Sunday, November 21, 2010

H&M gets local, remains spectacular out-of-state

Good gracious it's Monday!

{I was a petsitting fool last week. Saying bye to the pup before leaving for the night}

One of the most exciting parts of the last few weeks (minus all of Chicago hoopla which I'm definitely trying to stop thinking about so I don't go crazy!), was the fact that my fair city finally got its own H&M! Now, part of me doesn't even want to post on this because holy hell, who doesn't have H&M at this point? But step off me and my city because better late than never :)
There is some downside to this... namely the fact that I kinda liked that we didn't have an H&M because it made for a fun activity in other cities. I have dutifully been to the H&M in Seattle, New York City and the two in Chicago. It was kinda fun to have something that felt a bit foreign and special, as opposed to now when every dumb girl around me (myself included in the "dumb girl" category) will be wearing similar H&M styles. Oh well. {Right: Me and Portland's own H&M.}
The other downside is shopping there itself. I hate that the sizes run smaller, yeah I don't like grabbing the size up in general at a store but namely, I just hate the fact that I can't trust what I grab and skip the fitting rooms with confidence. Now, I have to try on everything and most of the time, it's too small because their sizing is so different so I have to saunter my fat girl in a little coat self out to the floor to grab the size up.
But oh well, it is here and I will officially now have yet another fun place to spend my time.
However, when I was in Chicago last week, the H&M there still felt better than the one at home. So, I definitely stopped and enjoyed 40 minutes of clothes perusing at their Chicago location.
{Left: the pics I took of the Chi-town H&M last week. I literally stopped to take these pictures right after and in front of someone on the street who I had just told that I lacked time to talk to them about their cause, oopsie.}
Upon entrance to the second floor, I saw a beautiful, modelesque girl trying on a bedazzled, tight, black jacket. It wasn't something that I would pick out on my own but seeing how it fell on her made me wanna grab it- it was kinda the same thought process as "aim for the moon, if you miss you'll still land among the stars"...I knew I wouldn't look as good on me as it would on this femme fatale would but I could still grab some of the zest she had by wearing it. So, I did and I'm very happy indeed that that occurred because it's a fun piece to add some spice to regular black.
{In my new jacket on November 20th- it's H&M but it's Chicago H&M (so I find it personally cooler). Thank you really pretty girl in their Chicago location for the idea}
Speaking of black, I constantly find shoes I like and wear them over and over and then move onto others, I think it's time to move on from the black boots as they have become a staple lately in everything I wear! ha.
Happy Monday and short week, yes!
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Nathalie said...

Oh my darling, you look fierce! This jacket is absolutely fantastic on you. I'm telling you, soon you can't even imagine living without a H&M... I just get all my basics there. But I still know what you mean that it loses being special. I hate that we have Primark (sth like Forever 21 in the US) in Germany now, as it was one of the shops reserved to England, in my mind :)
Have a fabulous week my dear!

Anonymous said...

I love the sparkly jacket! I know what you mean, once something is in your town it's just not quite as fun anymore (in some ways).

Leia said...

Okay, there's no H&M in Bangladesh! And I'm SO sad that I didn't get to browse around the Lanvin collection. In London there's an H&M on every corner and I love it! How odd about the sizing though, in the UK their sizes are pretty standard, I always find it so annoying when you have to buy bigger/smaller sizes because I often pick things up and take them home without trying them on!

That sparkly jacket is *awesome*!


erika sorocco said...

I have still yet to discover the fabulosity that is H&M for myself - there isn't one located near my house, and I really can't stand driving long distances just to see one. Maybe someday.

In the meantime, you look AMAZING - love love that blazer!! :)

erica said...

I am loving that jacket of yours. Looks very cute!


Kara said...

Fantastic find!! I'm not a huge fan of H&M - the ones in AZ are overpopulated with snooty bitches and the waiting lines for the fitting rooms are RIDICULOUS. Also I totally agree with you - the clothes fit TINY! I think if the shopping experience were nicer, I'd be a bigger fan. Maybe I'll spend a day figuring out which of their sizes fit me, then just do all my shopping online.

Anyway, you look gorgeous as usual!

Mari said...

That jacket is soo cute! I love it and I think you look fierce in it! We have an H&M that opened up awhile ago In Scottsdale and I have yet to go!! boo I know bad but i'm going for thanksgiving/birthday/christmas/new years outfits

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

New follower :)

I love H&M. I don't have one in my city, which I don't understand. There's one about an hour away in an extremely small town. Go figure. I wish they would have an online store, but sadly there isn't one for the US :(

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a good H & M here in Boston, but it seems to be better in NYC than here!

tara said...

we definitely dont have h&m in houston and it makes me very sad!

Anonymous said...

Rocking this outfit - love the jacket & gloves....Emma x

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Maybe you like H&M in other cities more just because it feels more exotic? ;-) Anyways, what a great buy this jacket is!

Kim Axani said...

Hot jacket, Caitlin! I love your hair up like that, too =)

Alison Kinsey said...

that jacket is GORGEOUS! i agree with the first comment - you look fierce girly!
i hope you bought it!!!
the nearest H&M to me is a little bit out of the way too, so i hear ya about traveling to other places to go there!