Sunday, October 31, 2010

Unflattering Picture Sunday

Happy Halloween!

I'm still peeling off the glue of my fake eyelashes and chugging water like it's my job but I wanted to keep up my collection of ugly photos.

What's up: Me singing Karaoke on Friday night. What a great angle! My neck screams "I play professional football"

Enjoy the day! If there's kids in your life, have fun getting them in costume for me as I wish someone had a wee one who I could watch get excited for trick or treating! I guess passing out candy will be good enough... Halloween post to commence tomorrow :)


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Friday, October 29, 2010

being scary & posh is a cultivated talent

Yay! Halloween weekend has finally arrived. I felt that I couldn't feel whole as a blogger if I didn't do a post about the ghosts of Halloween's past aka since 2005 as those are as far back as my digital Halloween pictures go.
Now, I love celebrating Halloween and getting dressed up. BUT, I don't like wearing the same costume twice. So, I tend to splurge on my big costume and then piece together another costume using what I already have for the other Halloween night. For instance, today at work, I'm in a costume and will wear a different costume tonight when I go out but my true, mack-daddy costume will be for Saturday's costume. You following me?

But here's a little glimpse into Halloween as I knew it...
Oh college. Me, Tracy and Elena- I went as officially "Old Hollywood Glamour" but I assure you that I looked like Courtney Love by the night's end.

This was another college costume. The first night I went as the ever-charming "school girl" as seen stage right and the second night, enjoyed a homemade Pirate costume. Gotta say, it was actually a very successful and fun Halloween weekend.

This Halloween kinda sucked. I had just broken up with my boyfriend so memories here are a bit saddled with confusion. But, I still managed to do "Monica Lewinsky" for my cheap costume (upper right), "She-Devil" for my real costume (main) and "Dorothy" (bottom right) for my work costume.

Oh, I loved 2008. I went as Jessica Rabbit who has been a long-term obsession of mine and one of the reasons I forever adore the bangs-over-the-eyes look. I had the best night with my friend Miranda here- great memories.
Here's a perfect example of two-costumes.
Night 1:

I went as a pig with wings... get it? SWINE FLEW! I thought it was really clever and cracked myself up not to mention, Swine Flu was so the rage last year. One of my favorite ideas.
Night 2:
A good ol' fashion fallen angel. I think the most fun I had (not to say I didn't have a great night) was putting on my makeup.
So what will 2010 bring? You'll have to wait and see...
PS- this is a timed post as I had book club Thursday night, so I apologize if you haven't heard from me yet!
Happy Haunting!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Spooks make me smile

Happy day y'all!

{How can you not smile looking at this?}

I feel like my posts have kinda been down in the dumps lately. I don't feel down in the dumps just a lot of hoops to jump through at work and then the Chicago thing bummed me out...and then I went and purchased fur on accident (and fell in love with the piece before I knew it)... ai-yi-yi! But I assure you, I'm not sitting at home bumming out. There's a lot of happiness, love, strength and perfectness in my world right now so let me lighten it up a bit here...

First off- when I'm down, I enjoy spending my lunch break at American Apparel. Their stuff is so damn weird but I adore half of it and love to hate the other half. Today with 20 minutes, I tried these t-shirt dresses on:

{Tights, Boots and Necklace were mine for work. Item in question is the either black or white t-shirt dress. And whenver I take pics in the mirror on my phone, I always look at the image being captured instead of the mirror. It's weird and odd and really just for blog friend's eyes.}

I couldn't decide... black or white, black or white so I went with... neither. That makes me even happier. You see, I want to save money and plan on spending less of it on stuff I really don't need. Besides, I a) own enough American Apparel stuff to be allowed to try on items I don't buy and b) really just needed the 30 minutes not thinking about work sooooo at the risk of sounding like a prickish boy: I got what I came for anyway... why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free!

Also, more happiness. I just asked (and received) an entire week off in the month of December. The Boy and I want to go somewhere together and because my boyfriend is thoughtful and kind, he suggested we spend a few days in Chicago. I am so excited! I may not be getting there to work (right now, trust me- I will be working there within a year! Plan B is already in motion) but at least I know that I get to explore the city for leisure. We haven't finalized plans but we're both 90% sure we will put this in motion...unless we get enticed to visit Aspen or Park City or something. We'll see :) Either way, a winter trip with The Boy sounds like heaven.

