Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lauren Conrad: You had me at 'Hello'.

Slowly but surely, I have fallen in love these last couple of years with none other than Lauren Conrad.

I started watching The Hills a few years back with no real interest in the show and a judgment of all the actors involved with it. But it only took a few episodes for me to realize a few things.

  1. Lauren Conrad is not a bimbo. Yes, she was born into a very affluent lifestyle but really, you can't judge someone solely based on that: People are born into what they're born into.

  2. With that said, no one likes a rich, mindless, stupid, worthless, gluttonous girl. I started to notice that she was none of these things. Of course she shops on a huge budget but she also always went to school and studied (i.e. LC is the anti-Paris Hilton who has the world at her feet and gains a mere GED. That is not the kind of person LC is), she always worked jobs beyond school and she hasn't had any evident breakdown showing that she can no longer handle her life in Hollywood.

    {One of these gals can handle fame and one cannot. I'll let you figure it out}

  3. But really... if we want to be honest, what I started to notice most about her was her look. Lauren consistently looks insanely amazing to the point where I don't even understand how it's possible that she always looks so fierce. She can go from classy daywear to smoldering nightwear and she has become very adept at always showcasing "sexy" in lieu of "slutty".

It is due to this love I have for Miss LC that I soak up any image/outfit/inspiration she will "give" me. And so is why I pieced together this number a few weeks ago:

Tie-back, backless Halter: BCBG Blue, Zipper-back skirt: Nordstrom Rack Shoes: Steve Madden

To me, it absolutely is LC inspired for one reason or another - just looks like her.

{Above: See? We're basically the same girl! (Or so I'd like to pretend)}

So anyway, that was my "pretend to be LC" post and if you think you've seen the last of her on this blog, you gone and done lost yo' mind.

Have a great weekend beautifuls!

All images via Google Images

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex & the City 2: no spoilers here! :)

Hmm... so I will keep this light as I saw "Sex and the City" on opening night and I know a lot of you haven't seen it yet so no worries... no spoilers here.

What I will say is that I wish the movie was .000000000678% half as good as the wardrobe was.

{Sarah- I am just as surprised as you that the movie wasn't that great}

Anyway, I was at work- tired and ready for the gym at the end of the day (my lifesaver- how anyone works an office job and doesn't exercise is beyond me)- when my friend Tracy emailed me saying that though our large group plan fell through to see the movie, her and my other friend Miranda, were still going to go and wanted to know if I wanted in.

Yes, I did.

{I forgot my camera- shoddy phone pics it is!}

So we took in the sights of the local mall as we waited for the movie.

We succumbed to the fun "Sex & the City" themed stores while we waited...

{Cocktails while you shop for necklaces? Yes, please!}

And we hit up the resident Wine bars for some pre-movie spirits, even though I do believe the people who wrote the menu had never seen the show because... Jungle Juice was an option for purchase... Really?

I have never paid for Jungle Juice in my life mostly because it was made by 20-year-old men and poured/served out of a large trashcan...I may have kissed a few guys after it though so I guess I did "pay" for it in one way or another...

{Odd drink list...}

AnyBig, because it was freezing cold and the three of us were still in our stiff, cold, starched work clothes we decided to stop by American Apparel to grab some socks to keep us warm during the film.

{Our new socks}

And then, right before the movie started, I asked a fellowmoviegoer to take a picture of us on my phone as I forgot my camera- so here we are, all half toasty in our thigh-high socks with formal business clothes.

{Tracy, Me and Miranda: lookin post-work tired and rocking a pencil skirt w/ thigh-high socks.. ugh. When I wasn't sitting I basically just looked like I was wearing heavy, heavy knit-tights most suitable for Antarctica.}

I had a wonderful time with my good friends Tracy and Miranda and I'm so glad we all went together and we definitely laughed at funny parts of the film. But, the movie in its entirety... ugh. Not very good... I so wish I could elaborate but I don't want to ruin anyone's experience. So I will say 4 things:

1. They all look amazing. Seriously.

2. Aidan- they did you wrong my Man...

3. The last 10 minutes in Abu Dhabi literally remind me of "Home Alone" films... super cheesey.

4. I wish I looked this cute hangin' around my house.

That's all for tonight- happy Friday and happy 3-day-weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doing anything fun for Memorial day?

What are your thoughts on SATC2?

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being a B*tch is like a fine wine...

Happy Wednesday all,

{SMILE: It's the middle of the week}

Besides feelin' pretty happy with myself for not being embarrassed at all about writing about my past life as a bedwetter in my last post, this has been about the most standard week I could have ever envisioned: work, gym, sleep- repeat.

Except one thing.

I was at New Season's grocery store today waiting to get my lunch when this older, older woman walks by me with huge bug-eyed sunglasses, a hat.... and from what I could see beneath her ginormous shades was basically a completely peeled off layer of skin

Sister looked like she had been at home in bed for the last 3 weeks healing and just decided to allow herself the humiliation of a quick jaunt to the grocery store.

When I saw her, I didn't think much of it and to be honest; It mainly just got me excited for Sex & the City this week because this lady looked like Samantha at Carrie's book launch party.

