Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fightin' off the broken comp blues

Heyyyyo to Friday!

{NYC. Sept. 2009}

You should be grateful as I am SEVERELY fighting off my bad mood about my still not working computer and postponing my birthday pics (yet again) because I can't get to them. Nothing bums me out like a non-working computer. I am also sidelining my disgust that people still wear XL zip-up sweatshirts to a business office (sick) and I can quite seriously say that I hate going to sites where music starts instantly playing. I have never, ever, ever gone to a website and found myself happy that they're playing a song upon pageload. I think some people think that the music sets a tone but my general feeling is "I didn't ask for this song, where the h*ll is my volume control?"

But I do love a few other things today... such as:

Enjoying summer hair, dresses, colors and purses while we can.

Do you realize summer is closing in on us? Wear your white, wear your white!

My friend Krysta.

Long story short... for the last 4 days, I have thought that Krysta's Mother, who I have spent much time with, had passed away (our friend heard someone say something wrong), it has been horrible and saddening to think about all of this all week. Turns out, Krysta's Mom is alive and well and I'm so happy. And the ensuing conversation with Krysta explaining the mix-up was quite hilarious.

Gettin' out into the city purely for pleasure.

Miranda and I enjoy the beauty of a weekend afternoon.

Loungin this weekend

My first non-busy weekend in awhile and I'll be out of town all next weekend. Bring on the fleece pants and movies!

Getting outside for exercise

I can think outside the gym and actually get outside to burn those calories this weekend.

How are you spending your weekend???

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Anonymous said...

Hope your computer gets fixed soon - computer problems make me angry!

And yep, I totally did a lazy post today because... I'm feeling lazy apparently lol. Bring on a lazy weekend!

this free bird said...

I'm gonna be sitting down. Okay LAYING down watching tv. Maybe I'll go outside and sit in the sun. Maybe not.

I will walk leisurely for tea and try not to get lynched by the crazy guy with the removable cast.

Then I will meander about looking for a treat for my niece.

Then, upon my return, the Chef will have my closet built out.

These are my dreams for the weekend!!

oh and my computer's being a total ass too.

ellinelle said...

..hey hey in friday : )
..I love thet picture from the city with a little water - so gorgeous place and you look stunning in every single picture , I love that white blouse - classy ..
..first picture is something I wanna catch on camera as well : ) and the last is place I WANNA BE ..

..Oh ..and I have a story about dead who is not as well , somehow me and my friend (we was working in Hotel Lobby) thought that one of the regular customers is dead , then one day she called me ' you know who just came in - the one who was dead ' well , maybe it sounds wierd but it was really funny actually ..
.. I hope my music don't make you angrrry : )

Have a great week - end ..

Ellinelle xxx

Nathalie said...

Haha, I definitly have to continue rambling about songs on websites... I definitly don't like it either... to be honest, it stresses me out, especially when I have my own music playing and then suddenly out of nowhere some strange tunes intervene with my music, haha.

Sounds like a good plan for the weekend. I will spend a really calm one, with lots of rain, probably, hehe


Joyti said...

I hope you have a lovely weekend!
I am baking a cake for my mummy :) (belated birthday cake that is).

Alison Kinsey said...

You are so pretty Caitlin! So so sorry to hear your computer still isn't fixed :( about a year ago, my hard drive got wiped out and I lost all of my pictures. It was awful! Luckily memory cards and email still had some of them, but it took a long time to get over it. I'm sure your situation will have a happier ending!!!
Oh, and I so agree about websites with music that automatically loads. Not a fan of that either! I hope you have a good weekend!

LadyBugSays ... said...

Hate it when computers don't work! Luckily the Mr is an IT geek so manages to fix my laptop when I break it(quite regularly!) Hate website music, I have the volume always turned off on my computer! I think summer over here has pretty much gone!

Courtney said...

Ugh, that sucks about your computer!! :|

This weekend I will be spending with it my boyfriend and our friends! :o) Also, getting ready for college to start back up on Monday! Ugh! I will doing a little shopping today for new clothes and supplies!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

happy weekend.

Unknown said...

Your pictures are so awesome, especially the first one is too good.
I pray your computer gets OK soon ;0)...anyway we dont want to miss all those lovely pictures..Take care..

erica said...

what absolutely fabulous pictures! You are gorgeous!!


o said...

omg, sorry to hear about ur comp:( ugh, i hate it when that happens! happy belated b-day btw! i was reading through the posts below and looks like you had a great bday weekend!

did u dye ur hair blonde recently? it looks great! sigh, i'm with ya. can't believe summer is almost over. omgosh, i can't believe the rumor about ur mom's friend! that's terrible. i'm glad to hear that she's alive and well:)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ha, Caitlin!! I so feel you on the whole music on websites thing!! I remember the only place I didn't mind it was MySpace because it was very expected there so at least I was ready! lol

Sorry to hear about your comp., hope you sort things out with it soon! Also, that story about your freind's mom is pretty bad, oh my, I can't even imagine what you'd been goign through for whole 4 days for no real reason, really. So glad she's actually well and alive!!

P.S. I looooove your outfit in the photo with your friend Krysta! And did your hair color wash away a little or is just me? It looked darker to me before. But I actually really like this "new" color on you!!

Kara said...

So clearly I love everything in this post, as I always love everything in your posts. but my favorite part was the line about autoplay on peoples' blogs. UGHHHH. I'm all for playlists and such but for the LOVE of God, make the people press play!

Thanks for the opportunity to rant...hope your comp gets better soon :)

Scrummys said...

Can't wait until the computer is up and running. Those pictures should be great!

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Weekend went fast as always :(

Kristen said...

You always have such fun pictures!

-and I'm soo sad that summer is almost gone, all I wear is white!