Above: Where will The Boy and I sip our tea in the snow come December?

I'm also really excited because I have about 10 costumes prepared for the weekend (okay 4). I have one for book club tonight with my favorite girls, one for work tomorrow, one for going out tomorrow night and then my big one for Saturday night. What is it about Halloween that is just so fun??? I try not to dislike entire groups of people but I read an article today about those who don't celebrate this holiday (or let their children) due to the satanic rituals. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, my comment to that is: "Die".

And finally... I am a happy girl because I just did self-tanner all over my body. Make no mistake about the fact that I just looked in the mirror and look completely horrible. My face looks like I was slapped by someone with muddy hands and my arms resemble art more so than an effervescent tan BUT I am happy that I am making it through another non-sunny season without the use of a tanning bed. 2 years strong and very proud.

Have a fabulous Thursday and please, please, please enjoy and soak up all of the wonderment that goes along with basking in the dark side..


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful, Plush, Pink & Unethical

First off: thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone's encouraging comments after my last post. I really enjoyed reading them and will use them as sort of a mantra as a I work toward my goal of moving to Chicago. I really do appreciate them, especially because I'm still fightin the "No Chicago for now" blues.
But onto new problems eh? I'm in the middle of a huge dilemma... one that fuses my love of fashion with my love of animals. Can you see where this is going?
Last Saturday, I went to the thrift store in search of an outfit that would inspire an entire costume (I found one mind you, it's super cute!). But of course while I'm there, the shopper in me will usually peer into different sections just to see if someone's trash POPS out at me and I can call it my treasure.
Something definitely did POP out to me that day... a pink, furry, poncho. Let me tell you that Ponchos have kinda been my favorite thing this Fall. For instance, this brown Michael by Michael Kors one has been on me so many times that I'm considering renting us a hotel room.
{My new boyfriend wraps his arms around me so tight}

So when I saw the pink furry, warm, poncho-esque knit I knew that I wanted it. I tried it on, confirmed my desires and headed on over to the check-out counter to ring up my latest gem. Later that night as I got ready to go out, I threw it over pleather leggings and boots, called it good and headed out the door for drinks* and nibblies with my friends.

Turns out the rain has hit Portland so parking was scarce and I ended up having to park blocks away from the restaurant. I popped open my umbrella and hunkered down for the long and boring walk. Along the way, the poncho shifted around moving the tag to the front. Realizing I had no idea what brand this was, I looked at the tag and saw this:

Shell: Rabbit Fur
Oh no, oh no! Had I really just purchased fur after all of my years of voicing how abhorrent it was? It never even occurred to me that this may have been real fur- it was just a cheap find at a thrift store! I love animals more than life and I've read so many horrible facts about the fur industry... not to mention, watched a video that certainly made me bawl and almost made me throw-up. Good thing I was there with my best friend who instantly started trying to make me feel worse about it once I told her, you Brat.
{Why me!}
Now I'm at a crossroads... keep the beautiful, warm, trendy, fun pink shell and call it an innocent mishap or sadly do-away with a rare item. Can I satisfy the Carrie Bradshaw in me without upsetting the Jane Goodall in me? I know I wouldn't have purchased it had I known so do I get any points for that?
{So pretty... so warm... so wrong}

What have you done when your morals have inadvertently been sidestepped in the name of desire?
*I have been sick so my drink orders may or may not have included copious amounts of chrysanthemum tea and hot out Saturday night!
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

working towards a dream

Notice my absence last week? That's because last week ended up being a week that I didn't expect. I eluded to waiting on some news in my last post that I figured was "out of my hands" by that point. Well, I was wrong... turns out it was in my hands all week. Let me explain.

