Monday, April 19, 2010

Packing sucks- exclamation point!

Okay, I lied.

I said the next post would be my Sister's wedding day.

But alas, it's late, late, late Sunday night and I have been packing all weekend in order to be out of my apartment on Thursday when our end date is.

{I need this kind of brazen support while I do this}

Not only is packing frustrating in itself but I am not well-suited to the task so it's been more daunting than I've accounted for. I have discovered that I reallllllly lived in this apartment and every nook and cranny is storing something that I need to determine if I want to keep or toss as well as how to package it... blah blah blah. I feel that moving is easier if you're an aggressive Type-A personality (I only dabble in some "A" traits).

{Me moving except instead of flowers and smiles it's sweating, tank-tops and frustration}

Anyway, in the name of staying fresh for work and ready for the busy week ahead of moving every evening , I decided to hold off on the lengthy wedding post til tomorrow.

So I wanted to share one thing that sparked my interest this weekend before my tired yet fabulous ass heads off to bed...

Aidan's return

(Sorry Big, I ain't mad at cha- got nothin' but love for ya)

Thanks to Jaime at La vie...J'aime, I just saw the Sex & the City 2 trailer last week! I have been DYING ever since. It literally has ceased to give me goosebumps everytime I watch it.

{Aidan is my favorite}

Trust me... I love, love, love Big but hands down, without a doubt- I am an Aidan girl. He is kind of my dream boat in a partner and I'm giddy to see him on screen again.

{All girls mimic the S&TC gals- but my group has a real-life red-haired Miranda - yes, her name really is Miranda and that really is her natural red-hair. I ♥ this fact}

So my thoughts on the subject were best represented in a G-Chat conversation I had with one of my wonderful friends, Tracy.

{Everyone likes a visual- Here's a pic of Me and Tracy}

So questioning Aidan's return was what I did this weekend besides pack... Wedding post tomorrow- here's a preview :)

{Jocelyn's Wedding Day coming soon! My Sister is the Bride, I'm on the far Right}

Why do YOU think Aidan is back in the picture? What do you think his story will be?

All Images not Candyfloss&Persie Branded from WeHeartIt

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Leah said...

Aidan's comebcak is the best mirage I ever had. I'm so excited. Thanks for sharing this full trailer.

Now lady, go back to packing. Hahaha!

Nathalie said...

Oh yes, packing really is a curse. I remember when my bf and I moved to England it took us DAYSSSS to pack. We packed until 1am and had to be at the airport at 5am. It was a horrible, yet a great and hilarious experience :)
And I just had the absolute same experience with the new trailer. Really having goosebumps. It is so funny how one can anticipate a movie, haha.
Hmm, I really have to confess I am not a huge Big fan. I think he is an a******. So I am really glad Aidan is back, but then again, Carrie hurt him really so deeply, I don't think they can have a happy ending. And how I LOVED the chat with your friend, haha :)
So, I wish you good luck packing... and the toss and take scene in SATC is too good, would love that!
Big Hug
P.S.: I think you would call a plaster a band-aid in the US?? Such a sticky strip to cover the blisters :)

ellinelle said...

I'm just so excited about SATC2 , I can't wait ..more that month still to go .. the fashion looks absolutely out of this world in this years's the FAIRY TALE ..
I don't have a clue what will happen , but I can't wait to dress up and go to cinema in style ..he he he

Natasha Gregson said...

I can't wait, the advert looks so fabulous!! Aidans gonna cause trouble!! :) xx

Slamdunk said...

Sorry to hear about your struggles with packing. I hate it and hope to never have to do it again.

Gia said...

Ohh dear, I hope you're doing great!
I love this post, all the photos are wonderful, especially the one from your sis wedding!
Plus, omg I can't wait to watch "Sex and the city 2", I am such a huge fan...I actually made my boyfriend watch it with me, it was fun:))
Take care:)


Sher said...

I saw the trailer the other day too! Well, I'm pretty sure Carrie and Big will end up together, but Aidan is a nice side plot nontheless:)

Happy packing haha!


Panty Buns said...

i wonder if contract negotiations have anything to do with Aidan being back in the picture and his future roll? After comparing the photos of the four women from "Sex and the City" and both you and your take or toss review panel, i think that you and your friends should be the next television stars. Straying from from picturing your friends as a take or toss review panel for you, i had a brief hot fantasy of the four of you reviewing each item i wear (i'm so self-centered). i do sympathize with your plight - all the work packing and saying goodbye to some things you like.

Nicole Jarecz said...

i love the first picture - those shoes are really cute!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

packing does suck but LOVE the pic for sex and the city.

erika sorocco said...

Personally, I've always wanted Carrie to end up with Aidan. I feel that he's so down to earth that it balances Carrie out. He's perfection! :)

o said...

oh man, i feel ya, not a big fan of packing either lol oh i haven't seen the new trailer, yet. thx for sharing! hmm, i agree with erika above, aidan seems to be a better match for carrie, but in the end she will still pick big. can't wait to see more wedding pics! u guys look great above!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

DAMNNIT!!! I wanna see the wedding pictures! LOL

Haha the dialogue between u and ur friend is priceless - and so normal. I am personally a Big-fan so to see Aiden return is exciting, but I don't think it's going to go anywhere... like, permanently.

Anyways! Good to see u! Looking forward to the wedding pix.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Claire Kiefer said...

