Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Man in Me.

I'm a pretty big girly-girl.

I live by stereotypical girl law: I like doing my hair, obsess over clothes, have less fun if I don't feel pretty, cry when I'm upset, drool over dresses and need to get a fan and a towel whenever I see Josh Duhamel.

But that's not every aspect of me- I'm not a delicate flower... I do chores and yardwork, I wash my car manually and I always, always did sports growing up as opposed to dance club or cheerleading etc.

Some of my "masculinity" is cool (see: I did Sports) and some is just... not attractive.

Herein lies a few of my masculine traits:

I rarely have painted nails

{My non-related-by-blood cousin and me with essentially, the same hand}

Trust me, nail polish is cute, cute, cute and I love it and you would sooner see me willing myself to gain 10 lbs than having my toenails unpainted. But fingernail polish? Such a hassle, typically chips after a few hours (for me anyway) and I always choose paying for a Pedi over a Mani. I sometimes paint my nails but for the most part- they are unpolished, unbuffed and un-pretty.

I love Bugs and Creepy-crawlies

{Channeling Britney}

Ever since I was a little girl, bugs have been my friend. They're everywhere, fun to find, fun to watch (have you ever watched a colony of ants?? Fascinating!) and I have never not been interested in them.

Exception: Bees. I hate, hate, hate Bees because they are basically the Taliban in flying form: ruthless, militaristic and disarmingly cruel. (Don't feel too complimented Taliban, at least Bees serve a purpose...)

I'm a Dive Bar/Beer Girl.

(Beers while camping at DMB concert? Natch! Me, Tracy, Megan}

I drink cocktails sometimes when I go out mainly because I wear tighter clothes at night and don't need 20 lbs of cheap ale nestled right below my bosoms but hard alcohol is not something I really enjoy nor are insane clubs. Don't get me wrong- I go to them sometimes (I'm not the downer friend who can only go where she wants) but I don't have that much fun. Where I do have fun? Pubs, sitting at a table with my friends, talking over beers.

Don't cuddle me while I sleep

Cuddling has its place: while watching TV, upon the morning light, for a bit when you first get into the bed and after a little romance and passion (if you know what I mean..) but when it's time to sleep... please stick to your side and let me starfish out.

Where does the opposite sex shine in you???

{You have to be stereotypical when you play}

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Unknown said...

OMG - you and nail polish - AAHAHAHAHA! Whenever I think of your hands I think of chipped polish :) And yes...your love of bugs has perplexed me since we were wee little ones.

As for my masculinity??? I am just perfectly feminine and always dainty ;)

ps - I think my answer is feeling fishy, wet and squishy - heehee

Anonymous said...

I don't like to cuddle, either! Glad someone else understands :)

Kate Gene said...

Dive bars (and crappy karaoke bars) are pretty much the only ones my hubby and I like to go to. Love 'em!

I love football so much that I play Fantasy Football every year. I truly enjoy it! I don't claim to be a football expert, but I definitely have a deep love and understanding of the game. Go Hawks!!!! :)

Great post!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Great post, I like it!

I love nailpolish, haha im addicted and paint them 24/7.. but I do have masculine traits.


I love getting dirty. - mud fights, food fights, whatever.
I love wrestling, kickboxing, fighting.
I love wearing boy shorts, haha.

Panty Buns said...

It is nice to be able to spread out on a bed realitvely unencumbered and still have someone right there so you have the option to touch and cuddle when you feel like it. Most guys don't realize how much work makeup can be. It can take a long time to get it right, and nailpolish is a fragile art. We both hate bees. Where does the opposite sex shine on me? Probably just in the flash of photographs (in my dreams) posted on the internet. Careful with that snake!

Unknown said...

I am the same way with the no cuddling when I want to sleep and the reptiles and bugs.. Minus bees, roaches, spiders, and scorpions. Those all freak me out, everything else is super cool.

I also don't really like to dress up and wear make=up.. I only do it if I have to be seen in public, other then that I'm in sweats or jeans.

Alexandra said...

I don't like to cuddle when i want to sleep either :) and i like fixing up classic cars. I do love ants too and most bugs but not wasps or daddy long legs xx

Gitte said...

Cool post to read :-P!

Do not forget to enter for the blog giveaway which is ending soon

Leia said...

