Monday, September 13, 2010

Speaking in Silence

Hi Friends. I'm currently at The Boy's apartment, sitting in his huge, comfortable, disgustingly ugly fleece pants, watching football and digesting my peanut-chicken with lettuce meal he made me. The night outside is cooler and we have the windows open as we're bundled on the couch- the air seems fresh and welcoming as it encircles the room. The Boy's apartment is on the top floor of an apartment that overlooks a suburban city- I can currently see the lights of the town, the outline of the mountains against the midnight blue sky and the half-sliced moon. I just looked over at The Boy and because he's so tired, he just smiled the nicest smile at me and it warmed my heart. Before this little alone moment, his roommates and I were embarking on a "Would you rather...." debate.

Some good ones that came up:

Would you rather have no teeth for a year or no internet for a year?

Would you rather lose an arm & a leg or both legs?

Would you rather have the power of a US President or absolutely breathtaking looks?

The questions and ensuing conversation made us laugh for awhile. In between all the banter, everyone blissfully hung out in unawkward silence. Me reading blogs, The Boy checkin' PR news, JJ & Brian watching football and scanning their phone. It's nice to have just as much fun with people when you're talking as when you sit together in silence.

It's a nice way to recharge my batteries and get ready for another long day at work.

{Me, JJ, Brian- the others in the room besides the boy. When we're not playing "would you rather" we also like to frequent cabins}

Ohhh, also - on Sunday when the entire USA was excited for the kickoff of the NFL season- my friend Ian had this as his Facebook status and it made me laugh.

First image: The Boy and Me being cheeseballs - but I do love those pleather pants.

I can officially say I'm ready for my Tuesday- are you?? I hope so :) Any thoughts on those 'Would you Rathers'?

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Anonymous said...

Sitting around like that sounds so perfect right now.

o said...

Oh man, "would you rather" is such a hilarious game!! This is sad but I'm actually having a hard time answering the no internet or no teeth for a year question LOL!!

this free bird said...

i can barely keep my eyes open and am on the way to bed, but wanted to check in and say hey. i see your rad ponytail!! and btw i love getting your comments. they make me smile all the time.

sounds like you had the ideal evening. i'm about to make best friends with my pillow.


Leia said...

It's so nice (and rare) to be so comfortable with people that you can just totally relax around them. When you can reach the stage of unawkward silence with people, you know they're good friends! Happy Tuesday, lovely :)


Sher said...

Aww, what a sweet pic of you and your guy!

The would you rather game is rather silly fun, isn't it? There's no way one thing is better than the other lol:)


erika sorocco said...

You and The Boy are seriously the CUTEST couple on the planet - I love the fact that the two of you have comfortable's hard to find that with a boy.

As for the Would Yuo Rathers...ohmigosh I seriously would not know how to answer any of those difficult!! :P

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

This sounds like a perfect night in! Those would you rathers of yours are pretty harsh, I have no problem answering only the last one haha I don't need me no US president power - too stressful of a job lol

"It's nice to have just as much fun with people when you're talking as when you sit together in silence" - Ditto to that!

And oh my, "the lights of the town, the outline of the mountains against the midnight blue sky and the half-sliced moon"? Puurrrrfectooo!!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

TOo cute.

Kara said...

Oooh such beautiful imagery in the beginning of this post. I loved my bf's roommates when he lived with them. It was so fun sometimes to unwind with a bunch of no-fuss guys :) Gotta say though, I'm much happier now that our snuggle time doesn't have to mix with roommates and also doesn't require the same attire ;)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I love "would you rathers"'s always tough to choose! I would say I would want breathtaking looks though, lol.

Happy tuesday!

Unknown said...

You probably have described few of the life's rarest romantic moments that we cherish whole life...I wish you have a wonderful life. One more thing, I really liked the picture of both of you, God Bless..

Slamdunk said...

Sounds like a great way to spend time. The WNBA status line was classic--thanks for sharing.

Alison Kinsey said...

Those would you rathers would be sooo hard for me to answer! Especially that having no teeth vs no Internet one! Either would be torture!
How fun though, it sounds like you had a really relaxing night. It's cool you could be around them all in silence, doing your own thing, but still have those moments of silliness.

Scrummys said...

I envy your proximity to your boyfriend. What I wouldn’t give for Mr. LA to live in Portland…

ellinelle said...

..that is perfect view from the apartament , I guess it's a good thing to live in top floors ..also it's good way to keep fit if you use stairs instead of elevator : )
..there is one thing what I know in life - if you can feel comfortable with some people in silence - everything can't be any better ..I HATE that feeling when you are with people and silence make you feel so uncomfortable ..when you just wanna run away ..those people in silence - is soulmates ..don't need no words to be close and understand ..
..I would live with no internet easy ..other ones - oooh God : )

LadyBugSays ... said...

I love the would you rather game!

Keith said...

That is an interesting game. It does give you something to think about it. Have a great weekend.

suzy said...

oh arm and a leg or both legs...
that is a toughie.
i think...both legs.
because then i could still play music and blog and hug people real good.

Unknown said...

♥Would you rather lose an arm & a leg or both legs? - a.k.a. utter confusion mixed with utter sadness. Congrats on being able to consider either/or. My brain instantly dismisses it, for my heart can't take it.

I love the "cheeseball" pic of y'all. You look so cute, together. Looks like love to me. You.are.lucky. This I promise.