Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brunettes do it better (for now anyway)

Hi guys & dolls,

Almost a week til my Sis' wedding which means it is go...go... go! I threw her Bridal Shower on Sunday and once I have time to get those pics on the computer, I will share a few because it was a lot of work but turned out beautiful :)

But, in the spirit of going to bed- here's a little about my life today:

Yesterday, I got my pre-wedding hair did and grew to love dark hair all over again:

All ready to be the Maid-of-Honor next weekend-also, I went against my post about how I love heavy eye makeup with this picture but as I stated- I have been so busy I haven't even had time to do my makeup!

I am so enjoying the dark hair. Blondies- dont' be offended about my next comment because I plan on rejoining that club in a couple months/switch from dark to light hair numerous times a year: but really, unless you've had dark hair, you have no idea how healthy and wonderful a good, solid, deep, rich dark dye job feels- bleach just can't reciprocate the euphoria.

I let my Mom make me some of her to-die-for quiche.

{I always love her presentation as well- thanks for the food and laughs Mommy-a}

I organized some frames:

I was packing all of these frames I have and got super excited for my new art wall when I move. I've purchased these over the years on purpose so when I move, I will have an eclectic wall inspired by many, many different colors and designs.

I watched my friends' dogs- they had just gotten a puppy.

{I couldn't resist taking pictures of them!}

I finally loaded some pics of me a few weeks back exploring downtown Portland:

{Me being shagadelic}

And... I came to the conclusion that the United States really needs a TopShop.

Update: the lovely Leah informed me we do have one in NYC- why, oh, why did I not know this when I was in NYC last September!

{I want!}

Bare with me a little longer...weekend after this is the wedding so I will be so busy. I hope to get the Bridal Shower post up in a couple days!

I hope life is grand!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Color Post: Tantalizing Teal

Good Evening Dahhhlings,

Since throwing my Sister's Bachelorette Party this weekend and staying the night in a beautiful, beautiful room at a hotel adorned in Teal... I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. So much so, that I'm questioning my black/purpleish bedspread in favor of this tantalizing color.

Thus, I present an inspired color post this evening... behold the beauty of Teal:

(I may or may not have thrown in a couple of me in my new favorite Teal shoes. Which ones? Hint: all images from me I always brand with my Blog name)

I hope you are as inspired by Teal as I am right now. Before I go, y'know what else is inspiring me lately?

The fact that my Dad dug out the good 'ol Super NES. I may have the skills of an 80-year-old when it comes to these new 3-D, war games (kids these days...) but I am quite the skilled player at Super NES.

{The Boy and Me on a Wine/Dinner/Super NES date... spectacular!!!}

In contrast, my Dad is having trouble finding his long-lost talent...

{Note that Donkey Kong & Diddy are nowhere to be found. They have just plummeted to their deaths on my Dad's watch. Sorry Dad.}

Have a spectealacular Friday!

(wow. lame)

All images not CANDYFLOSS&PERSIE BRANDED via WeHeartit & Google Images

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Black, White & Pink: Jocie's send-off

Hello my Pretties.

Remember when I said that this month was going to be the most insane of my life (for a recap as to why... click here)???

Well, this weekend was part of those chicken-with-my-head-cut-off times.

I threw my Sister's Bachelorette Party!! (Like a good Maid of Honor oughta'!)

{My favorite capture of the night of my Sister, the beautiful bride-to-be}

I have no energy to write a lot tonight (seriously, my life will be nonstop for the next 3 weeks) BUT I will walk you through a picture post of our beautiful day...

We started our day at a beautiful salon on the waterfront in downtown Portland to get Manicures and Pedicures...

{Bride-to-be and MOH walking to our mani/pedis}

{Seriously, how cute is that salon?? Loving the pink walls & chandeliers.}

{See the pink door? That's the front of the salon -opens right on the waterfront. Beautiful.}

{My Stepmom, Sister and Mom at the salon.}

{I forgot to wear cute flip-flops... silly me. I loved my black toes even though everyone else got pink. I'm the black sheep black toe.}

After we got our toes & fings' done, we ate some food, had some wine...yada, yada, yada... it was then that The Bridesmaids and Me had my Sister sent off for a bit while we checked into our sweet hotel for the night and started decorating.

{The room was gorgeous before we did anything to it. Me in the room upon check-in}

{Left: the beautiful seating set-up (thanks for the help Mom!) Right: Treats! Yum. Topped off with a beautiful groom&bride I found at The Dollar Tree. Classy.}

{Left: The Bar. All set and ready to go. Right: Karla, Ari and Me. Bridesmaid decorating crew-dressed in our Black, White & Pink}

{Decorating? Done! Ready to party!}

{Can you tell I loved what we did with her Bachelorette throne?}

Finally it was time for the guest of honor and the guests to arrive!

{Bride's here! Let's get this party started :) }

Everyone chatted and we played some great games. And then it was time for presents...

After all her beautiful lingerie was open...

We danced...

{Jocelyn doing her singles-ladies dance. Can't do that much longer!}

We took photos...

The party required you to wear Black & White with a hint of pink.

We laughed...


We took more pictures...

{Me, Ari, Karla & Jocie: A few male representations are definitely needed for a Bachelorette Party. Though we are all smiling like we are holding a puppy.}

{The Bridesmaids. Not all of them- but the ones who live on the West Coast :) }

{I hope you liked your party Jocie}

Then it was time to go out!!

{I was ready for the rest of the night}

{The group ready to see some boys}

{Shanin and Me: Into the club we go}


{haha, you look happy to be there Jocie!}

{Yeah, we had some traditional bachelorette fun.}

After we were out, it was time to drag our tired keesters to bed. We had some snacks and then fell asleep like it was going out of style. It was a great night and we had fun waking up in the hotel.

{We were there one night. Think we overpacked???}

So... I apologize for the delay in comments and posts. I will probably be in and out for the next few weeks (her wedding is in the first part of April and I am now bogged down with her shower that is this upcoming weekend). But I will be back and will blog when I can.

And most importantly-

  • Thank you to Karla & Ari for planning everything with me! (I have a new respect for these events- I had no idea how much planning goes into them)
  • Thank you to all the guests!
  • Thank you to my family for helping me with my Maid-Of-Honor tasks!
  • And... JOCIE: I hope you had a wonderful time. I only get to share sisterly love with one person in this world- I'm so glad that's with you.

I hope life is treating you beautifully.

In Portland or coming to it?

Pink & White Salon website here. The Nines hotel information here.


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