Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gobble, Gobble & Thankful

Is it Saturday night already? How sad to have such an awesome weekend come to an end. I wish I could say I'm posting this in marvelous fashion: decked in pearls, sipping a grand martini with ravishing green olives while my skin is adorned with ball gowns fitting of Cinderella. However, I'm currently wearing a long white thin sweater, while tucked under a massive amounts of down comforters and watching old movies... and I couldn't be happier.

After all, as simple in its idea as Thanksgiving is, it still takes a lot out of you! The giving thanks, the copious amounts of family and food can leave a girl feeling grateful albeit tired, hence why I declined another night out on the town in exchange for a lovely solo at home date with myself. But that doesn't mean Thanksgiving wasn't lovely, it was. There is something so wonderful about this Holiday- no need to spend hoards of money on gifts rather, spend that time with family, eat until your face hurts and take in the simple pleasure of company and family. (Thankful for.. last year)


Before I show a glimpse into my thanksgiving, I wanted to say a few noteworthy things that I'm thankful for:

Family, The Boy and friends- I mean, of course. You light up my life from simple lunch dates to phone calls to emails- the presence of all of you is my reason for my life XO. ♥Being employed- simply having a job gives you a paycheck, a routine, opens doors... I adore it. I very much love working. ♥ Friends DVDs- in my darkest of days, I can always rely on my 6 friends to snap me out of a bad mood. ♥ The Gym- absolutely love it and definitely need the stress-relief it provides. The fashion- y'know we all have our own take on it and isn't that own take so fun? Mascara- makes the world a little brighter. ♥ and Maddie... my family's dog who makes me laugh.

And of course, I'm thankful for the night itself, this year is no exception...

Thanksgiving 2010

{Above: Me, Dan (my essentially non-related cousin), Dad}

{Above left: Brother and Sister Above Right: Thanksgiving walk}

{Above & below right: my brother and me below left: Me, my Cousin Shawn, my Brother-in-law}

{Above: Fruits of Israel, customary platter. Below: Everyone preparing the feast}

{Above: let's eat!! Above right and all below: My Sister Jocelyn and Me.}

I'm also thankful for the days following Thanksgiving as I met a celebrity... I won't say who yet (yes, I have a picture!) but if you follow me on Twitter, you can read who it is... and, if you know me AT ALL, it was one of the TOP ONES I would have ever hoped to meet. Story and photo to come next post!!

Sorry no Unflattering Picture Sunday, I'll pick that back up next week.

Also...if you would like to see me "live", here's a quick, accidental 4-second clip:

Happy Sunday and enjoy your last day of Holiday rest!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dress me in sexy black!

I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it:

Well, guess what? I don't have an answer on my exciting news yet so I need to focus on something other than that. Case in point: I spent my lunch break today returning PART of the inventory of the "maybe these will work with my suit for my Chicago interview" and... BY THE WAY, please pay attention to the fact that it is about things I thought would work but did not wear... NOT things I wore and am now returning post-interview (just so we're clear...), I ain't white trash like that....SHOOOOOOOOT!

(I love this dress)

ANYWAY, I am a pretty big selective shopper. I love department stores when I have a purpose but other than that I tend to focus on stores that are more specific and smaller (i.e. American Apparel, The Rack, Marshall's, The Limited, etc.), but when I needed to buy a full suit for a job interview, I needed department store brands, availability and pricing. So when I needed to exchange a blouse post-interview (again,unworn!), I had to roll back into Macy's. This is where I came across the new love of my LIFE!

(I want this now now now now now...)

holy heck, I'm not even thinking about New Year's but I just found the most PERFECT new year's dress: conservative enough, sexy, classic, trendy... mine, mine, mine!

I really was obsessed and took the bold move of putting it on hold, haha. Well, I am trying to save money so going to the mall to return something didn't really coincide with buying a dress but Christmas wish... here... it ... COMES. Hint, Hint Family!

PS- here's what I actually wore to work today :)

xoxoxo to you Americans for the last day before Thanksgiving and to you Abroad Sexy Ladies: I am obsessed with learning of your cultures, so happy work week lovelies. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you're the pen pals I always wanted!

