Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex & the City 2: no spoilers here! :)

Hmm... so I will keep this light as I saw "Sex and the City" on opening night and I know a lot of you haven't seen it yet so no worries... no spoilers here.

What I will say is that I wish the movie was .000000000678% half as good as the wardrobe was.

{Sarah- I am just as surprised as you that the movie wasn't that great}

Anyway, I was at work- tired and ready for the gym at the end of the day (my lifesaver- how anyone works an office job and doesn't exercise is beyond me)- when my friend Tracy emailed me saying that though our large group plan fell through to see the movie, her and my other friend Miranda, were still going to go and wanted to know if I wanted in.

Yes, I did.

{I forgot my camera- shoddy phone pics it is!}

So we took in the sights of the local mall as we waited for the movie.

We succumbed to the fun "Sex & the City" themed stores while we waited...

{Cocktails while you shop for necklaces? Yes, please!}

And we hit up the resident Wine bars for some pre-movie spirits, even though I do believe the people who wrote the menu had never seen the show because... Jungle Juice was an option for purchase... Really?

I have never paid for Jungle Juice in my life mostly because it was made by 20-year-old men and poured/served out of a large trashcan...I may have kissed a few guys after it though so I guess I did "pay" for it in one way or another...

{Odd drink list...}

AnyBig, because it was freezing cold and the three of us were still in our stiff, cold, starched work clothes we decided to stop by American Apparel to grab some socks to keep us warm during the film.

{Our new socks}

And then, right before the movie started, I asked a fellowmoviegoer to take a picture of us on my phone as I forgot my camera- so here we are, all half toasty in our thigh-high socks with formal business clothes.

{Tracy, Me and Miranda: lookin post-work tired and rocking a pencil skirt w/ thigh-high socks.. ugh. When I wasn't sitting I basically just looked like I was wearing heavy, heavy knit-tights most suitable for Antarctica.}

I had a wonderful time with my good friends Tracy and Miranda and I'm so glad we all went together and we definitely laughed at funny parts of the film. But, the movie in its entirety... ugh. Not very good... I so wish I could elaborate but I don't want to ruin anyone's experience. So I will say 4 things:

1. They all look amazing. Seriously.

2. Aidan- they did you wrong my Man...

3. The last 10 minutes in Abu Dhabi literally remind me of "Home Alone" films... super cheesey.

4. I wish I looked this cute hangin' around my house.

That's all for tonight- happy Friday and happy 3-day-weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doing anything fun for Memorial day?

What are your thoughts on SATC2?

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Unknown said...

Hiya! Thanks for the review! I'm going next week - but my expectations are low ... so hopefully I'm still not disappointed!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great or not, I'm dying to see it and am so jealous of you!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

You know what? I LOVE the idea of wearing knee high socks in the theatre to keep you warm during the movie! Especially if you take your shoes off and curl in your seat haha

Kim Axani said...

Ahhh you lucky girl you saw this already.
I heared it wasn't that great but still dying to see it!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Seeing it tonight- despite mixed reviews, I cannot wait!!

Happy Memorial Day weekend- Enjoy it, girl!! :)

Panty Buns said...

Those camera phone photographs are great! i love the big smiles and your sexy thighs showing above your thigh-high socks. There is no doubt in my mind that you look way more cute than Sarah Jessica Parker does whether you are hangin' around your house - or anywhere else.

Alison Kinsey said...

i cannot wait to see the movie!! you girls looked so cute rocking those socks! haha
it's too bad the movie didn't exceed your expectations. i probably won't be seeing it this weekend, but i hope i like it!

Vanessa said...

I can not waaaait to see this movie! I'm totally team Aidan. Your pics are adorable!!

Happy weekend!

Claire Kiefer said...

Gotta say, I loved it. Not as eventful as the first movie, but I always love SATC . . . they looked amazing, I loved seeing Aiden again, it made me want to go to Abu Dhabi, some parts were funny, and some of the bonding moments were fantastic (I loved Charlotte and Miranda's conversation about motherhood). I'm already excited to see it again!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

I agree, C. I saw the movie last night and it was good, but, you're right, not amazingness.

I will still see it again though, and likely buy it to ensure my S&TC set stays complete ;)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

PS - love the sock story! LOL .. and the jungle juice - ewwww

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I saw it tonight, was cute, but a little less what I expected, but I still loved it... they looked great.

Rohini said...

I can't wait to see it even though most people are saying it wasn't as good as the first.
And the world would be a better place if we all looked that cute just hanging out at home. ;)

Sher said...

I don't see the need for a SATC sequel but I would definitely watch the movie for their gorgeous wardrobe:)


micol zanzuri said...

i actually did not like the looks... i'm sorry

i actually wa sfealing bad for what she wore at the wedding

Grumpy old man said...

Hi, thanks for sharing, you guys look great. I havent seen the movie yet, but have seen the first one. Will make a point of seeing this one also.

Hope your weekend is going well.

Unknown said...

i still need to see this movie, after my exams! x

bananas. said...

so i saw it last night and while i didn't LOVE.LOVE it...i didn't exactly think it was horrible. the end was cheesy though...i agree with you on that. but samantha's hilarious antics made up for it. she became my favorite after that sequel.

Anonymous said...

love the blog! shame to hear the film wasn't that good...I'm finally going to see it after work with my girls this week--I might have to steal the sock idea to keep us all warm in *our* work clothes!

agree about the gym. The minute I started working in an office all day = I was at the gym.

Nathalie said...

I also had mixed feelings about satc 2... in the end, I really liked the movie and cannot wait to watch it in english, again (sounds sooo weird in German, haha... the voices dont fit at all).
Anyways... love to see pictures how you experienced the movie. Nothing better than sharing it with your friends

Sierra said...

I loved the movie and thought they did the best they could with it, I think it could have been better but it was still good I think. I LOVE her closet and some of those scenes were super silly but yes corny too! :)