Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chicago: Where the Heart is.

Who in Oregon slept with Mother Nature and never called her back?

This rain is really bumming me out today. After last weekend's sun fest (shown here & here), the sun has ceased to show her face and it is making me want to heave on out of this city. I am not willing to endure months on end of rain (as we gladly do here in the NW) without being able to cash in on that investment in June and enjoy our usual orgasmic summers.. I have thought about moving for a few years now but today, it's really making me want to act on it.

On my lunch break today, I literally was in my car waiting for a storm to pass before I went in because it was pouring movie rain and blaring thunder.

Where would I go?

A big, northern, cold-weather city (no dreams of moving to Cali for this girl)- one with tank-tops in the Summer and down-parkas in the Winter. NYC would be nice but Chicago would be ideal.

I fell in love with Chicago a couple summers ago when I had to fly there numerous times for my job. I spent weeks in the city in the Winter and the Summer, and fell in love with not just the enormity of it but the culture of its residents. The area was swarming with attractive, kind, fun people. I loved the architecture, I loved the parks... I loved everything.

To move there would require a large investment in time, relationships and change and I have yet to make a step of such nature but I think I have to. Not tomorrow, not in the coming months.. but on a 1-5 year plan.

{2008. Navy Pier, Chicago. Conor (bro), Me}

I work for a Fortune 500 company (we're in the top 100). I am not saying this to impress anyone as it holds no bearing on me, but to demonstrate that there's a vast network within my organization to help me grow professionally and get to a place where I could make the move to another city and stay with my company.

{On the L-train platform with my co-workers on our free night-I'm on far right}

I looked today at the location of our office in Chicago- and it's smack.dab.in.the.middle.of.downtown.

{Gotham City, Chicago. Conor (bro), Me}

That little bit of knowledge has helped me gain insight today that there's a potential opportunity down the line for me to try and do what I've wanted to do for so long.

And that knowledge, my lovely bloggy friends, is the sun peaking through the clouds after an unwelcome Thunderstorm in June...

Where would you go if you were to move tonight???

All images taken with my camera in Chicago while my little Brother visited me during my work trip in 2008. Non-Candyfloss & Persie marked B/W Chicago portrait found here.

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Claire Kiefer said...

To move spontaneously?? I think Buenos Aires. I've never been there, but everyone says that it's amazing: delicious food, beautiful people, great culture, etc. So fun to dream about uprooting :)

Unknown said...

I would go to Paris, I think. I am still craving it since I was there.

Love the first line of the blog btw. And yeah - what in the hell is with this weather!!?!?! Will the rain EVER stop??

o said...

hey u! sorry i haven't visited ur blog in awhile. i'm slowly getting back to blogging again. how have u been??:) i agree, chicago seems like an amazing city to live in:) if i could move anywhere, it would probably be to san francisco for a year:D i love the bay area, the diversity, culture and of course FOOD! lol have a great week, caitlin!


Unknown said...

The utmost honest truth -I'd move where love is. (wow -shocker right?) I moved to LA to get away from a failed love, and I moved for my love of "the dream." But, at the end of the day, love is the most important.

YET I CAN'T SEEM TO MAKE UP MY MIND. It's very hard deciding to move to Portland after reading this story-or any FB status that says "Thinking of moving," or "RAIN I hate you" or whatever. But, then again, the weather is not what I'd be moving for.

The Sm .. man :( If that wasn't what it is right now, I'd even move across the country... Oh well.

I don't want you to leave if I'm coming soon! I need to go see a psychic.

Oh ... btw :) my mom has been in Chicago this week for Judge's meetings ... and LOVE YA BABE -BUT- Portland has had nicer weather than Chicago.

IN Jesus' name, Amen.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Chicago! My husband and I went back in '07 and it might be my favorite city.

Anonymous said...

If I had to move.. I think i'll go to Paris, it's not far from where I'm living now :)
xx from belgium :)

Leia said...

fun pictures! you are such a pretty girl :D

Slamdunk said...

Chicago's a great town.

I would move somewhere South--it is where I am used to and I would enjoy shoveling less snow in the winter months.

Unknown said...

Caitlin, I would totally move there with you! I love Chicago so much, one of my favorite cities for the EXACT same reasons, I am right there with you, love that town! XO!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I love Chicago!!! Seriously, Michigan Ave, Navy Pier, Tempos (if you haven't had breakfast there, you must: be prepared for a wait and bring cash), Frog Bar, The Hung Up... Such great memories!!! =)

erika sorocco said...