So what are you wearing for New Year's!?!?!?

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Monday, November 22, 2010

wilde for mocha skin

It's hard not to be in a good mood the week of Thanksgiving. Not only is it a shorter work-week but it culminates with a ginormous meal and plenty of family, friends and budding Christmas spirit. I am stoked!

I'm also stoked on the idea that I'm doing okay with not tanning. I haven't tanned for a long time and used to live and breathe by it. I miss everything about it, mainly the fact that it dried out your skin so much that you never broke out and the ever-present mocha skin which I am convinced can cure S.A.D. However, I no longer partake and the time that this gets really hard is during the December to March stretch where you get really... really... really white. Well my friends, I just purchased some paler Studio Fix to replace my darker one from summer (owning my white skin!) and haven't wavered in my quest to not tan, and for that I am proud.

{My tanning soulmates}

Despite this new mantra, certain really tan images make my mouth water. Much like placing a sober person in front of a Pina Colada, when faced with beautifully brown skin, I can't help but feel like I'm falling off the wagon and into my cherished land of faux-skin color. I just want to run towards the skin shouting "gimme, gimme, gimme".

Tonight at the gym proved to be such a crackhead night. While I flipped through my December InStyle magazine, I turned to an Olivia Wilde spread that was phenomenal and the tinted caramel skin was truly the icing on this western cake.

Here's a few of the shots:

{Tan Skin is to Me as Air is to Mankind}

I mean wowza! She looks nothing short of amazing. And granted, I imagine the dark skin has a lot to do with photo art, I still swoon for it and all of her looks above.

In fact, she looks strangely familiar to Priscilla Presley during her golden years, which is a compliment and a half.

{Generational beauties}

And with that friends, I'm off for another day of work and waiting on some big news... (come quickly, come quickly!).

Have a wonderful Tuesday, me and my Cullen skin will be working hard!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

H&M gets local, remains spectacular out-of-state

Good gracious it's Monday!

{I was a petsitting fool last week. Saying bye to the pup before leaving for the night}

One of the most exciting parts of the last few weeks (minus all of Chicago hoopla which I'm definitely trying to stop thinking about so I don't go crazy!), was the fact that my fair city finally got its own H&M! Now, part of me doesn't even want to post on this because holy hell, who doesn't have H&M at this point? But step off me and my city because better late than never :)
There is some downside to this... namely the fact that I kinda liked that we didn't have an H&M because it made for a fun activity in other cities. I have dutifully been to the H&M in Seattle, New York City and the two in Chicago. It was kinda fun to have something that felt a bit foreign and special, as opposed to now when every dumb girl around me (myself included in the "dumb girl" category) will be wearing similar H&M styles. Oh well. {Right: Me and Portland's own H&M.}
The other downside is shopping there itself. I hate that the sizes run smaller, yeah I don't like grabbing the size up in general at a store but namely, I just hate the fact that I can't trust what I grab and skip the fitting rooms with confidence. Now, I have to try on everything and most of the time, it's too small because their sizing is so different so I have to saunter my fat girl in a little coat self out to the floor to grab the size up.
But oh well, it is here and I will officially now have yet another fun place to spend my time.
However, when I was in Chicago last week, the H&M there still felt better than the one at home. So, I definitely stopped and enjoyed 40 minutes of clothes perusing at their Chicago location.
{Left: the pics I took of the Chi-town H&M last week. I literally stopped to take these pictures right after and in front of someone on the street who I had just told that I lacked time to talk to them about their cause, oopsie.}
Upon entrance to the second floor, I saw a beautiful, modelesque girl trying on a bedazzled, tight, black jacket. It wasn't something that I would pick out on my own but seeing how it fell on her made me wanna grab it- it was kinda the same thought process as "aim for the moon, if you miss you'll still land among the stars"...I knew I wouldn't look as good on me as it would on this femme fatale would but I could still grab some of the zest she had by wearing it. So, I did and I'm very happy indeed that that occurred because it's a fun piece to add some spice to regular black.
{In my new jacket on November 20th- it's H&M but it's Chicago H&M (so I find it personally cooler). Thank you really pretty girl in their Chicago location for the idea}
Speaking of black, I constantly find shoes I like and wear them over and over and then move onto others, I think it's time to move on from the black boots as they have become a staple lately in everything I wear! ha.
Happy Monday and short week, yes!
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Interviews & the City

Phew! I'm back, I'm back! I'm sad to be away from Chicago but glad that I don't have to be nervous anymore. If you're wondering about the job, I don't know the answer yet. I interviewed and will know the outcome when they make a decision.

