Thursday, June 24, 2010

Embody the Black Pumps

This week has been black, black, black.

No! Not because the weather has been bad (it has picked up a bit much to my complete and utter delight) but because our office has been swarming with... dum dum dum... bigwigs from our corporate home office.

I personally believe that every Boss in the history of time likes when he/she sees that their employees put some effort into how they look at work. It may be a casual atmosphere and you might not see clients in your day-to-day but damnit, I swear Bosses appreciate seeing you making an effort to look like you're at a job and not at a backyard grilling (why are people still wearing Fleeces & Doc Martens to work?- explain this to me.)

And when your Boss' Bosses are in town-- I guarantee they appreciate you dressing a bit more appropriate and put-together.

I took that to heart this week as our sweet little office has been swarming with suits from the East. I wanted to remain as I usually am at work (dresses, slips, blouses, etc) but remove loud trends that I sometimes add (large necklaces, bright-colored dresses). And, I have found over the course of these last few (documented) days- that to me, "work summer semi-formal" is Black & White.

Okay- the one in the dead center was worn for drinks after work but it works with my whole "only black this week vibe".

Few things of noteworthiness:

  1. I think simple, black, pointed pumps are necessary for all girls: they're classic, elegant and work when you don't need or want your shoes to speak for you- they're understated style.

  2. I am obsessed with my Calvin Klein full, polka-dot skirt. (shown in 4 images). I love the work-appropriate length, I love the diminishing design... I l-o-v-e it (it has pockets!).

  3. Belts are so great in the office.

(I took the above shot on my drive home from work 6.24.2010 and even though it was a Thursday, I think it looks like a Friday 5 PM shot. Also, my Sister has told me my whole life that I have the ugliest feet she's ever seen - so I dedicate this picture to you Jocelyn.)

Well, today is Friday! And that means that at 5 PM sharp... I will no longer care about dressing in a formal manner without trends- I will be ready to kick off the black pumps, slip into something more comfortable and relax... weekend, weekend! :)

How are you spending your weekend??

PS- thank you to the lovely, talented Holly for awarding me in her "Tickled Pink" series!!! I love her artful, creative, warm blog and love that I'm part of her Tickled Pink series- thanks Holly!

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this free bird said...

i was just going through some pics getting ready for tonight's post, reading some kind words a friend sent and procrastinating when i saw your comment.

so i'm following so we can stay in touch. xoxo

ps - that calvin klein skirt is off the hook adorable on you, i couldn't agree more about a staple black pump for every girl, hel-looo on dressing up when the big bosses are in the office, and finally - yahoo on your foot. i totally drive that way too!. kindred spirits. :) xo

Stevie said...

I have several pairs of basic black pumps that are all slightly different. My mum always asks me "Why do you need that many pairs of black shoes?!" Because this pair goes best with those pants, and THAT pair goes best with THAT skirt! Obviously! :-)

You always look fabulous. I absolutely LOVE that black and white skirt! Where did you get it?

Holly Lefevre said...

That skirt is awesome. Just truly fabulous! I totally agree with you...people respond better to you when you look work appropriate and bosses do appreciate it on men and women when they look nice at shows a certain level of care! You won this week's tickled pink should link this post is great!

Unknown said...

love all the different looks!

Anonymous said...

Love all your outfits! Spending the weekend out of town so... I still need to pack haha. (At the moment painting my nails is more important.)

Holly Lefevre said...

Thanks actually link this post...go on over to my blog and at the every bottom it say click here to enter...just follow the prompts...and email me your address for your surprise ( I had something picked out...but think I need to revamp it...since you are so stylish!

Claire Kiefer said...

The Calvin Klein skirt is AMAZING and looks wonderful on you! I noticed it immediately and love the pattern, design, shape, etc . . . it's perfect! :)

Sweetly Surprised said...

I wish you could be in charge of what I wear everyday. If you only knew how much I do not care about clothes. So strange-I care less in LA (fashion city) than I used to.

Your sister would hate my feet. I like your feet, and I love the picture :) You look so cute in all of your pictures. I applaud you for dressing up extra this week. When i worked in Savvy ... you can only imagine. I'm pretty sure my boss hated me due to the fact that I was interested in wearing stuff from HS. whateva!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!