Ah, Caitlin...you have so made me desire a visit to Chicago. If I could move right now it would be to New York City. I'm originally from there, and I will never fall out love with the fast-paced, hustle and bustle, city that never sleeps ambiance! :)

Anonymous said...

I've lived in a lot of cities (NY, Dallas, Charlotte, SF) and I have to say, Chicago is one of my favorites! I lived there for 7 months and I love everything about it! It's such a fun, young city, even the awful winters don't make it suck! You should do it while you're young, just sayin!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I've never been to chicago, but want too!

Leah said...

Pouring movie rain? That's bad! Hahaha! I can imagine the big angry rainfall, just like in the movies.

Chicago is good. I want to move to San Francisco tonight. But I'll wait for a couple of years maybe.

BTW, I love the profile pic on your sidebar. Cool! xoxo

J. said...

I'm starting with a big finance/accting company in July and they have offices all over the place, so I'm already picking out my new dream city!

Chicago and Boston are my top 2!


Vanessa said...

I've always wanted to visit Chicago. It looks like so much fun! One day!

I'd move to Cali. I'm one of those girls. I've gone twice in the past year and a half and fell in love. I'd go right now, if I could bring my niece. She's the only thing keeping my grounded where I am.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I love Chicago! Visited a friend who lives there few years ago...

I would move to London or Fiji lol

Unknown said...

I'm the opposite of you.. I hate the sun and love the rain but then again I live in the desert. I NEED a place with nature, with trees and lots of green stuff and wildlife. And rain! But I want to be close to a city since I'm a Vegas girl after all. So I really really want to move to Seattle Washington and I've thought about Portland Oregon.

Kayla said...

Your blog is amazing. I am your newest follower!! Oh and I think I am spontaneously moving to San Fran. It's one of my favorite places, why not live there?

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

LadyBugSays ... said...

Fab post! I don't know exactly where I would move to but it would have to be by the sea and very laid back, I could never do city living!

Keith said...

Great photos. It rained here a lot yesterday. I've been really wanting to go to NYC. I've been to Paris before, but I definitely would love to be there again.

Emilie said...

Great photos!
I would go to NY!

Kim Axani said...

Love that first pic, it's sooo cute!
Also have to say I love how often you update your blog .. it's always good for a new read every day.

Sierra said...

that sounds like a good move for you, especially since you are missing the sun! I am looking forward to my move near the beach, but even more so I'm looking forward to moving with BK to northern CA one day. It's so gorgeous there!! Hope your sun comes back soon girlie.

the "L" spot said...

obviously to Oregon! I want rain so bad this heat in AZ is killing me! I've always wanted to live in the east coast too though!!

Elena S. said...

you look so cute in the pics!!

great blog btw ! lovely pics
id love for you to check my blog out
and dont forget to enter in my giveaway- ends tonight!!

Panty Buns said...

I'm from the East Coast, so Maybe Portland, Oregon. i've never been there or to Vancouver either. When it's really hot it might be nice to visit Toronto. i've never neen to Canada and i've heard that city's nice.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

We've got a Chicago trip planned in May and I can't wait! If I were to move anywhere tomorrow I would move back to D.C.

Kara said...

Damn girl, I am NOT showing this post to my bf who is an avid Chicagophile. He was born there and grew up in South Bend so he's obsessed. I think you might have read my posts from our vacation last winter when we spent a weekend in Chicago....COLDEST. TIME. OF. MY. LIFE.

I seriously need to check this place out in the summer. Looks kinda fab.

Sabo Skirt said...

We love the Chicago Dogs picture! It looks like an ad hehe

xx .sabo skirt.


Kate Gene said...

The first line of your post made me ROFLcopter, it was that funny! XD

You look great, BTW! Love the hair color, tan, and lipstick!


ellinelle said...

..hey Caitlin ..
.. It's very familiar topic , I live in England for last 4 years and I have seen nothing more then grey rain almost every day ..I could scream right now ..it just depresses me sooo much ..
..I would move somewhere HOT , at least at summer ..I love Portugal so I would love to move there or Italy ..but in the perfect case it would be some exotic island - I don't believe somewhere can be too hot : )

p.s Riga is capital of Latvia , it's in Europe and I am originaly from there , well , we have very cold winters there , even till minus 30 BUT we also have very hot summers + 30 and that's great because it's better that you have all 4 seasons not all year round like autumn , like it's in UK ..

Ellinelle xxx

Holly Lefevre said...

If I could move anywhere...back to L.A. - other than the traffic which is pretty much all big cities - no place better for me. I think Chicago is amazing. Who knows I may be moving soon too?????