I have written before about my love for the city of Chicago. I spent a lot of time there for business and was fortunate to experience the Winter, Summer & Fall in the city. In the Winter, I loved the snow framing the skyscrapers and the wreaths adorning the views I'd grown to love from every John Hughes movie. I adored the summer in Chicago for different reasons: I loved going to a Cubs game as well as a Sox game (in the same week). I was obsessed with the architecture and viewing it from the various tour buses/boats that the city offers. The people were so nice, the boys were cute, the restaurants all had character...I loved everything about the city in every way.

Being in my twenties, it's natural to feel the inclination to spread my wings. And I need a change desperately. Though California is beautiful, I have never had a desire to move there which is often the place to go if you live in Portland. I've never wanted to move somewhere without distinct seasons waiting for me. I love the vitality of a city and I want to live in a large, cold, northern city. New York City is obviously beautiful and I would love to live there but really, the apple of my eye is Chicago for the reasons listed above and more. I've been completely set on making my way there ever since my visits.

However, that didn't mean I had ever taken any steps to make the move. A few months ago, I promised myself that on a 1-5 year plan, I would get my bum to downtown Chicago and live there. I felt happy about this because the huge company I work for now (you all would know what it is upon the name), has an office smack dab in the middle of downtown Chicago. And a couple months ago... an opportunity that suited my goals, skills and desires opened up in said office.

In order to apply for a new job as a present employee at my company, I had to discuss this with my Manager. If she allowed me to apply for it, then I would have to earn and have the approval of our top executive team. So... I went for it. I called a meeting with my Manager and asked if we could discuss the opening and my candidacy for it. After discussion, she gave her blessing. The next day, after she had passed the word onto the executive team, I was given notice by one member that they were going to give their full support for me applying. That felt great because it was direct reflection of my work ethic.

So... I went after this job like a tiger. I started with the application then followed-up by emailing the contacts directly. When I received contact from them, they said they would be in touch soon. Good enough, I thought- but the job starts November 8th so I felt a bit anxious that the ball wouldn't get rolling soon enough.

The second week into October, I finally started the vetting process. I had an in-house Recruiter for the role who guided me through all of the steps. I would interview with one Chicago executive over the phone and would wait for the Recruiter to again call to tell me the results. I sent every "thank you" letter promptly, and my answers to their questions were poised, intellectual and eloquent. Every day or so, the Recruiter would call me and tell me again that I made it to the next level of the hiring process and I continuted to move forward. I was told at the end of the week October 15th, that they would be making a decision the following week which is when I posted about it being "out of my hands".

They were wrong. The Chicago team still wanted to interview with me more, so I spent every single day interviewing with a different person regarding the role. And without fail, the recruiter would call me and say "great job! You're moving forward!" I started to get sincerely excited that I may actually land this job.

Then Thursday morning at 7:30 am, I received a call from the Recruiter who told me that this job had come down to me and one other candidate. I felt weak with both glee and nervousness. There were just two interviews left and I had to excel at both of them. So, the first one came and went and the reassuring call from the Recruiter came- I had nailed it and they were still struggling to decipher between me and the other. So on Friday, the big daddy of interviews came. I braced for it and did the best that I could and felt good walking away from it, knowing that a decision would be made later that day.

And later that day, the Recruiter called me:

"Caitlin, I gotta tell you. You impressed the heck out of everyone and honestly, with you and the other candidate, we tried to see if we could make room for two because you were both so wonderful. But, it saddens me to say that I don't have the good news for you. You both excelled at your interviews but the other candidate is local and this job begins November 8th. So that is how we ultimately made the differentiation between you."


I didn't get the job due to the 2-week opening between now and the start date and the fact that I would still have to relocate to the city. I definitely would have, but from their point-of-view, it was the better way to go.

Despite the outcome, I remain very proud of myself. I am proud because I had virtually no one pushing my credentials at them and there was no reason that I moved forward as far as I did besides my own hard work- no one knew the hiring manager to get me an interview, I got all of my interviews on my own. I am proud that I had the backing and recommendation from the executive team at my current office. I am proud that out of hundreds of applications, I thrusted myself to the top-two. I am proud that I was excited to leave what I know in order to find something new despite the hardship that would entail. I am proud that I took the very large step of deciding that I would move my life there immediately. And I'm proud that I have made a slight name for myself with some contacts over there.

