Monday, July 26, 2010

dinner, dresses & necklaces are the birthday musts

My goodness where does the blogging time go in the Summer? I swear, I have been gone every single weekend and when I finally get home at night... all I can do is sleep.

But I'm here and well-rested from another busy summer weekend: one which included a disgusting amount of fun as well as a good step in my career- nothing to complain about.

It was also my friend Elena's birthday dinner!

I met Elena in 8th grade when she had just moved to Oregon. She was shy, new, awkward and it took awhile for me to even gain an understanding of her. But once she opened up, oh how she opened up. To this day, she is literally one of the funniest people I know and her dry humor is a beautiful blend of Chelsea Handler and Bob Saget (if you haven't heard his stand-up then this makes no sense to you).

{below: Elena in background, me in foreground, at age 14 or 15}

We've been friends in all the years since and even after a few fights: some large, some small, none make-or-break, I still love what she brings to my life. I called her when I lost my virginity, I called her when I got into college, I spent hours upon hours with her at sleepovers watching movie, making prank calls, eating food... she's driven across town to pick me up when I've woken up a place I didn't intend to stay (stupid margaritas) and she basically was a huge part in lifting me up off the floor after a bad break-up. She means a lot to me and so I was happy to celebrate her. As I get older, I realize how important it is to have good friends. I witness a lot of girls who cross everyone they know (y'know the type: bitter online cruelty to others, sleep with their friend's exes to fill their own weird voids, jealous, crazed individuals), and are typically left with no one to stand by them. On the other hand, I get to enjoy these milestones with those who have surrounded me for years.

But anyway... for her dinner we went to a trendy, downtown Mexican restaurant in The Pearl and noshed on fabulous appetizers while we sipped wine and waited for our entrees. It was perfect for our age: no one got wasted and stupid but no one had to go home to a husband either (well one girl did, but we love her anyway!). We are all at the age where we're starting to feel as if we're getting a bit old... but I speak for myself and a large group of my friends when I say that we're not quite THERE yet. No one yet wants marriage, kids, a house in the suburbs... we do... but not yet.

For now- we want dinners downtown, heels we can't walk in and friends to share it with.

Happy Birthday Elena!

{The group at dinner}

{Left: Me and Yuki at the dinner. Right: Mir and Kristi}

{above: the birthday girl on the left and Miranda on the right. I love this for some reason}

{Had to go out for a bit after dinner.}

Here's what I wore:

American Apparel Dress here.

Accessories are all from Forever 21 because 3 dollars for a bracelet never gets old.

Speaking of birthdays... mine is in 2 weeks! Any suggestions on what to do? Something low key...I need help as I'm out of ideas. What have you done that's cool?

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this free bird said...

Love the stories and the pictures you shared. Old friends really are the best - they know all your secrets and keep them too!!

I'll be thinking of something fun for your b/day...mine's at the end of August and I already wish it was 6 mos away! ugh!!


Anonymous said...

Love what you're wearing! Looks like a fun night :)

the "L" spot said...

A low key birthday! But we're leos. We don't do low key! Mines in 6 days!

First I just want to say that I loved your story about your friendship, I have too had my runnings with crazed girls and feel lucky to have my real friends! You girlies are all so gorgeous!!

oh! and Bob Saget's stand up hilari. Even though I felt weird hiring Danny Tanner say bad words!lol

Claire Kiefer said...

As always, you look amazing, and y'all are SO CUTE as wee teenagers!!!

Unknown said...

oh i love your heels! where did you get those?
as for your birthday... im not sure. i went to look at a possible location for my 21st party today - and my birthday isnt til next April.... i kinda love birthdays (and ive never had a big party before, so im extra excited for this one).

Leia said...

I really loved reading about your friendship with Elena. It's so rare that you find a great friend, especially one that sticks around for so long! I've had a few wonderful friends in my life, but most of my friends were diplomat's kids, so they would leave after 3 years which was always really tough for me since I was the one who stayed put! :(

Anyway, happy birthday to Elena! You girls all looked beautiful. I love your outfit! Especially the earrings!

I wish I had some great birthday suggestions for you but my birthdays often revolve around food and family! We all get together and either cook up a storm at home or go to one of my favorite restaurants and have a massive catch-up and yummy meal.

Also, thank you for your weight loss suggestion! I think you're right and it's important to have days where you eat what you like, in order to keep the balance :)


Alison Kinsey said...

You both seem like such great friends, it's truly amazing you've stayed friends that long, I find that to be rare! My "best friends" from junior high unfortunately grew apart from me and we don't talk anymore, but its great to look back on those memories of sleepovers and long phone calls :) that Mexican place looks so fun. I loooove what you wore to dinner, especially those nude pumps!
Hmm low-key... You could do a birthday brunch with mimosas? Can't go wrong with a birthday dinner either!

LadyBugSays ... said...

The best of friendships and the ones that survive the longest. Looks like a fab celebration :)

Julie Leah said...

I love the one-shoulder black dress!! You look gorgeous!!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

You all look so pretty- I love your AA dress.

Most of my BFFs are from high school.

Mari said...

hee hee hee I love seeing youngin Caitlin and the best girl friends make life so much sweeter...I'm so happy you have been having an awesome summer and for your lovely b-day you should do something you just reallly enjoy

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Wow, what a beautiful tribute to your friend Elena! It's always great to wish a Happy Birthday in a non-conventional and not boring way - makes this special freind in your life feel special! Would be cool to have something like that written about me, but I guess I am yet to meet a friend with really good writing skills LOL

As for your bday, I swear I have an idea in my mind but I don't seem to be able to get it out of there... Terrible feeling!!!!! But happens to em when I'm tired :( Ugh!