Haha, this post made me laugh! Loved it. Where does the opposite sex shine in me? Umm... nowhere! I think I'm just the ultimate girlygirl :P

Unknown said...

That's so funny, you are JUST like me when it comes to the nail thing, NEVER, even in winter, will you see my toes unpainted, but I rarely if ever wear nail polish on my fingernails, I just trim and buff them! Too funny, I kind of thought I was the only one! But nail polish, though gorgeous, on hands is such a pain, I can never keep it up! Have a great weekend, love! XO!

ellinelle said...

...oooh , this was such a great post to read ..I definitely have man in me as well , I am serious , I can fix things , like chairs and tables etc and I am not afraid to say that ..I actually love cutting the grass and other things and I enjoy it ..I am about very active lifestyle - can't stand the moaning couch potatoes ..
I love little cute bugs and I am fascinated by ants - so amazing creatures ..
..the thing why I have acrylic nails - because it's too much mess with the real ones , like you describe that , if it's nail polish - no longer then one day false in this case is easy and nice : )

LadyBugSays ... said...

Fab post, definately know what you mean about having space when your sleeping!!

J. said...

I NEED my own space when I sleep! I even almost went and slept on the couch once haha

cute post :)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I am not like a girly romantic at the Ick Factor SATC me the icks! :)

Happy friday!!

Dallas Shaw said...

i bet you friends appreciate you documenting all of your fun times with them with unique photos. you'll be glad you did

Nathalie said...

Haha.... loving it!!! Seriously!! Especially find the non-cuddeling adorable. I think my bf would be happy if I had a little bit of this trait (I DON'T)... haha. Also loving the pic with the snake. I seriously like snakes and a lot of reptiles... but bugs, yuck...
Even though I am also really girly in most aspects of my life, I still don't need to be wrapped in cotton (well, sometimes that's nice though) and I really like getting my hands dirty. I worked at a roofer once and really enjoyed doing physically exhausting work.
Have a great weekend, Caitlin

Leah said...

I was looking at my fingernails while I was reading your post... I am so like you... I don't paint my nails... pedi instead of mani.

Masculine traits? I drink beer with the boys, play poker with them... me, being one of the boys.

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

erika sorocco said...

Yayay for bugs and creepy-crawlies! I literally rescue snails wherever I go - weird, I know! :P

Other masculine traits...I'm known for doing pretty good BMX stunts. I was a total tomboy when I was younger! :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

LOL at starfishing out! Interesting list, Caitlin!!! Hard for me to think of mine, as it's late here and I'm about to embryo out (my sleeping pose of choice), but the first thing that comes to mind is I truly hate doing my hair/applying make up/painting my nails etc. I do that and always make sure I look presentable, but I really really really dislike it, would rather have someone else do all of that for me lol Oh, I looove snakes, btw, not so much bugs... But I agree - ants are cool to watch!! Oh, and another thing - I'm horny and think about sex more than most of my male friends, if something isn't sexy it just doesn't make any sense to me! Weird, but I've been like that since I remember myself lol

Kara said...

Awesome post. I LOVE dive bars and beer, omg. Love them. I would live in them if I could, lol.

Sometimes I don't like to shower every day.

I love camping.

Sharing food/eating off someone else's plate totally doesn't gross me out.

That's about it! Gross right?

Stevie said...

You and I are like peas in a pod. I love pretty things, but I also love gettin' dirty. I love my tools, especially my power drill. I'd much rather spend a sunny day hiking than shopping. I most definitely prefer pubs where I can actually have a conversation over a loud club.

But I think it's good to have the balance like we do. It makes us more well rounded. :-)

Nina said...

Ha, ha, ha, no cuddling for me either!

Holly Lefevre said... are a girly-girl? Just kidding of cours eyou are.

My list is kind of similar - I prefer pedi's to mani's...they do not last.

I do not want to cuddle when I sleep - give me my space.

I prefer a dive bar to a swanky one - on most occasions.

I LOVE hanging out with boys and playing sports/..I am mean and competitive.

Southern Comfort said...

This post sounds so much like me that I had to re-read it!!! I identify with all of these "non girly" things. LOL

Anonymous said...

Starfish unite! The Continental Divide is what comes between me and my man! (when it's time for nite-nite! ; )