Monday, November 22, 2010

wilde for mocha skin

It's hard not to be in a good mood the week of Thanksgiving. Not only is it a shorter work-week but it culminates with a ginormous meal and plenty of family, friends and budding Christmas spirit. I am stoked!

I'm also stoked on the idea that I'm doing okay with not tanning. I haven't tanned for a long time and used to live and breathe by it. I miss everything about it, mainly the fact that it dried out your skin so much that you never broke out and the ever-present mocha skin which I am convinced can cure S.A.D. However, I no longer partake and the time that this gets really hard is during the December to March stretch where you get really... really... really white. Well my friends, I just purchased some paler Studio Fix to replace my darker one from summer (owning my white skin!) and haven't wavered in my quest to not tan, and for that I am proud.

{My tanning soulmates}

Despite this new mantra, certain really tan images make my mouth water. Much like placing a sober person in front of a Pina Colada, when faced with beautifully brown skin, I can't help but feel like I'm falling off the wagon and into my cherished land of faux-skin color. I just want to run towards the skin shouting "gimme, gimme, gimme".

Tonight at the gym proved to be such a crackhead night. While I flipped through my December InStyle magazine, I turned to an Olivia Wilde spread that was phenomenal and the tinted caramel skin was truly the icing on this western cake.

Here's a few of the shots:

{Tan Skin is to Me as Air is to Mankind}

I mean wowza! She looks nothing short of amazing. And granted, I imagine the dark skin has a lot to do with photo art, I still swoon for it and all of her looks above.

In fact, she looks strangely familiar to Priscilla Presley during her golden years, which is a compliment and a half.

{Generational beauties}

And with that friends, I'm off for another day of work and waiting on some big news... (come quickly, come quickly!).

Have a wonderful Tuesday, me and my Cullen skin will be working hard!

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Mari said...

I think pale white skin is beautiful!!! One of teh things I love most about Ross is how white he is (glow in the dark white!) I think I like white so much because 1. you want' what you can't have and the mexican will never be the rosy pink blushy white color and 2. tanning is bad and instead of doing harmful things I'm quite fond of loving the whiteness that is not tanning.

I am soooooo proud of you and taking care of your beautiful skin!!

Anonymous said...

Embrace the paleness :) And keep watching that Friends episode because its hilarious!

this free bird said...

Damn that Olivia Wilde. Just like her to say she'd wear that Chanel jumpsuit to mid-day lunch or cocktails or around the house or whatever she said. Her AND her faux brown skin!!

Is it Wednesday at 12pm yet? That's when I am RUNNING AWAY!! (Icantwaittohearyournews!!)


ellinelle said...

...ooooh Caitlin , I am with you , I mean I totally feel it ..I used to tan too much and the result is damaged skin:( I don't mind sun in summers but I'm not using sunbeds anymore , tanning is addictive ..I ditched sunbeds when I got pregnant so it was kind of rehab for me ..and I actually understand that lighter make-up looks much better , you can play more with your features etc ..I tried spray tans but that just too much of a difference after being totally white ..he he he ..but I would do that if I was 'dancing with stars' tanned legs are woooow ..

Anonymous said...

I love pale white skin. Maybe because I live in Rio de Janeiro, where everyone is always tanned, even during winter. But I must say Olivia Wilde looks amazing with that caramel skin!

Camila F.

Sher said...

It's funny how different skin colours are considered beautiful in different countries. In Asian countries, we try to be as pale as possible lol:)

Love the pics of Ms Wilde though, she definitely look amazing!

And one can never resist Ross in that shower cap:)


modafobik said...

Hehe super photos and i really like your posts, you write very well! :)
I'll follow you, maybe you can follow me back ha? :)

erika sorocco said...

Olivia Wilde is absolutely exquisite. I am always in awe by her photographs.

Fingers crossed that good news is coming your way - AND SOON!! :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Congrats on your accomplishment :)) I love tanned skin too, but in moderation. And if I go to tanning beds at some point, I make sure after teh period of tanning there I have a one year time out... lol That's my sort of rule. I like natural tan more, but, living here, can't always rely on it alone lol

Love the Chanel jumpsuit Olivia is wearing in that pic!

Tina said...

giiirl I am just like you! I used to tan EVERY WEEK in high school and college and the past 2 years I haven't. Honestly, i HATE it. I hate the way i look pale! lol i am not okay with it [and am thinking about actually tanning for my wedding in april cos i think fake tans are lame lol] and i saw them olivia wilde pictures! she looks gorgeous Tan!!

Mimi said...

Hooray for your "Cullen skin!!!" I am trying to own my own paleness, but I must say some people have envious tans. A note to all...I had melanoma and was lucky enough to catch it at an early can be deadly so I would much rather be pale...I never really baked in the sun NEARLY as much as my friends and I still got DOES happen even in your 20's...we are not invincible! Caitlin, you look awesome;)
Just anothe reason to get into the vampire craze!!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I've never been in a tanning bed...

Unknown said...

I'm soooo with you on this one. No joke I JUST had a bad mole removed today at the plastic surgeons . . . it's no joke and so bad for you! I never in a million years would've thought that my tanning (which actually wasn't that often) and time in the sun would lead to 2 bad moles. Cancer is no joke. Soooo glad you are doing this, seriously. pale is beautiful and healthy. Just know that you are doing your skin and future health some good!!!

Also holler to Portland! Your comment on my dog adoption was so cute and sweet, thank you:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that episode of friends was hilarious! :) Wowza is right Olivia is a hottie without a shadow of a doubt...I know I hate winter with my pasty Irish skin but there's always Sally Hansen for those party nights out! ;)

Emma x

Kim Axani said...

Good for yoU! You look beautiful in any color! ANd think how less wrinkley you will be when you're older now =)

Melissa said...

I've never been crazy about tanning but I definitely feel icky and pale right now so I understand how you feel haha. :(


Sierra said...

Gosh, I think it would be nice to have dark skin for a day, but my skin is soooo white so I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon for me, lol.