Saturday, August 28, 2010

Caitie's 26: Part 4. The Finale.

And you thought I was done with the birthday posts...

{Me turning 4 on 8-8-1988!}

{Left: Me with my cake Right: Jocie with hers}

well, I am (almost!). This is the last one.

A birthday wouldn't be a birthday without family, would it not? So there was a birthday BBQ gathering on Sunday night, August 8 (my actual bday), at my Dad's house to celebrate not just me turning 26 on 8/8 but my Sister turning 28 on 8/9.

Family, BBQ, The Boy & Summer? Sign me up.

Only sad part is that I did take some pics of my family but did so late in the night and to put it frankly... we all looked like sh*t. So sorry famdamily for waiting until everyone was greasy and ugly to capture the night thus eliminating any documentation of you from this post.

{The Boy and Yours Truly on my birthday}

{I will take the exact same picture over and over...just my nature}

One of the cutest parts of the night was my Mom making both Jocelyn and Myself feel like we were having our own birthday by making us each an individual cake. Jocie is more of a pink girl so hers was the pink one representing her year of marriage, being grown-up and being girly and mine was a color I like a bit more and gaudy decorations because well... I like to be done up. It was pretty sweet.

So that's it. That was my 4 days of birthday celebrations and now I will try to smile hugely as I roll off into the Sunset (aka age 30)... I'm aware 26 is not old, it is just my first birthday where I feel like HOLY CRAP... kind of like this clip from my favorite show of all time.

{I could "Friends" quote anyone under the table}

But I'm not too old to be out on the town like I will tonight to say Bon Voyage to my friend Yuki who is moving to Spain. Dresses & celebratory drinks will be in order- what are we celebrating? Her increased odds of bedding a Spanish soccer player. There- I said it.
{Yuki and Me. Will miss my happy friend!}

Happy Saturday!

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ellinelle said...

..hey Caitlin looks like we are surfing in internet in the same time : )
..when I saw those both cakes I straight way was thinking about little fairies around cute , the pink and the blue ..
..that 8 8 88 picture is amazing , it's such a good idea that your family made that t - shirt , just think when else will be such a combination of 8 .. look gorgeous and I love those shoes - they are just perfect ..
..that is fantactic that you had an amazing time ..
..and all the luck to your friend with moving ..

Ellinelle xxx

Tina said...

lol love the t-shirt you got for your fourth birthday! thats awesome! and love the idea of the 2 cakes! so thoughtful :) and of course the outfit is awessoome!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Your leg warmers are so cute - I haven't seen anyone wear them and look that cute in forever.

And, of course Happy Birthday :)
Hope it was wonderful!

Thank you for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

Lol I love that Friends episode, but who am I kidding - I love them all.

Anonymous said...

OK, first, I'm not a fan of the leggings, there, I said it.
second, you're friend Yuki is so dambed cute she COULD bag a Spanish soccer player and
third, I would give you a run for your money on Friends quotes, just sayin!

Unknown said...

Your shoes are stinkin adorable!!! Happy late birthday:-) It's ok to post lots of b-day pics, it's birthday month so enjoy it all!

Unknown said...

Mmm - cakes!! Just what I feel like now!
Have a great weekend :-)

Nelah said...

You were adorable then and are adorable now too! Those cakes look yummy!

Claire Kiefer said...

Goodness, it's so amazing that you and your sister have bdays just one day apart--wild! Your parents are lucky to have two Leo daughters. :) Mine's 8/16 . . . I love August birthdays!!! And I love celebrating them all month, so keep 'em coming . . . at least for three more days haha.

The 8-8-88 shirt is too cute. ;)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Amazing idea with the cakes!!! I just love how both of them look so diiferent yet they go great with each... It's like each cake has its own personality but they're from one batch... lol Just liek you, sisters! Great great idea and awesome presentation!!

Unknown said...

Hey Caitie...I have a say a very Happy Birthday again for this last post....I enjoyed all your birthday bash posts :)....The Friends video is an amazing one..I remember how much I was laughing seeing that episode...rofl...and finally, Kristi :(...anyway thanks ...take care dear!!

Nathalie said...

aaah, those cakes are fabulous. How much effort and love your mum put into them! Also love your outfit. The blue heels are so hot. It sounds like a wonderful day. And it is so funny that you and your sister can celebrate together.
Wish you a wonderful Sunday, my dear :)

Audrey Allure said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday bash. I love the blue shoes & such wonderful pictures!

erika sorocco said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Your celebratory look du jour is utterly adorbs - and I love seeing you and The Boy together. Cutest. Couple. Ever!! :)

Voldy ♥ said...

-Thanks for commenting back, Caitlin!
-That idea of unflattering picture Sunday is so funny. I think it's cool that you don't care about unflattering pictures of you on the internet - I would ;) although, as everyone, I do like looking at other peoples' unflattering pictures. So I will stay tuned for next week's photo.
-But your dress is everything but unflattering, I really like it. Or is it a top?

mirmirzimzim said...

omg i love those cakes!!!! thats so freaking sweet of your mom. and like how they are representative of you two. did you save me a slice?

o said...

Lucky you! 4 days of celebrations, wowsers!:) Omg, you look so cute in the first pic and of course, lovely as always in all the rest:) So sweet of ur mom to make you girls a cake each. They came out so cute!

Alison Kinsey said...

Your cake is amazingly pretty! Fun idea to have a bday fam BBQ!

LadyBugSays ... said...

Great post, love that you both got your own cakes!!

Pamela Bwell said...

I wish someone had told me years ago that baking you each a cake would be so important. No one gives you an instruction book when you have two daughters with birthdays one day apart! I tried different things over the years to make your days special, but I think the anxiety of cake-baking and decorating would have made that a tough challenge for me to have achieved even if I had known!

You may remember that you and your sister generally behaved horribly on each other's birthdays... but I always knew that eventually you two would love sharing the celebrations. The closeness you and your sister share is something I always hoped you would find. Being a sister is one of the greatest roles you will play in your life, and you both do it beautifully. I could not be more pleased for you both!

As for the cakes: I still get the anxiety that they won't turn out but this year the Birthday Fairies smiled on me! They each turned out exactly as I pictured them, and your sweet response to getting your own cake could not have been more endearing. I love you, My Caitie-Girl!