathalie said...

Get well soon, Caitlin. This first picture is absolutely amazing. I would love to look like this when I am sick :) Also I can totally relate to the shoulde and the jeans and white tank sexiness. Love that. And, wow, the athlete, she looks absolutley adorable. I am also always astounded what the human body is capable of doing!

Leah said...

I do believe that a hint of shoulders is really sexy... more mysterious.

And Mr Brawny, you made me laugh girl. You are too funny!

Get well soon! xoxo

Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree with you more on the tanktop and jeans and cigarettes. i hope you feel better!


Mari said...

bahahhahha The brawny guy??? omg I die that is hilarious!! and I love hints of shoulder and white tanks and jeans and long cigarette holders too but THE BRANWY GUY- BHAHHAHHA!! love you Caitlin so freaking funny!

Melissa said...

Being sick SUCKS! I hope you feel better soon!!! Thanks for a fun post despite the fact that your sickly.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

The hint of shoulder thing reminded me of those times in the past when just a sight of a woman's naked ankle could send a man into an ecstatic paradise haha Boring though... He'd pass out a few times before you finally remove all of the skirts and corsets bwahaha Okay, I'm just being silly :) I agree on female athletes and white tank + jeans, but no no to cigs and cig holders and all of that, no no no :)

Get well soon!!!

Annie said...

i agree with it all!
love white tanks and jeans!

i hope you feel better soon pretty girl!

Honey Bee said...

I totally agree with the shoulder bit and the white tank top and denim bit!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Feel better! I hope you are well by Valentine's day :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

The hint of shoulder always gets me too - I literally live in off the shoulder tops when the weather allows!!

I'm sorry you're feeling sick; get well soon my love!! :)

Ash Fox said...

major crush on clint! still!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Flo Jo did rock the house!

Graham I. Haynes said...

This was the random-est post I've read all week! I mean that in a good way, of course :)

I've always been amused by superhero costumes, and how they wear their underpants on the outside of their clothes.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you don't feel well girlie! Yuck! I have to say you got me a little excited, maybe I'm not as un-hip as I think? I wear white tanks (ie: wife beaters) and jeans ALL the time! It's my go-to outfit! At the start of spring, I go out and buy a half dozen white tanks, just to have on hand! Get better soon! PS: Cheer up, the Olympics start tomorrow and those snow boarding chicks are always cute!

the "L" spot said...

the hint of shoulder has to be my favorite!

hope you feel better soon!!

Juliana said...

Hope you are feeling better!!!!! I am your newest follower!!! oxoxo

Meg said...

I hope you feel better soon. I've loved long cigarette holders since I first watched 101 Dalmation and I didn't even know what it was for! But I'm a big anti-smoker, so I'll never get to use one :(

Unknown said...

love that first pic xxxx

Slamdunk said...

I hope you feel better for the weekend. I have had the blahs here as well.

zupu said...

That hint of shoulder is so true.. I love this post darling!

I'm sorry you are sick, I am too, again the second time in a row!
It's horrible because you don't feel so gorgeous. But I hope to be better after the weekend and re-enter the work on monday looking fabulous. Before I will do my manicure and pedicure, exfoliation to face and body, delicious face mask and hint of self-tan all over..

Buon San Valentino!

Natasha Gregson said...

I hate cigarattes too, but I wish Audrey wouldn't make them look so stylish, and I couldn't resist a long holder at a fancy dress party recently (minus the cigarette). And definetley agree on the athletes and shoulder showing !!

Unknown said...

hope you feel better soon x

For everything about fashion:

Fleur said...

Hope you'll be healthy again in a second!
I also hate smoking by myself but I think women with red lips smoking are totally sexy!
And I love that picture of Kate Moss, she looks so gorgeous!