Sunday, October 10, 2010

Delightfully Dashful

Saturday night and I'm at home sipping on a club soda with a lemon wedge, wearing my big-ol drown-in-me robe and enjoying my hair tightly bunned at the nape of my neck. It's very nice and exactly as I assumed my weekend would go after the crazy, crazy week I just endured. Though I did spend time today watching movies (Fargo, Moonstruck, respectively)- during my down-time at home, I always likes to peruse online.

I used to get all my celeb trending, facebooking, fashion site surfing done at work. However, the company I presently work for blocks all entertainment sites from their computer (even personal email sites!), though in a way it's a blessing because I really don't have even a moment at this job to stop in Celebrityland but it also makes me feel a bit like Helen Keller while I'm in the office: trapped.

Despite that feeling, I will say that it's fun to have magazines back. When I was refreshing Perez Hilton every five minutes, I got annoyed that every article in People or US Weekly was something that I had just seen a couple days before online. Happily, magazines are "new" to me again and I no longer feel like I'm reading old news.

But anyway, as I started scouring for the latest dish tonight, I read a piece about Kim Kardashian getting a drink dropped on her head. That recent news lead to me Google imaging Kim and thus becoming obsessed with her for 10 minutes. I swiftly discovered images of her from September that had me going nutso even if I am a bit behind on posting about them.


The blend of the sophisticated, trendy sweatshirt dress with a demure black corset and gloves.. i die in fashion heaven. Her look here is exactly how I aspire to dress. I don't know what it is about gray that is just so perfect. I really love neutrals in my life and for tops, I am obsessed with simple white or simple gray.

{The sweatshirt dress found here. You best believe I will sign up to be notified when it's available!}

{Neutral tops/gloves make me a happy girl. All images taken in Sept. 2010. PS- that shirt on the left is an American Apparel top that I think every girl should own. }

I was also excited to see the glove look on her as I love sportin' the gloves. I wore them a couple of weeks ago to my Cousin's wedding and emphatically enjoyed the bare arm, leather glove look. Despite the fact that people mistake you for a serial killer, I love my leather gloves!

{The Boy and Me at my cousin's wedding.}

By the way, the Kardashians have not just caught my eye. A couple weeks ago they came up in conversation and my Grandma said "they're pretty girls but how come they only wear clothes that reveal one-shoulder! I like those dresses, but not for every event."

So we had to pause and take a "Kardashian shoulder picture"- and sadly, my Grandma's shoulder is 10 times prettier than mine.

{getting our Kardashian on}

But enough of fake life, my Sunday should include a trip to the gym, copious amounts of coffee and a baby shower. Sounds perfect to me!

Be kind!

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Stevie said...

First of all, you look FABULOUS with the gloves! Ever since I was a cheerleader in high school and had a giant supply of tight white gloves, I've always wanted to wear gloves with my fancy outfits. But I just don't feel like I can pull them off...YOU, my dear, pull them off beautifully.

Secondly, even though I feel like my IQ goes down several points every time I read about or watch the Kardashians, I can't deny their fashion sense and stunning beauty!

I love celebrity gossip of all kinds. It's my addiction and I openly embrace it :-)

Unknown said...

The picture of you and the boy at your cousin's wedding is perfect. Get it framed !! Wonderful !!

Jess said...

Oh wow - never really thought I liked the gloved look - but it looks gorgeous on you!! Maybe I should try it ;)

Happy Sunday!!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Hahahah, 'So we had to pause and take a Kardashian shoulder picture' - that's adorable. Honestly, just the fact that your grandma KNOWS who they are is precious.

Love that AA top on you & happy you included the link! :)

Oh! And nice call on the gloves, I like that.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Sophie said...

can I just say that you look stunning in that photo with the gloves, ah that outfit is just too pretty. Also, I love kims gloves as well, and hadn't heard about the drink incident so thanks for sharing the gossip. Hope you are enjoying sunday and your work life is getting too crazy. xo

erika sorocco said...

Gah! That sweatshirt dress is perfection - I may need to sign up to be notified of its arrival, as well. And you in black gloves = perfection! You look fierce, my love! :)

Jessica said...

Your grandma sounds like a hoot! I love it. The Kardashians are kind of addicting, even though they annoy me at times I always find myself wanting to see what they are up to - and what they are wearing. I am obsessed with neutral colors as well especially in fall and winter months!

Leia said...

Hi lovely,

1 - Kim's dress is FAB. And you would look amazing in it. And now I kinda want it too!

2 - leather gloves! They are totally not serial killer-like in the way you wear them. I think they look awesome. More people should wear gloves!

3 - your grandma is hilarious! I love that shoulder pose picture!

Hope the rest of your Sunday was fabulous, beautiful :)


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday! :) I saw The Town finally- loved. Def recommend it!

Unknown said...

so the more you post it, the more i want that American Apparel shirt... trying so hard to resist!

Grumpy old man said...

Hi Caitlin, great post, you look breathtakingly gorgeous in the pic with the boy at the wedding. I agree with Vivek, have it framed!!

I have to compliment you on your posts, all of them, you always go through a lot of detail and trouble to make your posts super interesting and great to look at and to read. One do not find that everywhere.

Oh and I think the shoulder pic of you and granny is a fabulous idea, now we all know where your good looks come from... :D

Thank you very much for dropping a line on my last post, I am sure you like Russel Brand, but I am equally sure your father is absolutely grateful he doesnt have to picture himself walking you down the isle to marry him... (please ask him, I'd love to hear his opinion on the matter.) Bear in mind I also look at it from a father's point of view... :)

Be that as it may, I wish you a lovely week.


Anonymous said...

I love your gloves, theyre fab!

Alison Kinsey said...

Not to add another website to your celeb web surfing repertoire, but I love Its chock full of recent celeb pics and the author scrutinizes whether she thinks they've lost weight, look trim and toned, etc. I can't help but go on there every now and then!

Haha, love the pic of you and your Granny!

And thank you by the way for your comment, I'm glad I'm not the only one trying so desperately to like something!

Anonymous said...

Your Grandma ROCKS! The fact that she would point that out is amazeballs!! Love her!

Mandy said...

You have a lovely blog ! :)

LadyBugSays ... said...

Your Grandma sounds fab! Love the glove and formal dress look!