However, make no mistake about the fact that I am supremely bummed out. At first, I wasn't excited about moving there because I assumed it was a leap of faith to actually land the position. But after I continued to move forward and the start-date got closer, I started gathering some notes about neighborhoods and cost of living and envisioned me in a Parka trucking down Michigan Ave. I really, really wanted the job. I am very sad I didn't get it.

I let myself cry a bit this weekend but now that I've grieved... I'm ready for more. I will be staying in contact with those who I met. I will be applying to more openings that the Recruiter suggested to me, with later start dates. I will meet with the Chicago contacts in person on a personal visit there and I will get to Chicago.

You fall...feel the pain, wipe yourself off and get back up. That's what I plan on doing even though it'll be a bit later than I had hoped.

Look out Chicago, I'm coming for you.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

a tall drink of water and a pretty little thing


This week marks the end of my long, busy, insane work schedule that I've had these last couple of weeks... can I just please have a moment of silence to remember the lining of my stomach that is now gone due to my intense stress as I was in charge of orchestrating 3 separate company audits these last few weeks........... moment over.

In all honesty, this week is going to prove to be insanely difficult to concentrate on work at all. This last month, I've been trying for something that is kinda out of my hands now. At this point, I've done everything I can do and it's now up to the powers that be to make the final decision. However, if the decision goes one way, it will change my world as I know it in every way. I'm trying to think about other things but until I know about this, I will continually be about 50% mentally checked out of whatever I'm doing. I just hope this goes how I want it to. Stay tuned...

Anyway, I got my wisdom tooth (yes, just one though I told everyone "teeth" instead of "tooth" because I think it sounds a little less white trash) out on Friday and so I was on pain meds for the majority of the day and slept mostly on Saturday. However, I still wanted to make it out on Saturday night if I could for my friend Lindsey's birthday party. She celebrated her 27th birthday party at a country-western bar south of Portland. Due to the fact that I was very tired, on pain meds and not up to party, I just went to hang out for a couple hours and do a little dancing. Which is exactly what we did in what we determined was our best "country western" gear for the night. The upside of being post-surgery and out on the town is that after a 2-day liquid diet, I certainly felt skinnier as I got ready- I was so lucky getting mono, that was like the best diet ever.

{Best Friend Shanin and I before departing to the country bar. Neither of us did the "country" look right. She just looked cute and I looked like a desperate cougar}

{Shanin and I on the dance floor, after getting our line dancin' on}

{Who wears a sweater vest to a country bar... my boyfriend apparently.}

{He makes me laugh.}

I am very bugged with myself though because due to my pain medication stupor, I hardly took any pictures and only got one, from-the-back image of the birthday girl. So I'm stealing one from another time and place to give you all a visual of her majesty. Don't be fooled by her pretty face, she's as badass and as hilarious as they come and she's someone I'm so happy to know. She makes any outing more fun with her biting wit.

Happy Birthday Lindsey and best wishes to you all for a wonderful start to your week!

PS- please keep your fingers crossed for me :)

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unflattering Picture Sunday

What's up: I work out to look good but I definitely don't look good when I work out.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

I've had about 3 Redbulls in the last 15 minutes and I feel fabulous.

I don't want to go on again about how rough this month is at work... so I won't.

Let's talk about happy things.

{This is a happy thing}

Like the fact that Leonardo Dicaprio is due to star in the remake of The Great Gatsby. I don't know about you but Leonardo + The Great Gatsby wardrobe instantly makes me feel unjustified to wear white at my wedding (yes that ship has sailed as is but whatever).

{Put two and two together.. and enjoy.... you want to smoke a cigarette right now, don't you?}

Or, how about the fact that today was National Coming Out day which is another attempt to remove the stigma from being homosexual so people can be who they are and lead healthier lives.

{One of the lovely people in this picture is Gay, if you can't tell- why should I?}

Also, what about this picture my Uncle captured of my Sister, my brother-in-law, Me and The Boy going to my Cousin's wedding looking like some odd Mafia family. The BEST part is that my brother-in-law in the forefront looks like The Godfather yet you will note he is pushing my Grandmother's wheelchair.