I landed in Chicago Wednesday morning to prepare for my Thursday interviews downtown. Up until Monday afternoon, the remainder of that day was to be utilized for sight seeing and downtime. However, the HR rep determined that it would be the most beneficial for me to interview at the Suburban office all day instead. So it was goodbye tourist and hello fresh-off-the-plane candidate.

Thus, Wednesday became a day full of suits, resumes, credentials and hand shakes. Though I was elated to interview as many times as I could, I can't lie that flying 2,000 miles on a plane, landing and using an automobile and train to get to an office made me a bit tired. But when it was done, I felt accomplished and ready to tackle the big interview downtown on Thursday.

But not without a little Wednesday treat for myself. After a long train ride downtown and checking into my hotel, I put on my best cold air attire and headed off into the night for a date with myself. The restaurant I picked was adorned with Christmas decorations and I gleefully enjoyed dinner surrounded by happy parties conversing and sipping wine.

As I walked around the city after dinner, I couldn't help but envision myself living there. The vitality and beauty of Chicago absolutely astounds me. I had the best time in the frigid air admiring the architecture and the lights but before I knew it, it was time for bed as the entire reason for my trip rested on Thursday, where I had the mack daddy of interviews downtown.

Thursday morning had me beyond nervous. I woke up knowing that today was the day I have relentlessly thought about over and over and over. Usually my daily itinerary includes work, gym, internet, tea... today it was wake-up in downtown Chicago and head to huge skyscraper for day of interviews- say what!

I arrived at the office 20 minutes early and instead of heading to the top to the suite to check-in, I spent about 10 minutes in the ground level lobby. It was hard not to soak up the atmosphere, it was a huge urban lobby adorned with wreaths and poinsettias with coffee shops and dozens of gabbing professionals in exquisite suits passing by discussing the events of their day. I couldn't help but feel like I was in a Meg Ryan Christmas movie, I wanted to be a part of this life.

Well, to make a long story short. The interviews went well, really well. I connected with the interviewers and feel confident and happy with my performance. The only drawback? They are interviewing all day today and I know my competition is fierce. So that leaves me with knowing that I did all I could do and made a great impression, I just hope it was enough to separate myself from the other candidates.

Though I obviously want this job immensely, today, I can't help but feel happy to just have the experience I had. I guess these feelings came to fruition as I left the interview on Thursday. I walked out of the lobby of a huge, downtown, Chicago skyscraper wondering if I really did just have a job interview in a corner office overlooking the city or if I just dreamt that?

So, I hope, hope, hope I get this job... I know I have what it takes and I hope my strong interviews were enough to leverage myself to that point because Chicago is an amazing city full of sports, kind people and contemporary culture. Though there wasn't time for formal sight seeing, here are some pictures I took during my short visit (and you can easily tell what I wore on my own time and what I was wearing for the work related aspects):

{Off to get food the morning of my big interview. One of the few times I was in Chicago where I wasn't forced to be in a business suit!}

{Post interview walking}

I can summarize the Chicago culture with this story. As I boarded the train Wednesday to head to my hotel, I struggled to lift my huge bag onto the platform steps. One of the rail employees came rushing over and said "I got that Miss" and lifted it with ease onto the train for me. As I turned to hand him a tip he said: "Oh c'mon now, that just insults me as a Gentleman. I can't help a lady with her bag anymore?"

I smiled with surprise and headed back to my seat, hoping it's not the last time I experience the generous spirit of the Midwest.

(PS Yes, I've decided to keep the pink thing. Eeps)

PS - real life friends and blog friends... and especially The Boy, thank you for your support! It has meant a lot.

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