Is it sad that the day I'm most looking forward to in 2010 is the premiere of Sex and the City 2?!?! I am chomping at the bit and counting down the days! Dying to know what's going to happen with Aidan . . . I mean, he's the most charming, lovable guy in the world . . . but is he really right for Carrie? The episode where she wants to go to Town. and he wants to go to K.F.C. always comes back to me as indicative of their vast differences. :( Either way, I'm spinning with excitement!!!

Laura said...

Aidan's return! agree agree agree! love your cute conversation

the "L" spot said...

Ohmygoodness!! You stole this post from my head I was literally working on it yesterday its on my "edit" now i wont though because you pretty much covered everything! And I am sosososososososo excited to see how they worked Aidan into it!

and excited to see your wedding pictures!

Mari said...

That picture is folks looks so fantastic! Moving stinks and if you need support I'll happily come to Oregon to have you toss whatever you don't want into my waiting suitcase...your fashion kills me! I'm still dying over those teal heels!

Tiffany said...

ooh, I can't wait for SATC 2 too! good luck with your move!

love the wedding preview, how cute with the umbrellas!

Sierra said...

good luck with the moving love, I know how stressful that can be! Thanks for the wedding teaser and I CANNOT WAIT for SATC2!!!! Aiden is going to be great and though I am a Big and Carrie fan of course, I like the side plot and agree with your convo, I don't think Aiden would do the same to Big that Carrie and Big did to Aiden.

Chelsea said...

having umbrellas as props is such a fabulous idea!

Prutha Raithatha said...

i can never get enough of sex and the city!!
follow if u like what u see?

happy day


Alison Kinsey said...

where are you moving to girlie? Sorry if I missed this in one of your previous posts!
I am so excited for SATC2 also! I was also super surprised to see Aidan back in the picture. I think he is so sexy (in a different way than Big), but I think at the time he was in Carrie's life, she was more into Big than him. I think your guesses will be spot on. They'll come close to almost doing it, then won't. I mean, if this is the final final movie, I'd be really surprised if they pulled Carrie away from Big!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

OMG, I love the use of umbrellas as props. SO cute! And I can't WAIT to see Aiden back in action! Although I LOVE Big and Carrie together, I married an Aiden!

bananas. said...

i don't know and i don't care. AIDEN IS BACK BWAHHHHHH!!!!! hahaha!

i'm such an aiden girl but i agree. he'll probably get hurt. oh wait, what if he hurts carrie. ooh that would be a shocker.

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Ohh Caitlin, you've so much going on!! :) Hope you do it better than Carrie would! :P :)

Kara said...

Hahaha that gmail convo is great. Sometimes I think about devoting an entire blog to my friends' and my gmail chats. Hilarity! I haven't seen the trailer for SATC2 yet on purpose...but I too LOVED Aidan and always wanted them to end up together!!!! He's a hot piece. Mmmm.

Alicia said...

ohhh boo to packing! but i LOVE redocorating with a clean slate! that pic of your sisters wedding is awesome...i LOVE the umbrella idea! CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Loving the pictures, as usual! Wanna see how the wedding day finally goes!

I think Carrie will be bored with Big when she bumps into Adrian...and she'll rethink her relationship with Big, only to realize that she has always loved Big and Adrian is just infatuation. And ofc, Big will be the knight in shining armour who will make Carrie realize that. :)

Unknown said...

cannot wait for sex in the city 2 and i hope your sisters wedding is great xxxxxx

Emily said...

I haven't even seen the first one yet! So behind.... :/ Ha.

coolboy said...

wow amazing tailer i like it

hey thanks for more information about sex and the city 2

take care
see you soon

Anonymous said...

wonderful post
i like the trailer i love your [pictures dear

Anonymous said...

There's no way someone could be that happy while packing!!! That picture is evil!!! Hahahaha...

OK, maybe with a cute red ford and flowers I'll be in a better mood myself!

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Ahhh!! I cannt wait for the wedding post, it is going to be amazing! And I love you have your own real life SATC friends. Super cute girly! xx

Scrummys said...

OH MY GOD! We need to go BIG for this one! Can't wait!!!!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Lol, is this weird that I have no idea who Aiden is? lol Okay, let's skip this haha I might be one of the very few who's not crazy about SATC. I want to see it, but not dying over it haha

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Good luck with packing...moving is so tough!

I LOVE THE SNEAK PEEK WEDDING PIC. Can't wait to see more!!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Sigh! The packing woes. I shifted house a couple of months back, so I know the trouble. But in all fairness, I did a pretty decent job. Which is saying a lot, as I hate packing.

Oh, and I am an out and out Big girl. Might have something to do with being on the wrong side of 30s.

mirmirzimzim said...

i dont care how many shout outs you give me...i'm carrie this go round. :-)

huwwy up and post wedding blog! what, you're a working girl now so thats your new excuse? hmmm....

Grumpy old man said...

Well, let no one ever say that you cannot multitask, coz you certainly and very effectively can!! I am amazed at how you also keep your posts up to date.
Thanks for sharing, lovely post, looking forward to the wedding pics.

The legs in my post, no not Kate Beckinsale, they belong to Ciara. Good guess though, Kate is my altime favorite.

Have a lovely day.


Vanessa said...

After all this time, I am just not a Big fan. I've always been Team Aidan and I totally fangirled (embarrassing, I know) when I saw Aidan in the trailer! I wish he'd be back for good!!!