Monday, November 1, 2010

Peacocks know style.

Oh Halloween weekend- what a blast you are. Seriously, I was on a walk this weekend and saw someone crossing the street as a Witch, a child running around as a Bee and an old man dressed up like Santa Clause. Could Halloween be more fun?

As I mentioned, I had a few costumes planned for the weekend with my main one planned for Saturday night. Well let's get the work one over with immediately. My entire department had planned long ago to attend as Nintendo characters. Due to my inclination to wear skirts everyday, they assigned me to be Princess Peach. So, I went to Goodwill and found a big pink dress to wear, purchased a wig and decided that I was good to go. Shortly later, my team informs me that everyone was doing their own thing instead so I could be whatever. I decided to then just be a generic Princess. Well... when I got to the office, I realized that my "Princess look" screamed Transvestite. So the wig only lasted until lunchtime when my outfit shifted to just plain 80's prom date with a ponytail.

{Left: Carrot Top in a dress. Right: BFF with Molly Ringwald?}

So my outfit also became some weird Ice Princess so after a day of blah at work with this monstrosity of a costume, I decided I would forgo dressing up again until Saturday. Also, the two darling people above are my coworkers and the winner of our office competion. The girl is dressed as Flo from Progressive and the boy is Russell from Up. So cute!

So what did Saturday bring? I pretty much sucked at thinking of a costume this year. Usually I have a good idea of what I want to be months before but that didn't kick-in until two weekends ago. I decided to go to Goodwill and see if I could find something that screamed out a costume idea to me. I was in the middle of ripping through a dress rack when my Mom (there to help me) came running over holding a dress and stated- "Caitie, this is amazing".

I looked at it with complete glee in my face- what an amazing dress! Who would donate such an item? I instantly thought I would be a Vegas Showgirl or a Peacock. I realized soon after that headdresses were hard to come by so... Peacock it was!

The makings of a Peacock for me were a Peacock feather bunch, ocean-colored eye makeup, big, fake, purple-feathered eyelashes and Peacock feathers in my hair. Half the fun was getting ready and watching it all come together...

{Above: the 3 steps to Peacockdom. Adding on little by little but made possible by a cool dress.}

{Above: Done!}

{Above: Meeting up with my beautiful friends to get the night rolling}

One thing I won't be discussing in this post is the Boy's outfit at all. It deserves a separate post that I will do this week. Ai-yi-yi.... for now, he shall be seen in these pictures but not explained.

{Christina Aguilera in her "Dirrty" video and Peacock}

And in case you didn't notice... it had a very risky slit. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girls' gotta do. The bad thing about Halloween is the Monday following where you realize it is no longer acceptable to dress like a Disney character and have to stick to the normal clothes, how boring! Also, I saw a girl out who was dressed as a Dead Shirley Temple. It was pretty darn good and made me realize that it might be time to actually go with a scary costume next year. But for 2010, the Peacock made me happy. My sincerest thanks to the damn fool who let that amazing sequin dress go from their wardrobe, it will forever be in my dress-up bin now.

Enjoy your Monday!

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this free bird said...

I have to ask. Is your boyfriend the crazy cuckoo bird from Silence of the Lambs that threw that chick in the hole and then his little dog fell in when it was chasing the chicken bone while he was in the other room tucking his package between his legs??? Please tell me I'm right!!

And why wasn't that on tv for Halloween? I've been robbed!!

I loved your carrot top tranny look. So office-y. hehe

The peacock look is THE BEST! You rocked it!!


Anonymous said...

The peacock look was amazing! The whole reason I wanted to do it was because I thought it'd be fun to do the makeup. Looks like it was :)

I definitely should try to exercise more, I think it would help. I get a little shaky sometimes (hence the no heels right now, blah), but other than that I'm good and hopefully it'll improve when I start my medicine :)

Leia said...

You are one sexay peacock! What an amazing dress, why would anyone give that up?! I didn't even notice the slit until you mentioned it. I know I'm crazy for sparkles, but I'd seriously consider wearing this dress on a normal night out with tights or maybe a petticoat. And the boy... I'm guessing he's Britney Spears? Or some girl from a '90s music video (is he actually waering an earring or is that just a hoop behind him in two of the pictures?)

Glad you had such a fun Halloween!


Unknown said...

You look so pretty...Pretty peacock :), but I've to say your boy friend stills the outfits...

Anonymous said...

You look soooo pretty in both costumes! The princess outfit is adorable!

Camila F.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I am LOVING the peacock costume!!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That is one crazy gorgeous peacock costume lady! And that Flo costume is hilarious!

Mari said...

WHOO HOO SEXY LADY!! That slit is killer but you look sooo good as a peacock!

bananas. said...

that dress is killer!

the boys outfit...i have no words. i look forward to your next post for explanation. lol.

Tina said...

Ooooh I love it!! You look great as a peacock! And what the HELL is your boy?? lol cant wait to hear more about that! and dead shirley temple huh?? how do people THINK of things like that?? lol

Anonymous said...

You were a fabulous peacock!!! you looked so amazing!

Miss Neira

Unknown said...

Great costume... I wish australia did Halloween! Cant wait to hear the story behind the boys costume :)

Kara said...

Omg I gotta know what your bf is dressed up as?!

And your outfit is SO CUTE. I was looking at twitter and saw the pic you tweeted and I was like "RYAN! CAITLIN LOOKS SO CUTE IN HER HALLOWEEN COSTUME, SHE'S A PEACOCK!!!!" and Ryan was all, "um, awesome?" hahaha. Oh, the blogging world.

Looks like you had a blast!!

erika sorocco said...

You as a peacock = priceless! Reminds me of Audrina Patridge - she dressed as a peacock for Halloween one year (or maybe it was this year?). Whatevs; you rock it!! :)

Leah said...

You are the best peacock ever... you look gorgeous. And the boy is just too hilarious. I miss you Caitlin!

Jen said...

That is a great dress. I should be shopping at Goodwill.

Liesl said...

What FUN pictures!!! Love that you were a peacock...super creative and I love your eye make-up! Thanks so much for stopping by my site and for such a nice comment!

Liesl :)

ellinelle said...

..awww ..great pictures , I love your outfits , they are so glamorous ..I love your beige pumps you wearing ..I bet they are not available anymore ..they are perfect ..

.. even thought I never ever celebrated Halloween it's actually cute event , this year there was about 20 kids outside and I was quite embarrassed that I didn't had so much sweets : ) it's popular in the UK as well ..but I made pumpkin with my little daughter - they look so wonderful ..

Alison Kinsey said...

oh my gosh - i have to hand it to you Caitlin, your peacock costume trumps mine x1,000,000!!! haha!! what an INSANELY amazing find with that dress!!!! so gorgeous!

Sierra said...

Love the costume girl and you totally made me think of a bad song by Katy Perry...have you heard her song Peacock? Lol, you are rocking this outfit!