Friday, October 8, 2010

All Work and No Play makes Caitlin a tired girl

It is truly hard to describe how happy I am that it is Friday.

Y'know the post I wrote on Monday about crying at work? That feels like five weeks ago. This has literally been the longest week of my professional life: 10-hour days, driving to work in the pitch black and leaving among the moonlight. Literally, I've been getting to work at 6:30 am and leaving work at 7 PM, working out and arriving home close to 9 PM every night. Though, I did have a couple hours off on Wednesday to leave and take care of my women's annual exam...oh joy! Nothing better to polish off a week than the miniature, freezing jaws of life cranking open your hoo-haw... oh what a week it has been.

My inclination is to find a fabulous dress, wonderful tights and huge heels and kick back with my friends. And who knows, after a mind-numbing week... my weekend fun might resemble this weirdness below...

{it's always better to be friends with crazy people}

But I suspect that's me trying to sound cool and what will actually happen is: sleep, workout, sleep, go online (repeat). After all, Monday will bring a big week as well as next week is where all the hard work comes to fruition.

but, because it's here and well-deserved...Happppppppy, Happppppppy Friday!

(Comments off, lots of blogs I have been meaning to get to but I've been sleeping every free moment I have. Just wishing you a happy Friday!)

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