{Add 20 years and you basically have the lady from the grocery store}

Anyway, she walked by me and I really had lost interest anyway/didn't think much of it and thus I fiddled with my phone while I waited for my sandwich. A couple minutes later, the sandwich maker yelled out "Kayla" which sounds like "Caitlin" and prompted me to lift my starving head to see if it was my name. Right as I look up, RedFace is walking by and I glanced at her and then looked back down on my phone while I waited more.

A couple minutes later I feel a tapping on my shoulder - I turn to see Redface right there sans layer of skin and adorned with huge sunglasses... staring at me.

"It's the lazer treatments on my face."

"Oh, what?" - Me

Redface continued: "Were you looking at my face? You were looking at my face. It's the lazer treatments. You know the lazer treatments?"

I don't know what the lazer treatments are and I don't know that I cared (certain she was projecting her own insecurity into that question) but I looked at this lady who stood 5-inches from my face: She was probably pushing 70-years-old and still getting beauty treatments; still dressed to the nines; wearing huge sunglasses and furthermore, confronting another girl and standing up for herself when she thought someone was giving her a bad look and basically being a huge b*tch.

I think she might have been my hero.

{Meow- lady still had "it"}

I simply told her that I was just waiting for my sandwich and didn't mean to give her any such look. As she acknowledged my comment and walked away, head held high for her own reasons I assume- I realized that some people always are going to be who they are going to be. As Redface clearly showed me: you can take the girl outta her 20s but you can't take the 20s outta the gal.

But while I'm in my 20s... I may as well enjoy them as I've been doin' lately:

{All images taken within the last month- white BCBG Halter/tie-back top from Nordstrom Rack that I'm wearing above is one of my favorite summer shirts. }

I'm off to a baseball game tonight after work with my old boss/co-workers from an old job and I'm pretty excited about enjoying the summer hobby with old friends-

I hope life treats you beautifully today!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Everyone stops bedwetting at age 11.

Good Morning all,

On Sunday, I spent a chunk of the day at Powell's Bookstore with The Boy and stumbled upon Sarah Silverman's new book. I paused from my goal of finding this month's book for my book club and read a bit of this Jewish gal's words and cripes, she's funny.

My favorite part was the fact that the back jacket of her book is adorned with "advance praise for her book by children"(one quote simply says "Book." - Caleb age 3) I don't know what it is about her: she's foul-mouthed, offensive and horribly inappropriate but I find her to be hilarious. I mean how can you not smile when the section regarding her early years is headed with this: My Life Started by Exploding out of my Father's B*lls.

Too funny.

{Me, the former bedwetter, living a lovely life July 2009.}

Besides Ms. Silverman's filthy mind, what attracted me to the book was probably the title. Yes, I used to be a bedwetter. Until age 11, I was a shoo-in pee'er of the sheets. This created quite an uncomfortable scenario for me as it meant a few things:
  • That my Dad's hand would consistently drop down over my shoulder at about 7 PM, every/any night to remove any drink I had in front of me and inform me I was to not touch anymore liquid until the morning. Grand.

  • My sheets constantly crinkled as if I were sleeping on a tarp.

  • Constant fear of not knowing if I would pee my friend's bed when sleeping over (PS- I did about 6 times and everytime was worse than the last).

  • That my parents would be so tired of dealing with my problem that I was actually briefed on electric shock treatment that would buzz me awake if I started to hit a REM cycle. Thank God the marketing presentation scared them as much as me.

{Love liquid under my feet - esp. in my cute Jellies- but waking up to it is a nightmare}

One day when walking home from school with Shanin at about age 9, my best friend since age 6 and one of those people who I could tell anything to, I was complaining to her about my bedwetting problem. She had known a family member with the same issue and she said "Well, so-and-so used to pee the bed but when they turned 11 it just stopped!"

{Shanin and Me: all grown up}

I didn't realize when I heard those words but I somehow registered that and secretly began to bank on the fact that I too would just stop bedwetting at age 11.

Then, the following July, I woke up to the familiar feeling of cold on my sheets. As I roused my little 10-year-old self at 2 am to start my cleaning ritual I was so accustomed to, I remember stripping down out of my soaked clothes in the bathroom and becoming beyond frustrated that I had yet again peed during a dream. I remember sitting there cold on the floor hoping, praying that I too would stop this soon at age 11.

{Shanin and Me again}

I can't tell you if the following happened because of willpower or simply because it was my time but a couple weeks later I had my birthday, turned 11 and I never peed the bed again after that.

I have always wondered what the prompt was for that but I have always questioned if like Dorothy, I had had the power to stop peeing the bed all along but I didn't realize I could do it on my own. Or if it was simply my time to learn the signs of my body and to eradicate myself from the burden of bedwetting.

Regardless of reason, I soon relinquished all the stress and worry that comes with being a bedwetter and have enjoyed many-a-dry-sleepovers since. I don't know what finally pushed my body and me to rid myself of this issue but I do know that focusing on improving yourself in every way does play a role in how your body responds to you- mind over matter.

{my friend Miranda and Me: life after bedwetting ;) }

PS: I did "relapse" a couple times at the age of 19 and 20 but I fully blame that on a certain fraternity and their copious amounts of Jungle Juice and rap music. But that's another story for another time...

{This can lead to bed-peeing during the college years.}

Did you manage to "beat" any childhood behaviors???