P.S. Thanks for the compliment about my plastic bags picture :) I really like how it turned out too :) I've heard about the whole plastic bags ban thing happening there and I agree - it must feel weird indeed! And yep, that part was borrowed from there. That video really made me think back when I saw it for the first time and then due to some things happening in my life at the tiem and after I realized I just really lerned how important it was to let certain people go and let certain people stay, because sometimes we just hold on to the bad and let go of the good on impulse, don't you find? And on my hate poem - n prob, do steal and post but give credit - who knows I might just become the next big thing in hate poem writing bwahahah

Scrummys said...

Wine tasting again! ;)

Loved this post! Has Elena seen it? The pictures are so cute and I laughed at the guy making guacamole in the back of the first one. He's having some fun! Can't wait to celebrate you.

erika sorocco said...

Awww...what a sweet tribute to Elena. Good friends are hard to come by; and she sounds like one of the best. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, Elena!

Gah, I have no clue what you should do for your birthday! I never do anything fun for mine because it's so close to Christmas, and is oftentimes overlooked. I like Kinsey's suggestion - a birthday brunch. Ooh, very "Sex and the City." :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Wahooo you always look like you have so much fun!

Ms. Emmy N said...

I love getting to go out with great friends! It looks like you all had a blast celebrating her birthday! It's my best friends birthday today, but she's on the other side of the country so I don't get to celebrate with her :(

Tina said...

OOh looks like you had such fun! You girls are all so cute in your dresses! Good friends are seriously so important and you gotta keep them close!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a super fun night! You girls sound like you have it all together - you don't need to have husbands, babys or homes yet - you're still YOUNG! Enjoy each other and appreciate that you have such wonderful, lifelong friends!!

Kim Axani said...

You look soooo good!!!
Are those earings?! They are gorgeous! And love the dress .. you have so many nice clothes!

Panty Buns said...

Happy Birthday in two weeks!!!!! Historically i haven't done that well on my own birthdays and am a bit clueless as to ideas for yours but i'm lapsing into fantasy seeing the photos of you with your all your pretty girlfriends photos. Whether it's my own birthday or the birthday of women i know i'm always the one hoping to somehow manage to get in on the receiving end of some birthday spanks (now you know another one of my fantasies). i usually wind up eating pizza, cake and ice cream and sitting in the easy chair watching a video (usually alone) and i no longer drink. Back when i was as young as you are i might have thought about going to an amusement park on a date during the day or.. gee whiz. i've forgotten how to party. Oh well. i'm sure you'll figure out how to do it. You look lovely. Have a great one!

J. said...

GORGEOUS dress! It looks like such a great time :D

Elena said...

Loved this Caitlin!! Thank you! I'm glad youve been here to celebrate the past 13 (omg..) bdays together!

p.s. Hi Lifetime :)

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Yayyyy birthdays!

What about bowling or zip lining? It's pretty low key... you could do dinner before or after...

Looks like THIS birthday party was a ton of fun!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Yayyyy birthdays!

What about bowling or zip lining? It's pretty low key... you could do dinner before or after...

Looks like THIS birthday party was a ton of fun!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

bananas. said...

can i be friends with you and all your friends because heels and meals is all i want too!!! haha. love it!

Slamdunk said...

After your summer of weekend adventures, I would be sleeping in for a birthday, but I imagine you'll think of something more entertaining.

I had to chuckle about the prank calls comment--when I was young before caller ID and the Internet, that was a mainstay in children's entertainment.

Unknown said...

what a sweet tribute to your friend!

you look stunning! a LBD is definitely all you need with the right jewelry.

anna jane

Kara said...

Hoorrayyyyy for wonderful friends and nights out with drinks :) Every single one of you looks so beautiful in those pics...I can't figure out how you do it!

Hmmm, I went rollerskating for a recent birthday and had a BLAST. Might be fun to get dressed up and go, no?

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those earrings set of your dress perfectly!

o said...

thanks for sharing with us ur friendship with elena:) happy bday to her! so true, genuine friendships are hard to come by these days. i love what u wrote: "we're not quite THERE yet." i feel the same way:) we all want all those things eventually, but let's live it up for now hehe;)

thank u again for ur encouraging words on my last post. it really meant so much, especially last week. i'm glad we connected here on the blogosphere:) have a great week, caitlin!

o said...

p.s. u look great! it's such a cute dress!

Nathalie said...

Loving the picture of you two in your teens :)
I totally get what you mean by "getting older". I never could imagine not having the urge to go dancing until the morning hours every weekend... but nowadays having a nice dinner with friends sounds like the best idea to me. How time changes!
You all look great and you can tell how great a time you all had. A hooray to friends :)

mel said...

i love this! you and your freidns are gorgeous, looks like you are having a fab summer:)

Sher said...

Gosh, you always have the best of time no matter where! And looking damn fine while doing that too! I adore the one shouldered dress and those feathery earrings are too cute!!

Oh, I love to take the day off when it's my birthday and spend the whole day celebrating with loved ones! Anything is fun as long as you're with your special ones and as long as there is good food involved:)


Audrey Allure said...

You look beautiful, love your dress & earrings! Great photos, it looked like a wonderful time :)

Natasha Gregson said...

You look stunning in ur dress, u and ur friends are all so glam and gorge :) Looks like you had a great time xx

Keith said...

I have no clue what you should do for your birthday. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic one. Happy Early Birthday! These are great photos. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun together.

...Yvonne said...

aghhhhh! I love that dress! you look SO great :)