{I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse- right after I take my Grandmother to her seat}

Or certainly spending Sunday with my Mom and Sister at a Baby Shower. I know a lot of people complain about "showers" of any sorts... but I like celebrating milestones in others' lives and enjoy spending the weekend doing something a bit different. Besides, I like being near baby stuff due to the fact that I won't be having one for a long while.

{Baby shower with a view: To make it clear that I'm not ready for child, I dressed like a man}

And finally... knowing that Pumpkin Patch season is upon us. Which means I can wear sweaters and take a lot of pictures during the day as I masquerade around vegetables with my friends. If that's not fun- what is?

{My dear Shanin and I pumpkin patching in 2009}

Also - it goes without saying I am insanely happy that the Chilean miners may get out tomorrow- those poor men! It gives me a little perspective as I sit at my desk fighting off tears...I may be stressed but I am not in a cave x amount of miles below earth, cut off from civilization with a bunch of shirtless, lonely men. Wait a minute... that doesn't sound so bad. Cheers for their safe return!

And have a fabulous, fabulous, fabulous Tuesday my dears!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unflattering Picture Sunday

What's up: this camping picture seems easy enough. Despite the fact that I believe I look rather haggard weirdly OCD eating a piece of corn... but the clincher is my basically white head because apparently, I couldn't be bothered to wash my hair or even take the time to dust out my dry shampoo before I hung out with a large group of people for an entire day. All of my pictures from this trip look like I had just been antiqued five minutes prior.

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Delightfully Dashful

Saturday night and I'm at home sipping on a club soda with a lemon wedge, wearing my big-ol drown-in-me robe and enjoying my hair tightly bunned at the nape of my neck. It's very nice and exactly as I assumed my weekend would go after the crazy, crazy week I just endured. Though I did spend time today watching movies (Fargo, Moonstruck, respectively)- during my down-time at home, I always likes to peruse online.

I used to get all my celeb trending, facebooking, fashion site surfing done at work. However, the company I presently work for blocks all entertainment sites from their computer (even personal email sites!), though in a way it's a blessing because I really don't have even a moment at this job to stop in Celebrityland but it also makes me feel a bit like Helen Keller while I'm in the office: trapped.

Despite that feeling, I will say that it's fun to have magazines back. When I was refreshing Perez Hilton every five minutes, I got annoyed that every article in People or US Weekly was something that I had just seen a couple days before online. Happily, magazines are "new" to me again and I no longer feel like I'm reading old news.

But anyway, as I started scouring for the latest dish tonight, I read a piece about Kim Kardashian getting a drink dropped on her head. That recent news lead to me Google imaging Kim and thus becoming obsessed with her for 10 minutes. I swiftly discovered images of her from September that had me going nutso even if I am a bit behind on posting about them.


The blend of the sophisticated, trendy sweatshirt dress with a demure black corset and gloves.. i die in fashion heaven. Her look here is exactly how I aspire to dress. I don't know what it is about gray that is just so perfect. I really love neutrals in my life and for tops, I am obsessed with simple white or simple gray.

{The sweatshirt dress found here. You best believe I will sign up to be notified when it's available!}

{Neutral tops/gloves make me a happy girl. All images taken in Sept. 2010. PS- that shirt on the left is an American Apparel top that I think every girl should own. }

I was also excited to see the glove look on her as I love sportin' the gloves. I wore them a couple of weeks ago to my Cousin's wedding and emphatically enjoyed the bare arm, leather glove look. Despite the fact that people mistake you for a serial killer, I love my leather gloves!

{The Boy and Me at my cousin's wedding.}

By the way, the Kardashians have not just caught my eye. A couple weeks ago they came up in conversation and my Grandma said "they're pretty girls but how come they only wear clothes that reveal one-shoulder! I like those dresses, but not for every event."

So we had to pause and take a "Kardashian shoulder picture"- and sadly, my Grandma's shoulder is 10 times prettier than mine.

{getting our Kardashian on}

But enough of fake life, my Sunday should include a trip to the gym, copious amounts of coffee and a baby shower. Sounds perfect to me!

Be kind!

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