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Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I must say, I am obsessed with that skirt too! Adorbs and pockets- yay!

Happy Friday!

erica said...

Loving the outfits! You always look absolutely fabulous.


noone said...

great outfits! I think a pair of black pumps is essential to any women's closet!

Unknown said...

I totally agree, you should definitely put some effort into what you wear at work! Duh! I know, some people just shock me! Great outfits, very professional but you still look gorgeous! XO!

Nathalie said...

The b/w skirt really was a great investion. It looks fabulous. Really like how the pattern changes over the skirt.
I think you created some really hot but business adequate outfits!!
Wish you a wonderful weekend
P.S. Your foot picture dedicated to your sister made me laugh a lot!

Kim Axani said...

Looking great in your work clothes, Caitlin!
Love that car pic, so symbolic of the way I'll be feeling today @ 5pm.

erika sorocco said...

I should probably buy a pair of black pumps - my closet is a shrine to boots and wedges!

Ah, Caitlin, words cannot even begin to explain how head over heels (no pun intended!) I am for your Calvin Klein polka-dot skirt. It is just heaven! And there are pockets...pockets are one of my requirements when it comes to skirts. Love!

I am spending my weekend working. Until Sunday; then it's all about the shopping!

Happy, Happy Weekend!! :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

You are drivign with your feet up like that?? Please tell me you don't, this seems like a very bad idea to me, we don't want you to get hurt, do we? ;-)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Oh and I love your glasses in the first pic, fierce!

Fleur said...

I'd be obsessed with the polka dot skirt too if I had one. It's gorgeous! And I can't imagine how can anyone EVER wear Dr. Martens, not just at work. I just hate these shoes... :P :)

Unknown said...

You have an extremely wonderful style sense, I liked all your pictures, you look awesome :)

Vanessa said...

You are too cute!

Pumps & I are not friends. Or I should say pumps and my feet are not friends! I love them but the pain always outweighs the cuteness.

Mari said...

No LC or Zooey Deschanelle for me... Caitlin YOU are my style icon!!! Seriously I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL THE OUTFIT PICTURES YOU PUT UP!!! LOOOOVVVEEE!

Unknown said...

1) Last pic is ew. EW!

2) Speaking of black, I seem to be missing a certain black, button-up sheer top...know where it may be???

3) Really hate the last pic.


your adoring sister :)

mirmirzimzim said...

i wish you should just dress me every day! so adorable. maybe you should take my job and be an apparel merchandiser?? hmmm.

older sisters are so mean! (i am one)

Kara said...

Girl you are fly!! I love those teal pumps, and the black ones too. So classy. That skirt is to die for! I think if I ever got the chance to raid your closet, I'd die and go to heaven :)

the "L" spot said...

Love that last picture! I didn't expect it to be yours, I thought you just found it from somewhere it looks straight out of a vogue catalog! Love your work wardrobe too! Especially how you paired that one outfit with the turquoise shoes!

Leia said...

can you believe i don't own a pair of black pumps?? i think they just don't suit me!!

ellinelle said...

..ciao ciao ..
..I am with you about office dress up , I actually like 'office style' ..I think it's very sexy , maybe it's very stereotypical , but I do think like that , you know , the secretary tipe dressing ..I also don't know why people wear fleeces etc ..I mean you could wear good jeans + classic style blouse and jacket , and heels will do the work as well but some baggy jumper no no : )

..are you not already on your work building desk as a ' best dressed' if not you should be there : ) because you look so great ..and that is every working day ! I think you should have a bigger salary for that ..oh yes : )

I love that black skirt suit on you - you look classy and so sophisticated ..and those dotty skirt is Perfect , it makes the look chic but still very girly feel in it ..


Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

I agree, I like to live by the motto:

'Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want'

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

PS - Not really thinking you have ugly feet... at all. I've seen MUCH worse :P

Sierra said...

Your feet are gorgeous girl! I love all of your black outfits, I've seen this a lot this summer and it's great for the office!